Post your Desktop/Background

>>...I recently changed my background...but my other background I probably shouldn't post here hehe XP

Yay! I wanna show my desktop! *Scrambles to Copy her Desktop* Here, here is mine (second image). . . This is a drawing I did. Usually don't display my art on my desktop but my sister changed it and I never changed it back, the first picture is what it usually is. XD
I change my desktop each month. A handful are on my Photobucket.








And this month's:


Yeah, that's just a fraction of my desktop images.
I like the Revy and Captain Jack Sparrow one... It makes me giggle.
Regarding the first picture:

Is that an image of two people in space suits humping?
They're in radiation suits.

They're in Pripyat, you see... The place is still pretty hot...
Hehehehe, and steamy....

Because I don't like my desktop to be too enticing, I thought I'd use a little architectural mindfuck.
Grumpy: We're using that system on Insurgents we find in the open over in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Is that a real picture Nick>?

Or is it a real edited pic?

Either way I like it.
It's not edited.

If I ever visit a building like that, my mind is gonna blow just looking at the bottom.
I had one somewhere of a pair of Nod soldiers running from an Orca bomber as it dropped it's payload of napalm on them.