Post Apocalyptic Fantasy anyone? Gods and Species!

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  1. This is one of my favorite ideas that I've had and I would really love to see it played out in a well fleshed out manner.

    Here is the summary I have for it:

    Summary (open)

    Pre-Cataclysm Deorum
    The Beginning
    In the year 2014 through the year 3000 , Earth and the humans that lived upon it began moving into the Era known as the Golden Invent Age. In this era, many people were inventing and testing new things world wide. Many people would began to discover that there was more to the Earth than cultivating it and working for money. They would begin to realize the natural beauty the Earth had and would start to invent things to keep it healthy, improving their once destructive habits with soothing ones. But with so much freedom comes responsibility to choose what is good and just, and what will change the world forever.
    The Ascend
    Beginning in 3001, humans began studying ancient cultures and things of the past. Many different ideas and theories were brought up and introduced to society. It seemed that world peace had finally come upon the humans of Earth. With the reintroduction of ancient languages such as Latin into regular human life, everyone was able to speak and talk among-st each other in the same tongue. Continuing on into the year 4000, it seemed that the humans were finding new exploration areas almost every day.
    The Climax
    In the years between 4001 and 5000 there was great change, but all maintaining the peaceful atmosphere around the world. This change was one of great benefit to society, instead of the once political ways of the world, it was now just a free society world wide, governed by leaders of the previous nationalities, people were blending together. Mighty weather began to shift around the continents and moved them closer together once more. In the year 5000 explorers had discovered crystalline tunnels underneath the country in Greenland, and thus began the start of the greatest year in mining.
    The Break
    As the crystal tunnels were dug into new stones were being found and claimed each day. In the years 5015-5030 over a thousand new gems were found and named. Upon these findings the Jewelry market soared and they found that these minerals had many interesting powers and attributes. Using these in new inventions, the world was changed forever, radiating from the many different colored stones was powers that fueled everything possibly needed to survive in this future world. It seemed magic was real in some eyes. Finally with the discovery of a final five mile long crystal tunnel an American explorer named James Imergi
    was the first to trek the five mile long trip into the tunnel. With this trip he discovered one last unknown stone. It was unlike any other he had ever seen before, and reports say that this stone was the only one found throughout the entire tunnel. With this stone, the world would change.

    Cataclysm Deorum
    The Deities
    Once the man touched the stone he awoke thirteen great deities that were in a thousand years slumber. Each Deity ruled over an element. Thirteen elements for thirteen deities. But there was a fourteenth element; an element of celestial beings and proportions that only a fourteenth Deity could wield and it was still within a deep slumber until they found a second stone, and within this second stone lay the power to awaken the fourteenth Deity.

    With the Deities awake and eager to see what the world had become in their absence, they were outraged by the fact that no one seemed to realize or know who they were, what they were, and the fact that they indeed, the humans they had given their life energy for, worshiped completely false gods.

    In their anger they sent destruction to the land of Earth and in that result formed a single land mass, a Pangaea of sorts. Although they had sent plenty of destruction they were far from over with their tirade.

    In the last twenty years from when the cataclysm started in 5045, diseases swept the land. With these diseases it caused mutations of fantastical proportions to the humans that were left. Some grew horns or branches from their heads, or extra appendages. While others gained new found powers.
    Each disease was named and the few doctors left tried desperately to treat it only causing the gods to grow more angry and curse the land and people. This caused them to forever hold the mutations of their forefathers.

    Post Cataclysm -Present Day 5075
    When the anger began to subside, the beings seperated the land mass Tredeci into fourteen equal parts one nation for each deity and as well they claimed a cleric to rule that nation and repay the debt to the gods. In this time of Post Apocalyptica, will you survive and honor the gods? Or will you renounce the old ways and dare be a rebel? It is all up to you

    Tell me what you think and if you have any questions!
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