Posting 6 times?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Exoticmissy16, May 23, 2012.

  1. Thats a really weird thing i mean i'd think i'd know if im a robot or something right ?so far i've only done like 2 posts and its annoying -_-
  2. Bored

    I wanna meet new people gosh and get it over with this stupid posting thing >:P

    First of all, nothing is stopping you from posting, roleplaying and meeting new people. The only things turned off until you have 6 posts are the Private Messages and the Blogs.

    Second, getting 6 posts is SO EASY to do just by posting your Hello message and then replying to topics or going to join a roleplay! You're actually wasting MORE time by posting "these six posts suck!" spam messages than you would just by going out and enjoying the forum. XD

    And finally, YOU know you are not a robot, but spambots are very clever and can automagically register accounts and get past most Captcha preventions. AND they know how to post their first couple of posts in the forums without adding spam to trick you in to thinking they are real accounts. D: 6 posts are a necessity until better spambot blockers are created.