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  1. 1. Aptraum's Manor

    Occurs in ancient medieval eras. Various people find themselves stuck in a mansion, unable to find the exit. Each night, they get nightmares. Is this place haunted?

    2. Black Mesa Prison

    Select prisoners have been sentenced to the ultimate prison - a deserted island. With a forcefield. And a lot of things that prevent their escape. Duration: Forever.

    3. Tsubamegaeshi

    Across the Eastern lands, many swordsmen wish to learn the ultimate sword technique created by the warrior Ganryu.

    4. Tanegashima

    Stories of mere soldiers in the battles of the Sengoku Era. Are they destined to be cannon fodder and die?

    5. Fangtian Huaji

    Basically the above with Three Kingdoms

    6. Mermaid Syndrome

    A flight from Tokyo to Taiwan leads to a grear crash, and the survivors find themselves on an island unlike any other...
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  2. we ded?
  3. I like ideas one and two?
  4. Caught some interest, how about the rest of you?
  5. Just gonna throw in that I love the Tanegashima idea cause I'm addicted to learning about the Sengoku period XD
  6. One more idea added.
  7. 1 2 and 6 sound good
  8. 1 and 2 seem popular. Maybe I might.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.