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Posted in wrong forum.. hah! Looking for a partner!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by azure_night, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. All right guys, first off, I am really picky when it comes to one on one role playing. Granted, I have no experience on forum role playing until I found Iwaku, but I am still a newbie. This just makes me even more pickier. I don't have a story that I particularly want to do so I'd like to bounce off some ideas with whoever I want to role play with or even go with their own story.
    Okay, I'll list a few things that I'm specifically looking for in a partner. ^^ If you think you qualify, please, reply to the thread. :D

    1.Good story building and experience with it.
    2.Needs to post at least a full paragraph and once or twice a day.
    3.I like playing female characters the most therefore if it's a romance, you have to play a male character. I don't do yaoi or yuri.
    4.Be very critical with me! If I do something weird, wrong, or if you can help me in any way to be better at role playing, please tell me how I can do so. :)
    5.I don't do scifi role plays but I am doing one right now because the story was interesting enough. I honestly don't want to do another one especially if it's just a one on one rp.

    Well that's basically it. I will be looking at your role player resume before I make a choice and will be looking at any recent rp's you're doing now just to get a feel of what your writing and role playing style is. :) Sorry if I'm being too picky, but I just want a really good partner to rp with. ^^;
  2. I might just fit your description decently. ^^

    In a one-on-one RP, especially if I'm getting into the plot, I will never drop below one or two paragraphs and will generally post more. If school gets hectic, I'll try to give you fair warning of inactivity / slow posting.

    I basically always play a guy, so no worries in that arena.

    I can do almost any genre of RP, so if you have ideas and think I fit the bill, shoot me a PM! :)
  3. I fit in that description as well :D I can play male, so there is no worries there. I don't like sci-fi either, so we'll get along in that respect. If you are still looking for roleplaying partners, drop me a PM and we can brainstorm or I can show you one of my ideas. :D