Post-Apocalyptic Transformation RP (IC)

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  1. [BCOLOR=transparent]Old Russia, 2018[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]When the year 2015 was coming to an end, people thought the world was going to come to an end, just like every year. This time though was different, it was real. Several missiles went off exploding every major cities. It is now the year 2018, and for some reason you're in Russia? You are in old Russia and you were captured, a mad scientist chooses your bodies for an experiment. One that would change your body significantly. Oh wait not really. "Your eyes, they're....they're, perfect" The scientist says, you're eyes have become a silky blue blind color. But are you really blind? Hell nah man, why would you be. Each patient was given a similar drug, some died others lived. As your body receives the oxidation treatment your eyes turn a potent neon color, different for each patient. As your Forearms to hands, and your calf to your foot finish they start to grow, things such as scales, or fur, claws even along with a few parts on the neck, or top of the head, and forehead. You feel stronger much stronger. You take the this chance to escape, tearing through guards and such. You wake up hours later somewhere off away from the lab your eyes return to that color of being blind, you’re scared of the changes that have been made in your body.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Opening post: [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Cold, autumn air sweeps the night as trees stand tall in stiff, their branches swaying lightly in the breeze, causing shadows to dance along the ground. This is where you find yourself, tired, hungry, and alone, had escaped the lab, and saw a few others run into the forest, but haven’t seen anyone since. You have been searching for days yet have found nothing. A glimmer of orange light catches your eye. Fire. If there’s people, they could help, but a thought crosses your mind. What if they are from the lab and have been searching for you?[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]You could risk going, or continue to wonder, which do you choose?[/BCOLOR]
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  2. Conall had escaped, but there was clearly something different about himself. He could feel the changes under his skin. 'I can't worry about that now. I have to...I have to find uhhhh...complete the mission! Yes the mission. Save as many as you can.' He thought to himself while leaning against a nearby tree. He was breathing deeply now taking in the cold air. Feeling the breeze on his face. I was almost peaceful. That is until his stomach yelled at him, reminding him that he needed food or he was going to die. opening his eyes he spotted an orange light in the distance. He may be alone, cold, and hungry, but stupid? Not a damn chance. He slowly crept his way towards the light listening closely for anything that could give him a clue as to who or whom was occupying the fire.
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  3. Sasha Romanoff

    He breathed heavily as he sat, in the woods. Looking to his left he spot a pond, he crawled over to it, putting his hand in the cool water. Bringing it back up to his face, he let the cool substance run down his cheeks and throat. It was then he heard a rustle. Quickly he drew his OTs-38 and pointed it in the direction of the noise. It was then a rabbit came from a bush, lowering his guard Sasha took more drink. Getting up from the spot, he started to see if he could find his hide-out from where he was. When he came across it, it had been raided and ruined. He went on to find some other place to set up camp. He found a huge cave within a small hole in the forest.

    He was in the forest gathering some branches to hide said hole. All he wanted was to be alone. Grabbing branches that still had leaves were his best bet. He went inside the cave, placing the make shift door in front of the hole. Reaching into the backpack that he had stolen back in the lab, he pulled out a can of beans and a knife. He jabbed the knife into the can, prying it open. In doing so he heard a noise outside.

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  4. [​IMG]

    ♦Location: The Forest-Next To The Cave ♦Mood: Nervous & Hungry ♦Outfit: Escape Look

    Rex couldn't believe it, he had actually gotten away from those bastards. The whole time he was in that place all he wanted to do was get away as soon as possible. When he was in the forest, he had some weird urge to slither on the ground... those damn experiments were messing with his mind. The way he felt in that place, he felt that he could take on all of those scientists. Rex took the option to escape rather than to attack them. He was glad that he chose that option, because when he woke up he didn't feel or look the way he did in the experimentation room. "Weird... so weird." He shook his head, putting on his hat before walking off.

    He brushed off his clothes, seeing as he was in the dirt. He knew or hoped that the others he saw escape, that they were somewhere around here. He was clearly in a forest, he could tell by the trees and the endless foliage. Rex moved on, going forward, still paying attention to everything around him. His father had taught him a few things about the wild and how to protect himself. He had his sledgehammer in one hand and his AK-47 strapped on his back. While walking he noticed a boy coming out of a cave. "What..."

    Rex hid behind a tree, watching the boy gather material for something. "I wonder if this boy is an escapee like me." He stood there, waiting to see what the other boy would do with the branches. Rex watched as the boy went back to the open hole in the cave and than the boy placed the branches over the hole. "He's making a door." Rex didn't notice that he had started walking towards the cave until he felt his foot snap a branch in half. "Shit!" He than yelled, which didn't make it any better. He didn't know what to do, so he stood there, hoping not to be killed on the spot.

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  5. The cold air hit Olivia's skin. She breathed in and relished at the cool breeze. She had made it out of the torcher chamber. She had broken out with quite a few others. She hadn't seen any of them since the escape. She shrugged it off and was just happy to be. Her limbs felt oddly heavy yet she was free, she also kinda wanted to eat and lumber into the cave to sleep through the cold. She shook off the urge and started running. She was smiling and laughing like crazy. She had lost her mind slightly in there but he was excited to be free and have the wind in her long hair.

    She stopped when she saw a fire light a head. She seems curious yet cautious. She looked around her and made her way for it. She was at the skirts of the trees peering down at the fire light. She couldn't see the best however she did notice a shadow.

  6. Sasha Romanoff
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    Sasha peeked out of his newly found cave, he noticed a boy around his age standing there clueless. 'What an idiot' Sasha thought as he saw what was going on. Slowly he crept out of the cave his OTs-38 in his jacket pocket, he held onto it tightly. He then stood up straight and looked into the eyes of the boy in front of him. "Your dead" Sasha said as he drew his OTs-38, pointed it at the boy and fired. The bullet whizzed right passed the other teen's face and hit a man square in the throat, who was currently holding a dagger. Sasha walked up to the darker skinned male "You don't owe me" he said blankly. Walking past the teen he began to see if the now dead man had any useful items.

    Sasha kneeled down beside the dead man. He took off the man's coat. He scavenged through the man's pockets. Picking up a few tools here and there. Once finished he picked up all the items scavenged. Sticking the smaller items in his pockets, and shoving the rest in the coat. He picked up the coat and walked over to the hole of the cave. Throwing the coat and other things in he then crawled in himself.
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