Post-Apocalyptic Scenarios

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  1. I am currently interested in how being in different places and being with certain people would be like should an apocalyptic event occur, and I'd like to hear what your thoughts about this subject.

    Currently, I'm trying to think of what a reaction would be if the apocalypse happened during the time The Silver Whisper set out on it's 124 day cruise. The Silver Whisper is the most expensive cruise in the world, at 1.5 million dollars per person. There is, at max capacity, 382 guests, and 302 staff.

    My thoughts were, if this were to happen, that at first, nothing would be seen as wrong. Unless it was a meteor crash or some major calamity, things would seem just fine at first. It would be a while later until things seemed off, like radio silence, or someone pulling up an event on the internet, or the lack of internet.

    This would probably branch off in two ways. Either they don't know what's going on, or they know what's going on.

    In the first case, there would probably be some tension and unease over the staff not telling them what's happening, either because they themselves don't know, or they refuse to tell the guests, to prevent panic. This would cause factions to form, distrust to brew, and possibly a full war over control of the ship.

    In the second case, it would be complete panic and anarchy.

    These were my thoughts, what about you, what do you think would happen?
  2. Pretty much exactly that!