Post-Apocalyptic/Survival Roleplay

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  1. Now, this is just to throw the idea out there to get a general feel for people that might be interested in this roleplay. I want to know so that I don't throw all my work into this and then no one joins.

    This will probably be put in the fandom section, since it'll contain heavy references to lore and places mentioned in Evillious Chronicles and A Faint Wish, both Vocaloid series. However, some of this stuff, to add more substance to it, will be my own creation, such as the inclusion of races.

    On to the actual plot. It'll lean more heavily toward the Evillious solution instead of the AFW solution since I can actually halfway explain the Bluebird. Anyway. Basically, it's roughly 250 years into the future of humanity, and to combat the failing resources and pollution, the leaders of the world came up with the idea to transfer the human soul into a robotic body, thus minimizing the need for food and water. However, the robots backfired. Instead of retaining their human personas, they became brutal killing machines, slaughtering many of the leftover humans and polluting the world. So your character must survive in this anarchy, with the now harsh desert environment that spans the world, the robots running around killing everything with flesh, and other human looters.

    The only hope is the Desert Bluebird, a magical bird capable of granting its captor a single wish. The problem with catching the bluebird is that it's so rare, it's considered a myth, and it's fast and clever to boot.

    Soo....just comment below what you think of this idea, and maybe chuck a few more ideas forward if you wish.
  2. I love this idea, sounds like it would be fun. I'll think of an idea to give.
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  3. Awesome! Thank you for the input!
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  4. Good morning various people!
  5. Seems interesting however i would maybe explain the story a bit more? why did the robots turn?
  6. Apparently, as far as I can tell (the song doesn't explain it either) the transfer itself kept failing. Honestly, why they continued the obviously failing project, I don't know (evil government perhaps) but they continued it. By the time the series hits A Faint Wish, there are only two real humans left in the world. (Obviously there will be more than two in the rp)
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  7. About to say...who are the rest? Robots with Amnesia XD, sounds cool :)
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  8. Robots with amnesia.~ Poor robots.
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  9. "Desert Bluebird"
    "'s fast and clever to boot."

    Can't help but imagine it as this:
  10. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

    Plot twist: The blue bird isn't some graceful, elegant magical creature. It's a cartoon Roadrunner. Bonus points if Wil. E Coyote is its captor.
  11. Now someone has to create a character with that monicker...
  12. XD I'd have to see that.
  13. You heard her, people. As soon as sign-ups are up, spam the CS's with W. Coyotes and variations thereof!
  14. I haven't listened to/watched the songs but I'm a Vocaloid fan so I'll have to go find it somewhere. But this seems cool so I wouldn't mind doing it.
  15. Has this happened? Or are you takingmore people? I like to join.
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