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Alrighty then im not sure how to completely put this, but i guess the best way is to say i need help. I have wanted to try and do a semi-mature Rp that involves assassins, ninjas. you stuff like that, but the thing is i dont really know how to set up or run an RP that will gain a decent potential of members. and i would really appreciate any help or suggestions on how this can be pulled off. i would really like to become more active here on iwaku and i find this to be a good way to do so.

ty, Salem :cool:
Probably the best advice is the most basic, work on it.

The more work you put into something, the more people tend to be interested.

Other than that, get to know some people on Iwaku, which is where the Cbox really comes in handy. As you become familiar you can learn which ones will be more interested in which ideas.

Learn to balance the detail level. People want to know the world they're going to be in, but they don't want to read for 30 minutes to do so either.

Lastly, don't take it hard if your RP doesn't take off or get completed. Iwaku has been around for a long time and there are not that many roleplays in the hall of fame, granted some of this is because of the different versions, but still.

But the most important advice, have fun.