Post Apocalyptic

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  1. Yes, yes. I know. Not very many posts on the site. I plan to change that though.
    Anyhow. I would like a partner for a post apocalyptic rp. The plot can be changed, but please... at least respond once a day.

    2067, St. Louis
    Post Apocalypse
    Two groups of people exist. Those who were provided shelter as their homes were blown to pieces. And those who were forced to flee.
    These two groups tend to stick to their own kind.
    At night, creatures that were once human come out to gnaw on flesh or drain blood from those alive.
    The groups fight off these beasts, but live different lifestyles.
    A girl who was forced to flee blames it on the others. She's lost everything. And she'd do anything for revenge. Including taking out the son of the people who killed her parents.
    The boy lost his home, but not his family. He had shelter.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.