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  1. Ok, so I seem to be having trouble with gathering thread responses. I'm not sure if it's my lack of character sheets, or what, but I put them in Jump-in so CS's weren't required. My currently active threads remain at Gorror Town, 1016 Orchard Ave.(under revision) and The way home. Needless to say I'm not so limited in my imagination as to make it seem as if these are the only threads I'll ever post. So, below is a list followed by a general overview and genre for upcoming threads.

    1. Project Omega - Sci-fi/horror/thriller

    The year is 2020 and the zombie apocalypse has taken its tole. An elite unit of four has been sent into a desolate research facility to recover notes by Dr. Ingrid; a leading bioengineer that spear-headed Project Omega only four years prior to the outbreak. With every twisting hallway comes a hellish new surprise in the form of genetically augmented super-mutants that experience only the need to pass on their disease to living flesh. But something darker lurks in the bowls of the federal crypt. Something far beyond the most grusome nightmares and it's name is Echo 10. With only your most detestible machinations and skill at-arms guide the team, or take the form of monstrosities working to protect their habitat from destruction, in this gripping mission to locate notes for a cure to the sickness.

    2. Morning never comes - Mystery/suspense/crime

    Detective Corey Bishop was a leading investigator in the Phantom Shooter's case until 2004 when his wife, Julia, was found dead on the side of the road in Reno, Nevada from blunt force trauma. Becoming reclusive Bishop soon fell into the darkness he fought so hard to repell, and now hides a disturbing secret of his own. Down, down into the depths of his basement lay gagged and bound a young woman of 23 named Elizabeth Green who pleads night and day with her captor to set her free; promising to speak nothing of the events. Experience the story through the eyes of the hostage, Detective Billsten and his retired friend Detective Oar as they work round the clock to locate the missing girl, and stop Corey from commiting another unspeakable crime.

    3. He came for me - Horror/paranormal

    Slender man, a tulpa thought to be nothing more than the production of an overactive imagination has barged into the life of six young college students burdened with the task of creating a mockumentary. Having chosen the mythos, Jake, Jason, Tracci, Adam, Blake and Kyrstin, have come to find that Slender man is actually haunting them. With only cameras and kitchen cutlery the team sets out on an investigation regarding past disappearence linked to the ghoul only to be met by resistance from Detective Amsel. An imposing man who seeks information on the kids' links with what is known to the government as Echo 1; believing Kyrstin's family heirloom, a small wooden box, holds the key to controlling, or expelling the creature. Join in on the riveting rollercoaster ride that transports the six students from one reality to another; document fuzzy footage and make your way through the mysterious fog that surrounds Slender man.

    Feel free to comment on which of the stories sounds best, or leave your own RP ideas for me.

    - Nix
  2. Hey there! I've found that posting interest checks in the general interest check area tends to get them ignored. I don't quite understand it, but there it is. These are interesting, well thought out plots and you might have more success if you checked them in the modern RP category?

    Also, if you get it off the ground or decide to do a 1x1, the suspense/thriller/crime RP sounds fascinating. Good luck, I hope you're able to generate some more interest!