Post-Apocalyptic Weapon of Choice

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  1. This thread was inspired by @Lylith 's "Medieval Weapon of Choice"

    The world as we knew it is gone.

    Most of the big cities were bombed to hell.

    Nearly every government body and military agency has been disbanded or destroyed.

    A "zombie" like infection spread like wildfire throughout the global community.

    Even just one drop of infected blood in the smallest abrasion can spell death.

    Some are fast, some are slow, some are strong, some are weak; it's always a surprise!

    It has been twenty years.

    Most generators and power stations are totaled.

    Running vehicles are scarce, as is fuel.

    Working firearms are scarce, as is ammo.

    What weapons, armor and tools would you obtain and/or create in order to battle both the infected hordes as well as the countless brigands plaguing the world?

    Be creative!​
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  2. A katana. Plain and simple and gets the job done.

    Or, like in Postal 2, a gun with a cat silencer
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  3. A knife with a cat silencer? :D
  4. Wow, quick reply, hahaha.

    Better be a well made katana though, and you'd better know how to use it pretty darn well, otherwise it'd be pretty useless.

    Also, even the best made katana will break after cutting through a certain amount of hard material like bone.

    Katanas are primarily made for slicing, which I don't see as the best way to fight a zombie

    And, lastly, it's kinda short. Not too short, but you'd have to get close in to both zombies, and guys with guns.

    Not to be a killjoy, but I don't see you fairing too well...

    Oh, wait, the gun with a cat, forgot about that; that may pull ya through :)
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  5. if survival courses teach you nothing else, all you need is a knife, a clear head, and maybe duct tape
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  6. Sure, to survive, but I asked how you would "battle both the infected hordes as well as the countless brigands plaguing the world".

    And yeah you could make/do a lot of cool stuff with a knife and duct tape, for sure, but describe it.
  7. better idea

    perhaps not combat worthy, but you'd be well served to be macgyver in a post apocalyptic world

    also, cool theme song
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  8. I wouldn't. I'd be one of those strong infected you warned us about. >:3

    But to answer your question anyway, probably a katana as my go-to weapon. Not because I'm weeaboo but because I can't think of any other weapon that doesn't require ammo (which you can run out of), is light weight for carrying longass distances, and can still cleave a person zombie in two with the right amount of effort.

    I would probably also have a trench knife for when the enemy gets all up in my grill.

    I would also try my best to gather ingredients for things like smoke grenades and small explosives. Might even carry a gun if I found one. But my weapon of choice would definitely be a katana before anything else. It's the most useful.

    Now. If we're talking about our real life situation suddenly becoming an apocalypse of cannibalism, then I have no katana. In that case, I would be using the hatchets we have for chopping wood, at least until I acquire something better.

    If this was an anime, however, you know I'd be toting a chainsaw whether I'm human or infected. >:D
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  9. crow bar/breaker bar. Good for defense as well as gaining access to door guarded things. Very easy to use, even for someone not skilled in hand to hand combat. Just swing for the skull and break!
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  10. I was just looking at halligan bars!

    Also, the Stanley Fu-bar is pretty awesome :)
  11. Where the fuck are you going to find katanas, you dorks? Get a knife.

    Actually, in the case that I wouldn't be able to get a knife, might just find a crowbar like Octobro says.
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  12. Machete, you never run out of ammo and it isn't loud.

    Knives. Their use have many purposes.

    Bow and arrows. Self explanatory.

    Baseball bat. If my machete is lost.

    I always see weapons posts, never what tactics to use or smart moves. Weapons are only there for when you are stupid enough to get stuck in those situations, or if there is a situation you can't escape without fighting, such as:

    -Needing food out of a store or supplies
    -Someone chains you to a roof
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  13. thank you everyone who said knife.
  14. You know what I never see in Zombie fiction, but is one of the first things I would try to do?

    First I'd get a bag full of first aid, food and water, and of course basic survival gear like knives and flashlights, maybe a tent, extra clothes etc., then I'd find a heavy, hard object and a length of chain or rope hefty enough to support it. I would then find my way to a rooftop, tie a brick to one end of the rope, throw it up, climb up, haul the object up with the rope, and proceed to attract the local zombies with noise and whatnot.

    Then just drop the object on their heads.

    Over and over.

    Drop. Rinse. Repeat.

    Pretty soon all the zombies are dead, or at least the ones that bothered to show up.

    Get a group of guys doing that periodically and you could keep the zombie population down pretty well I'm thinkin'.
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  15. Knife's a practical-ass weapon of choice, but since that's already been suggested...

    ...I'd pack me a spear for my jaunt into the apocalypse.

    All you need is a long piece of wood or metal, some manner of pokey object (like, oh say, a knife) plus a means of holding the two together, and you have yourself a functional long-distance stabbing utensil. Range is pretty important when you're going up against things that will drop your survival chances to 0% with one bite, and whilst guns are loud as shit (plus will run out of bullets after a while) you don't need to reload a spear.
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  16. I dunno about you guys. But I've always wanted to beat someone to death with stop sign. No? Just me? Ok then.
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  17. that is a very specific desire
  18. @Hellis
    Stop! Dying time?

    Also, if you read my full post, you'd know that I would choose a katana if it was available, ya damn punks. >:P
  19. I was always a fan of the baseball bat with couple dozen nails stuck in it. Simple to make, and doesn't require training to use.