Post your Skyrim Characters!

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  1. Pssssst, your 'print screen' button takes a way better screenshot than a photo of your screen ;3

    My Skyrim scharacter was a dark haired Nord man with a magnificent beard. He was totally naked half the time because I couldn't inventory =.=
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  2. Print screen button?

  3. [​IMG]

    Print Screen Button!
  4. Haha, I'm playing on Xbox!
  5. Bjaldur Merkiller and his companion, Vilja.
    She's the best companion mod out there I'll have to say. Hands down.
  6. And just because I really enjoy making the game pretty and immersive.
  7. I like to brutally beat down the enemies with my axe and sword combination. I have put 0 points into magical perks (and did the college of winterhold quest, lol). The majority of my time I like to just go walking in the wilderness. Sure as hell beats going into anything underground that is 99% of the time draugr infested
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