Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy

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  1. This was originally a group RP idea created by me and another person. Since they backed out, I decided to just do it as a One[x]One, or perhaps a three person RP.

    The Plot:

    The Great War, the worst war in the history of Eris, started 600 years ago. Hatred started in the land as the different factions of creatures started to experience horrible tragedies. Humans stole from the fairies, elves shunned the dwarves, orcs killed the sprites. It all grew out of hand as greed and misunderstandings from being integrated started to burn. War was declared as each species sought their own kind, hating the others for their great atrocities. Thousands of Millions died as monsters started to join the fray, killing even more than the war did. Finally, the Great Nyx rose from the ground, halting the war. He imprisoned the evil guardians underneath the sinister Io and destroyed the horrible integration that had caused such brutal killings. Thus the world has lived with every man for himself and monsters roaming the land, reminding each and every person of the events that lead such a massacre.

    That is what the textbooks say, but the Vitam Populi know differently. They know of the world before the Great War. They know of caring for others and the ways where everyone lived together in harmony. In Macria, the guild teaches younger generations to heal instead of kill and how to defend themselves and defeat monsters. They hope that someday, they might return Io to its former glory and bring light back to the darkened land.

    The terrain of Nilux is mostly dead forests, and large rocky mountains. Although, there are few large pieces of land that lay flat where crops of wheat and corn were grown. The climate is dry, dead, and gray. The sky is always raining black ashes, and rain rarely ever befalls the land. It is always dark and pitch as night, always requiring the inhabitants of the destroyed world to carry around lanterns and torches. Though it seems like they would have starved to death by now, they have developed an odd vegetable that can be grown from the ashes that fall from the sky.

    The land's government used to be that of a monarchy until the times of the Great War, where it stood for a decade before it fell into anarchy. The people of Nilux follow their own rules now, and with no law system, murder and thievery run amok in the towns and cities.

    That's the whole idea we created, so if you're interested reply here or PM me.

    The only rule I need to set is I need a partner that has good punctuation and spelling, but doesn't attack me with three paragraphs each post.

  2. I'm interested!
  3. I'm interested as well. ^-^
  4. Dude, this is killer. If you're still looking for people, in interested as well.
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