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  1. Old Russia, 2018

    When the year 2015 was coming to an end, people thought the world was going to come to an end, just like every year. This time though was different, it was real. Several missiles went off exploding every major cities. It is now the year 2018, and for some reason you're in Russia? You are in old Russia and you were captured, a mad scientist chooses your bodies for an experiment. One that would change your body significantly. Oh wait not really. "Your eyes, they're....they're, perfect" The scientist says, you're eyes have become a silky blue blind color. But are you really blind? Hell nah man, why would you be. Each patient was given a similar drug, some died other lived. As your body receives the oxidation treatment your eyes turn a potent neon color, different for each patient. As your Forearms to hands, and your calf to your foot finish they start to grow, things such as scales, or fur, claws even along with a few parts on the neck, or top of the head, and forehead. You feel stronger much stronger. You take the this chance to escape, tearing through guards and such. You wake up hours later somewhere off away from the lab you eyes return to that color of being blind, your scared of the changes that have been made in your body.
    @Zeroisdead is co-gm
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]For the character sheet, you don't get to pick the animal only the eye color.[/BCOLOR]



    Eye color:


    Animal Aspect: (once received)

    Animal Strengths:

    Animal Weaknesses:

    Weapons Carried: (2 Max)




    Dislikes: (optional)



    Red: @Shattered♦Secrets™

    Green: ME

    Blue: @Cybermoon

    Gold: Open

    Orange: @SourKiki

    Purple: @EddiEddi

    Black: Co-gm @Zeroisdead

    White: @GreyWarden207

    Silver: @Satan's Mistress

    1. No God modding
    2. don't break the rules
    3. follow 'plot' restrictions
    4. rainbows, not
    5. no arguing about the gm's decisions
    6. Keep all drama out of the ooc
    7. All drama stays in the ic
    8. have fun
    9. put 'I am the night!' at the end of your cs, so i know you read the rules
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  2. WIP

    Olivia Mortelle



    Eye color:


    Animal Aspect:
    Grizzly Bear

    Weapons Carried:
    Duel Blades
    Hand pistols

    Animal Strengths:are endurance, resistance to knock-back, strength, and an enhanced smell

    Animal Weaknesses:slow, low agility, and low stamina

    Good with combat
    Good with weapons
    Fast and agile

    Dark humor
    Hot head

    Working out

    Dislikes: (optional)
    Stupid questions
    Bright light
    Being caged up not able to see the moon
    No fresh air

    Olivia was a normally a out going woman. She got her life together from being a bad kid. She however was kidnapped by a scientist and was experminted on. She hated it but it was the only thing hat could her feel alive. Afterwards she try to escape every time an fight her heart out.

    I am the night
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  3. Name:
    Sabrina Creed


    Eye color:
    Electric Blue


    Animal Aspect: Bird - Hawk

    Animal Strengths:
    Speed, Stamina, Enhanced Sight, Flight, and can use wind based abilities (with your wings)

    Animal Weaknesses:
    Your Weaknesses are Weaker when on the ground, poor hearing, low strength

    Weapons Carried:
    Sawed-Off Shotgun

    Can take a hit

    *Easily Embarrassed

    *Her friends

    -The Scientist
    -The Cold

    Sabrina lived with her mother and father in Russia before the war and was very happy with them, growing up in a very simple life. Her mother had gifted her with her red scarf before Sabrina was kidnapped by the mad scientist.
    Under the care of the mad scientist, Sabrina became fearful of the man and would end up crying every day after the experiments. The only thing she has of her family is her mother's red scarf and would always find ways to get it back after it was taken away.

    I am the night.
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  4. Well I like your cs's but you kinda didn't listen (not to be rude), you don't get to pick the animal but the eye color, so just remove the animal aspect and you'll be fine, just til i send you what you get.
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  5. it's fine
  6. Did it, but it wasn't actually put up till now that we shouldn't put it in there(not to be rude)
  7. Yeah sorry i guess it's misleading when it only says once received
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  8. Zeroisdead and i are working out the kinks of each animal once were done we'll give them to each person, we already had colors and animals paired together before anyone posted, so there is no foul play.
  9. I've add two things to the cs
  10. Доминика Клепахов
    Dominika Klepikhov (Ika for short)

    Gender: Non Specified

    Eye color: Autumn Orange

    Animal Aspect:Lynx

    Animal Strengths:Speed, Critical hits, Agility, Tracking, stealth

    Animal Weaknesses: low strength, low defense, easily overwhelmed

    Weapons Carried: Hatchet, Pocket Knife

    Skills: Climbing Trees, Keeping Quiet

    Personality: Soft spoken, appreciates details, skiddish

    Likes: Books, magnifying glasses, wool scarves

    Dislikes: Shouting, explosions, gore

    Background: Nothing very interesting, they pretty much always kept to themselves. Parents were average, they were average- always wanted to be something special though. Go on an adventure.

    I am (a creature of) the night!
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  11. The animals only need weaknesses and I don't know when zeroisdead will be on, but we should finish sometime today.
  12. Name:
    Sasha (Alexander) Romanoff



    Eye color:


    Animal Aspect:
    Animal Strengths:
    Strength, Speed, Stealth, Recovery Rate, Enhanced Hearing, and Smell

    Animal Weaknesses:
    Low Defense, Easily Overwhelmed, Lower Stamina

    Weapons Carried:
    OTs-38 Stechkin silent revolver,
    and a PP-2000


    A quiet Young Teen, he usually says very little (may change), not down to earth, thinks about what it would have been like if he had parents, usually anti-social to anyone he meets during this time.
    Being alone (may change)
    The Dark

    Being in the open
    people (may change)

    He was a homeless, anti-social boy in high-school, but nobody knew that, he always kept to himself, then when the apocalypse started he went into hiding. Now he goes scavenging for tools and items he can use.
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  13. My fault for forgetting but go ahead and add age to the cs below gender, sorry.
  14. Done
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  15. Ok we finished the animals

    @Satan's Mistress
    Silver Eyes
    You are a Bear
    Your strengths are endurance, resistance to knock-back, strength, and an enhanced smell
    Your Weaknesses are slow, low agility, and low stamina

    Blue Eyes
    You are a bird
    Your strengths are [BCOLOR=transparent]Speed, Stamina, Enhanced Sight, Flight, and can use wind based abilities (with your wings)[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Your Weaknesses are Weaker when on the ground, poor hearing, low strength [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]@SourKiki [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Orange Eyes[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Leopard/Tiger/Lynx [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Your strengths are Speed, Critical hits, Agility, Tracking, stealth[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]your weaknesses are l[BCOLOR=transparent]ow strength, low defense, easily overwhelmed [/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]As for the breed that's up to you just make it something russian Mammals, Birds just click those if you wanna find a specific species of your animal, sour kiki you get to pick one of those threes so don't use all three. Hope you all like your animals.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
  16. Question wouldn't that defeat her skills?
  17. this is her animal transformation not when shes a human
  18. This seems cool, if still open will have a char up either tomorrow or monday^^
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  19. Oh okay do you want a photo or just type?
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