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  1. Cause we haven't had one of these in awhile. You know the drill!

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  2. keep_calm_and_carry_on_hd_widescreen_wallpapers_1680x1050.jpeg

    Because that's how I roll.
  3. Hmmmm.

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  4. I have my wallpaper change every 5 hours, and I have around 2000 on rotation. I'll try not to post too often! :D

    To bad you didn't mark the thread as NSFW or view at your own risk. Then we could post some classy photos.

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  5. Mine cycles too. It's rather embarrassing too >.> It was rather difficult to find a g-rated one or something not suggestive. The one I really have on my background right now is a jackalope laid out on the forest floor on its stomach reaching its paw out toward the viewer. Nothing is shown, but I'd rather not get in trouble for posting something suggestive or could be considered suggestive. :-/

    ... of course I just looked over the one I had originally chosen and found something >.< -sighs- Found a different one. -grumbles-

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  6. Too bad we didn't do one for Christmas wallpapers. I had a pretty funny one of Hulk and Rulk having a snowball fight. x3

    This is my current background. It's always Darth Vader or gas masks, as usual...

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  7. I7931.jpg

    Motha fuckin' RED ALL UP IN THIS.
  8. Damia,_Sage_of_Stone.JPG

    What can I say, I'm a sucker for gorgons and Steve Argyle's art.
  9. Dat Damia, Spammy.
  10. Mine changed because I found a very adorable one that has really hit home for me. It's definitely in my top 5 of favorite pictures. I can't stop looking at it and smiling. It just brings all kinds of warm n' fuzzy feelings to me.

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  11. I used to have my large wallpaper map on rotation but now I just change the picture every few days or so, although I'll probably keep this one longer, I'm a horse nut I know:D

  12. thorin_oakenshield___the_hobbit_wallpaper_1024x768_by_darkjackal32-d56jik1 (2).jpg

    My sexy Thorin Oakenshield from the new movie The Hobbit. :3 Sexalicious. Mmm babeh<3
  13. I have a Nat Geo widget that shows me the National Geographic 'Photo of the Day', and if I like it, I set it up on one of my desktops (I have 3 on my computer). This has been on my main desktop for a few days now, cuz it's cute!

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  14. Super Cat introduced this to me! So pprreettyyy

    <3 (open)

  15. Moemon.png ;D Moemon, ftw! <3
  16. My new one. I usually always have sprawling fantasy/sci-fi landscapes or space.
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  17. Fuck year, Virtual On.

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  18. Just fell in love with the rustic colouring of it all!
  19. Lol, my dogs are my background, original, I know <.>

    IMG_20120928_210854 (2).jpg