Post your Desktop/Background

Nod for the win! I'm working on making a Nod Liquid Tiberium soldier outfit, complete with tanks filled with a green liquid/goo and a pump to squirt it out with. Yay for full functionality!

Working on putting together a Tiberian Dawn GDI Heavy Machine Gunner outfit for next A-Kon.

I've got the fatigues, tac vest, and K-Pot. I just need a few more things to make it work.
If you show up at ACen, you'll have to take on me and my friend who goes as a Nod infantry gunner every year.
I doubt I'm going to be able to get my ass up to Chicago in time.

But a running gun battle between Nod and GDI would be epic.
Yes it would. Luckily for you, though, my outfit won't be ready for at least another year. Getting all the stuff is going to be expensive.
No, I win.



Dual monitor(1 monitor and my laptop screen).
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That's badass.
No, Orochi... I win.

Laptop background


Desktop background


Cellphone background


Orochi, the only way you could have those both as backgrounds is on two computers. Together, they're just too epic for one screen. It would make your graphics card commit suicide out of shame for not being epic enough to handle them both.
*snuggles Soulless* ^^

Here's another of my backgrounds.
A Magic fan I see. Never liked Shards. Then again, I don't really like multicolored decks.
Yes, I is a MTG fan. In fact, I had a thread about MTG back on Old Iwaku.

And now for my latest background.