Post Office Adventures

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    I'm not talking about email here, but actual letters in mailboxes!
    Do you use the post office, or is your only contact with physical letters the spam you get from credit card companies?
    Why or why not?
  2. I loathe going to the post office, but I do go there sometimes. My family likes me to keep touch with snail mail. I prefer email though, just because it's easier, faster and more convenient. And out of the way. :I
  3. I'd rather not use actual letters.

    I like email better. Less paper wasted.

    Mind you, I'd rather work through IM than email too. Just faster.

    ..Though it is nice getting a letter once in a while.
  4. I have never sent a letter x3

    My friends sends me letters sometimes now and then when they are on vacations to other countries. But my family never does that so I can't return the favor xD

    It's nice to get letters now and then but I prefer to get mail since it comes immediately. x3
  5. i love love love getting a letter i mean i know it sounds weird but the fact that the person spent the time to write it down and send it all the while thinking of me just makes me happy. Now me i usually email things because i have like the worst handwriting ((i dont have bad handwriting i have my own font thing really is true))
  6. I have used the post office one or two times in my life. I keep in touch with my friends using e-mails or instant messaging programs. Fortunately, I do not have any strange stories, but that also means I have no interesting stories as well. I do not know if I will be using the post office in the future, but I do not think so, mainly because my country's post offices are not known for their efficiency...
  7. I rarely send letters, or keep in contact with people for that matter > < But when I do I just throw it in the mailbox and let them die hard postal workers pick it up. Also, I pay a couple bills VIA paper and stamp still, too lazy to make the shift to online bill pay.
  8. I LOVE writing and sending letters... it just means more to me than typing up an e mail and them getting it a second later. No. I want my blood, sweat and tears ALL OVER that paper. Then I want it to brood in that envelope for the three days it's in transition. And once it gets to the recipient, I want all that stuff to just pour all over them with significance!

    I've gone to the post office quite a few times in my life to send/receive stuff. It's quite nice. The postal people are very helpful.
  9. I got Called Mrs. in a Panthene ProV Campaign, about Giving hair for Cancer. T.T
  10. Bills. Bills. Bills. That's what I get in the mail whoop.
  11. Of course I use the post office! Usually for when I was sending important documents etc for school or work. I get letters now and then so I write replies and if I get a card I ALWAYS try to send a thank you note/card (or call). I too pay bills through mail as I find it easier sometimes to keep track of it. But yeah...i always thought it'd be fun to have a pen-pal via mail ^^