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  1. Have you wanted to increase you average post length, but weren't sure what to include if there weren't many context clues in your partner's post? Then use this handy Post Booster Guide to help increase your post length.


    One thing you should try if you're ever stuck for paragraphs in a post is to think about your Location. Where are the characters in question? What is the weather like in the area they are in? Describing the surroundings of the character is a key way to increase your post length and overall post detail. Are there animals? Are there other people? It's all down to the writer's imagination to fully describe the setting of your roleplay within your posts.


    Something else you could try is using your character in your posts. What I mean is, how is your character feeling? How does the scenery around them make them feel? Are they in a stressful situation? How do they deal with this stress? The internal monologue of a character is key if you want a good, detailed post. Also, make sure to follow the five senses. Sight, Smell, Hearing, Touch and Taste, if you want a simple guide to remember in order to boost the length of your posts.

    Here's a simple guide by me! If you have any questions, feel free to post down below and I'll answer any and all questions that I can, or pas you along to one more experienced than myself!

    However, do not confuse quantity with quality. Fluff is a common danger to roleplaying progress and although detailed posts may look good, they sometimes do not serve any actual purpose with their length, unless it is plot relevant. There is a fine line between a quality post and an overly fluffy post. Try to get more quality than fluff!


    Credit to @Pretty Turtle for the help :)
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  2. Also, not every post has to be super duper long. When characters are conversing, or in a fight, for example, you really can't do much until you get your partner's response, and if you put too much description and inner monologue in the interim, it slows the pacing too much. So if this isn't working for you, don't stress! Sometimes a post just isn't in a position to be long :)
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  3. I'd definitely agree on the point of the fighting. You can't put too much emphasis into a fighting scene post, since those scenes are supposed to be deliberately fast paced.
  4. I also believe it is important to introduce one's characters to co-players »in between the lines«. The more we show of how our characters think, feel, react, of their past, maybe a little bit about their intentions, preferences etc. the better the chances we are giving other players to come up with exciting, funny or more efficient interactions. I am not saying to write an essay on our characters within each posting, but to leave enough traces to make our characters more sympathetic to others, or help them come up with ideas.