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  1. Soooooooo I'm real effing bored of my shiz. So let's swap, yeah? Here's some of the shiz I jam to when I'm getting ready for any type of scene. Some are song names, some are youtube links.

    Yes, some of this is Pony fanmusic. Seriously, their group of fans comes out with the absolute most AWESOME instrumentals. I could die.

    This is not a music-hate thread. Let's not rag on someone for their tastes. DX There's always that ONE GUY that calls "your shiz sucks." Let's not and just share the love of sound!





    Random Youtube's:

    New Lunar Remix

    Resident Evil Outbreak Opening

    Random Song List - Grooveshark

    Evanescence - Almost All
    Mannheim teamroller - Above the Northern Lights and Greensleeves
    Death Note - Theme, L's Theme, Lights Theme
    Careless Whisper - Old and New Versions
    Numbered - Devin Townsend
    The Red - Chevelle
    Blood Red Sandman - Lordi
    Personal Jesus - Marilyn Manson
    Apocalyptica - Farewell and Ruska
    Within Temptation - Somewhere, Memories, and Overcome
    Break the Ice - Britney Spears (Yes.)
    Promise - Silent Hill Soundtrack
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