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As the thread title suggest, It's time we show what we have a taste in staring at for a good portion of our boot time and day. I shall start with mine.
an epic One Piece one I found whilst browsing the web. I really like the art style and display of characters.
This topic reminded me I hadn't changed my desktop in forever. o____o

So here is my new one. :D

because i am lame, and i want my desktop be clean and all, i just used this as some sort of tile:
*Points to Pan's* Tsukihime. Arcueid before her hair was cut and she entered her long sleep.

*Points to Diana's* ....I really want to say Fallout 3....
Mine is also Type-Moon related, Pan. The exception is that mine is Fate/Stay Night, and is a custom job.


Rider, Saber, Sakura, and Rin FT-fucking-W
I liked Fate/Stay Night too.. Ilya is fun! So evil for a small cute albino looking chick!
Its a pity that I'm 99% sure you've only seen the anime. Which was crap compared to the Visual Novel.
Yea.. I don't play games much.. I have played some of the Touhou games though.. Maybe I should pick a Touhou wall paper!
Calling a Visual Novel a game isn't all that accurate. Its more like a book with occasional interaction. Tsukihime had one too. Both F/SN and Tsukihime were translated by a local group.
Oh.. I think we have a visual novel.. It was weird..

All so I HATE squirrels! Damn plant eating fuckers!
After posting my wallpaper last night I realized I was bored with it, so I decided to go to something else. Something with some darker shades. Now we've got this!

I have a couple since I use two different computers.

For the laptop,


and my old workhorse the desktop,