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Hello! Hopefully *hopefully* i've gotten your attention :3
My name is Ren, and it's a pleasure to meet you!

I will try and keep this short and simple, but basically, I'm only looking for one (or two) roleplayers to roleplay a 1x1 plot that I'd wanted to do for a while. ^^ I don't have too many rules, but there are a couple:

*Please be literate ^-^ I can understand if your grammar isn't perfect, but please try.. If I can manage decent grammar (and English isn't my first language) you can too :3, I don't mean to sound like a stuck up snob when I say that XD.

*Talk to me? I love chit-chatting and getting to know my roleplay partner ^^ I promise I don't bite... that much...

*Please stick around! We all dislike starting a roleplay and having it die out within a few days because a roleplayer disappears :<

*However, I do understand when life happens and you have to leave, or simply because the plot no longer interests you. When/If that happens, please tell me! You don't have to give a reason, just tell me, so I don't end up in a false state of excitement and anxiety waiting for you to post XD (I'm just teasing.. I have a bad sense of humor, can you tell?)

*Please be a frequent poster XD I'm probably one of the most impatient and highly excitable people you will ever meet XD Try and post at least once or twice a day?

*NO ONE LINERS! Sorry, it just annoys the living crud out of me.. It doesn't have to be super long, just a couple of paragraphs, I will try and match whatever you give me!

*I tend to only do MxF, not because I don't support or am hating on others, but simply because I'm uncomfortable portraying these relationships.

*Creativity is key! Enjoy yourself and help draw out the plot line with me!


Because I couldn't resist.

~Plot Idea~:paperbag2:

(I'm only looking for one or two people to roleplay this idea out)

Bleak Future


Character A and B have been together for more than ten years, and have had as much of a picture perfect relationship as one could possibly get. That is, until Character A gets diagnosed with a potentially terminal cancer. However, after finding out that, more unexpected news comes down the line. (We can discuss this one in PM ^^)

Pairings and Fandoms ^^


(The more asterisks' there are, the more I want to do them)

Arranged Marriage*****
Nazi Germany/WWII**
Mythical Creatures of some sort?
Medieval Fantasy****
Accidental Pregnancy
Demi-Gods/Greek mythology
Just because something isn't here doesn't mean I'm not interested! Ask me about any ideas/pairings! However, I do not like super cliche pairings such as the generic Boss x employee, bad boy x good girl, etc.)

*Uncontrolled giggling and fangirling*
*Clears throat, um... Anyway*


Literally, any band... And I'll probably have listened to them XD
Spirited Away****************
Howl's Moving Castle******************
Percy Jackson (OC only)
Seraph of the End**
Because it is simply not humanly possible to list all of my fandoms, feel free to ask about anything ^^


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Well I have a few role-plays. I love anime Fandoms! All though I'm not the best at writing.I an not the best with grammar ether. I would Like to Ask how long Is your kind of paragraph.(Sorry, If this seem stupid I was always taught that a paragraph was 3 sentences.) I as well Like your Idea bleak future. I prefer to contact My allies In role playing In Skype. If you have one and If you are Interested In me as well.


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I don't like to roleplay on skype, since I write pretty big sized paragraphs, but if you would like, we could RP over PMs... A paragraph's size honestly depends.. I like quality over quantity, so if you can deliver a punch in three sentences than go ahead ^^ Would you like to discuss further in PMs?


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Romance,Fantasy,Modern,Magical and Animal are just a few genres I prefer.I want to try Horror though I have never rped in this genre.
Interested in the Percy Jackson Rp.


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Hi, I'm interested in the idea of arranged marriage, do you have any plot for that?


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Would you double and play the sexiest Korean ever for me? By the way, T.O.P from Big Bang is that man haha


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I beg to differ XD (I'm just teasing)

What do you mean by double? PM me and we can continue discussing ^^


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Action, Fantasy, Romance, Modern, Magical, Sci-Fi, Steampunk, etc.
I would be willing to try a Noragami roleplay with you
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