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  1. Murder Tale:
    Origin's Trial


    The Great Spirit who holds dominion over the cycle of life and death of all the hyperverse. He interferes where he needs to, ensuring that cycle doesn't become imbalanced, though this creates a great strain on Origin. Despite his immense power, the burden of overseeing all life in all of reality puts him in a state of constant pain. It eventually occurred to Origin's fellow Great Spirits to ask: were these lesser beings really worth their friend's pain?

    There came the day when sentient life finally became aware that worlds existed beyond the universes they knew. The Great Spirits, Maxwell, Origin, and Chronos were unhappy with this expanded knowledge and formed a test called Origin's Trial that was meant to measure whether or not all beings within the hyperverse were worthy of such knowledge and what they had. If they were to fail the trial, Origin would end his influence over the cycle, allowing it to fall out of balance and bring destruction to all.

    If they were to pass, Origin would grant those that passed one wish.

    For being the ones to discover this knowledge, it was the Kresnik bloodline that was given the power of the Chromatus, a power meant to aid them in passing the Trial. The three Great Spirits said that the Trial would occur during a time of great turmoil and left the Kresniks to their own devices for the time being. Growing impatient and consumed by the power of their new ability, many members of the Kresnik family perished as a result of a war between the family. The few survivors spread themselves thin across the hyperverse and went into hiding, hoping they lived long enough for when Origin's Trial was to come to pass.

    Now, following in the wake of the Arch Demon's rise and fall, power-hungry villains causing instability across the multiverse, and the most powerful of organizations facing an internal civil war, the Great Spirits were calling on the remaining Kresniks.

    The time for the trial had come.

    Ludger Kresnik, one of the final two members of the Kresnik bloodline, has told the Coalition of the trial that could decide the fate of all the hyperverse. With resources so thin and so few Kresniks left, the Coalition can do little more than send in a specialized team to combat the trial and prove their worth to Origin.


    This Tale will have no roles, but characters will have to face challenges that could result in their deaths. A large component of the trial is sacrifice, and characters will be forced to vote on someone in their group to be killed off to continue to each new stage of the trial. Not all will make it to the end to obtain the ultimate prize of the trial.​
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    "It doesn't have to end like this!"

    "This was the only way it was ever going to end!"

    On this day, the multiverse shook.

    Nothing would ever be the same again.


    The Coalition.

    A major peace-keeping organization of the multiverse that works to fight the Murder Games phenomena throughout. Throughout the organization's lifespan, they have made many allies, such as the United Universes, the Multiverse Emergency Unit, the Brotherhood of Steel, and so on, but that's not to say there hasn't been rocky trust and animosity brewing from even within. Ever since as early as the Multiverse Hotel Incident (The Grand Hotel), a failure to report the events to the United Nations, which oversees the Coalition's activity, had sparked a suspicion of the Coalition from them, and ever since the Gravity Falls Incident (Welcome to the Falls), this strained relationship has surged into the Coalition itself as well, animosity brewing between the leaders. Suspicion of a possible mole within the organization hasn't made it any easier to trust others either.

    In the midst of all this, Ilona, daughter of the late Queen Elsa of Arendelle and King Solaire of Astora, two then-survivors of the earliest recorded Murder Game, arrives at the Coalition Headquarters and by request, lives under their care, having been contacted by the leaders to watch over her, as visions from the high-ranking member Cosmo, visions that have been appearing as early as the Shibuya Incident (The Reapers' Game) and the Gilgamesh Incident (System Breakdown), had been plaguing the psychic pooch for some time. Though they had all been vague in nature, there was one common theme all these visions shared.

    Death. Destruction. Despair.

    You see, because she had been conceived by two people who had been in one of the early Murder Games, and by extension, endured the power of the Arch Demon, she had inherited some of his destructive power as well. Power so unstable that, according to Cosmo, could potentially become even more destructive than the Arch Demon himself ever was. Power that not even Ilona herself could control.

    It was on this day that started out routine enough that everything changed. Whether you were a Coalition member reporting to HQ to deliver some mission reports, or a representative of the United Nations stopping by base with the intent to oversee the Coalition's activities, it was this day that shadowy forces that had been operating beneath the Coalition's notice would make their move and strike at this moment where the organization was at its most vulnerable.

    And so begins the flash point of the Coalition, and the end of its false peace.

    Nothing would ever be the same again.


    Unlike traditional Murder Games, we'll be shaking things up quite a bit. We'll be implementing a "faction" mechanic, and there will be no specific roles, like Traitors (and by extension, no afterlife system as well). In fact, we won't even have regular character death every chapter like usual events! In that sense, in-universe, you could say that this isn't even a Murder Game. Just a big incident. That said, with an absence of character death, every mid-chapter update (for possibly every two chapters instead of every chapter), instead of debating on who the Traitor is, here, you'll be arguing and voting over something else.

    The group will be split into two factions, determined by what you pick; the Regulation* side who believes Ilona to be a dangerous threat to the multiverse that needs to be put into check and under surveillance because of her unstable destructive power, and the Prerogative* side who believes that despite her potential for danger, Ilona deserves to live her life as a normal human, free of the scrutiny of the eyes watching over her, known eyes and not. The debates with every mid-chapter update will entail giving out arguments for why your side is in the right.

    As for the voting, rather than voting for Traitors, you'll be voting for which side you believe in by the end of the debate, with the majority vote being a tally for which side wins each chapter. For example, if you're on the Prerogative side and you decide that the arguments presented by the Regulation side has convinced you to join their side, you'd say so in a vote format, like "X person has decided that the Regulation side wins over this time." The ending may be affected by which side has more "wins" in the end.

    As such, as one can assume, the event will be far more story-driven and determinant than previous events, so you better pay close attention to what's goin' on!

    * = Tentative names.

    We're gonna be a little more strict about which character you can play as in Civil War compared to other events as well.

    For one, since the incident is based almost entirely within the Coalition's affairs, your character has to be a Coalition member with some exceptions that you'd have to run by myself and Atomyk first (these exceptions in question including being a reserve member / independent ally, visiting member of the multiversal United Nations, the Future Foundation, Brotherhood of Steel, the Multiverse Emergency Unit, etc. For info regarding those organizations, see the Wikia for more info). This means that if you have a character you've already played that is established to be a part of the Coalition or have otherwise worked with them in the past, you're pretty much encouraged to play that character, though it's fine if you choose to play a character that has never been featured in the series before, as they will just be treated as a member of the Coalition.

    And because your characters will generally be from an organization that is considered a force of good, this should probably go without saying, but your character has to generally... not be evil as well to be accepted.

    On another note, we will allow playing duos, though naturally with some limitations. Most notably, not only do they have to be from the same canon, but they have to be characters who would, in-character, work together. For example, it's perfectly fine to play Batman and Robin together, but not Cloud and Sephiroth.​
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  6. This thread will be for people to make a list of characters they have played or may want to play. I'm not going to suggest anyone attempts to claim certain characters. This thread is just a reference for anyone who may be interested.​
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