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  1. General discussion.

    When should you check up in with a partner or someone in a group on posting for your story? How long should you wait before saying something, and how should you say it politely?

    One polite tactic I've found was to make sure to start a conversation first, then possibly bring it up with a compliment about the other person's writing.

    Another option I use more often is just to ask, "Hey, what's up?" which a lot of people take as prompting to say why they are busy or having writer's block or whatever.

    Anyone else have ideas on this matter?
  2. Try to establish how often normal posting habits are. Early on in an RP relationship there might be a burst of excitement followed by a mellowing out of posting speed due to a person being a slower poster normally. If you know your partner is a three times a week person, seeing them on line every day doesn't mean they can post. On the other hand if they normally post several times a day and they haven't in three you may want to make sure everything is going okay in their life and if so see if they need a break from the storyline.

    Roleplayers are WEIRD in their habits!
  3. ::Small talk, small talk::
    Mention the SL
    ::Little more small talk::
    Mention that there's a lull in the story telling
    ::Await their response::

    I usually just wait until they post again. If they don't then I figure that they didn't care enough to finish the story and then I move on.
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  4. Nag them. people love it when you nag em.

    In all seriousness, just fly a 'Hey, do I need to revise?' or 'I don't mean to be rude or anything, but I don't want the roleplay archived.'
  5. I like Ocha's response the best! Everyone has different posting habits and speeds. Getting to know how your partner posts is great for building your rp relationships. O_O

    Like, I will totally speed post when a roleplay is new, but after the beginning rush, I tend to post once every two or three days or once a week if I am up to my ears in busies.

    I usually wait a week before I poke someone about posting. >> And it's usually just a casual "hey, dun forget!" And then I NEVER POKE AGAIN. Because I dun wanna bother people, and I don't like getting poked a lot about posting either. XD I figure if they really wanna post, they will get around to it, and if they take forever we can always drag it out of the graveyard later when they wanna post again.
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  6. Wait until three times their normal posting schedule has elapsed.
    Casual poke.
    Give it a week (rounded to weekends, maybe) and poke again.

    If I u really liked the RP, wait a month or more and then ask if they'd be interested in doing anything else/resuming.
  7. I wait a week, ask if they have lost interest and never do anything again. As far as I'm concerned the ball's in their court at that point.
    If they do respond and say: Oh I was busy. I'll get up a reply. I usually go: Cool. There's no rush. Just checking in. And if they don't get up a reply by the time another week rolls around I move on.
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  8. I try to give people a little longer I try to give two weeks. My partners tend to be busy in RL, and I need some extra time to get myself together too. however I am usually in OOC conversations with my one group and partners from the start of the Rp's. I try my best to let others contact me, and if I get nothing for two weeks that is usually when I send a convo or poke them a few times. >.>
  9. I am a terrible, terrible nagger. I just don't have any patience. ;-;
  10. Often enough a week, depends on what we agree upon. Sometimes my partners indicate themselves that I can message them once every two weeks(for example) if they haven't replied yet. Though I only message them once. If they don't react upon it, I leave, assuming that they have grown bored and are ditching the role play. If they do reply and apologize for the wait I often reply with 'never mind'. Sometimes they reply soon after, or after their situation has been solved. Sometimes they leave me with another excuse hanging or never return to the site at all. ;-;
  11. I like the what's up aspect. It is polite and asking how someone is before you jump into "About the roleplay..." is better. I've had it where I posted to a thread I was in but my partner took their time to reply back which is cool because I'm patient. They posted in other threads as I noticed, again, I wasn't sweating it. When they did reply I did not have the time to post back immediately, about three hours or so later I received a pm talking about "Hey, are you going to reply?"
    There's a certain level of respect you have to have for your partner. Waiting before you send them a message about the thread is respectful.
  12. I'm a pretty slow poster, myself (I have a busy IRL >.<) so my rule of thumb is usually to give them a few days longer than I usually take. If it's a faster-paced roleplay (daily, or near-daily messaging), then I usually give a week or two before asking whats up.

    I like to get to know my partners outside of roleplay though, so usually there's enough OOC messaging going on that I already know they're busy with midterms, or theyre sick, or they started a new job, and that the post will probably take longer.
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  13. I, myself, have a lot of work to do around the house, and school is hard enough.
    I will only nag if the IC is up and running. Some players might drop out like flies, and the others do not.