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    War. War never changes.
    The Romans waged war to gather slaves and wealth. Spain built an empire from its lust for gold and territory. Hitler shaped a battered Germany into an economic superpower.
    But war never changes.
    In the 21st century, war was still waged over the resources that could be acquired. Only this time, the spoils of war were also its weapons: Petroleum and Uranium. For these resources, China would invade Alaska, the US would annex Canada, and the European Commonwealth would dissolve into quarrelling, bickering nation-states, bent on controlling the last remaining resources on Earth.
    In 2077, the storm of world war had come again. In two brief hours, most of the planet was reduced to cinders. And from the ashes of nuclear devastation, a new civilization would struggle to arise.


    Welcome to our new post apocalyptic roleplay based in the Fallout universe, the Capital Wasteland to be exact. (You're right, perhaps 3 isn't the best game of the series but after careful consideration I feel it is the best area to base the RP)
    If you're not familiar with the Fallout setting, I suggest you check out the wiki as it's not that hard to fall in love with.

    The RP will be free-form with your character being able to do whatever they want (within reason). It is obviously non-cannon so you can make up locations as well as using the already existing ones. It is set in the same universe but will be as if none of the games ever took place.

    Name: (Your Name)
    Age:(Your Age)
    Gender: (Male, Female, other)
    Occupation: (Raider, Prostitute, Bounty Hunter, Scavenger etc)
    Sexuality: (You know)
    Nationality: (You still know)
    Race: (Ghoul, Super Mutant, Human, Robot?)
    Karma: (Good, Neutral, Evil)
    Faction Allegiance: (None, Brotherhood of Steel, NCR, The Legion, Make up your own)
    Appearance: (No anime, picture or detailed description)
    Skills: (Won't work exactly as the games, just what skills you're proficient with; Sneak, Small guns, Explosives etc Make your own up.) No more than 4.
    History: Your characters history.

    - Follow all of Iwaku's normal rules
    - Only take control of someone else's character if you have their permission
    - Just don't be a douche
    -Maximum of 2 characters per player

    Accepted Characters

  2. CS, white
    Name: Steven Carlson
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Scavenger
    Sexuality: Straight
    Nationality: American
    Race: Human
    Karma: Chaotic good
    Faction Allegiance: None
    Skills: Sneak, Small Guns, Lockpick, survival skills.
    Thomas grew up in a small settlement far in the North-Eastern corner of the Capital Wasteland, no more than 15 people lived there, including his parents. As a teenager his mother taught how to survive off of the wasteland, how to tell what plants were good to eat, and whether water the water was clean enough. His father taught him how to handle a pistol and defend himself, which is ultimately all he was able to do when their settlement was attacked by raiders many years later. He and a few others managed to escape, his parents didn't. They all parted ways, staying together reminded them of the pain of losing their loved ones in the raid.

    Since then he has survived finding relics of a time since lost, and trading them for whatever resources he might need in the various settlements around the wasteland. He lives a nomadic lifestyle of wandering the wasteland, trying to help people when he can, and when he can't, he doesn't. He's not stupid and doesn't plan to throw his life away just to try and help a few slaves.

    His outfit was made by himself and his mother when he was a teenager, it is essentially a modified version of basic leather armour.
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  3. Sure you can, I'm thinking of keeping sign ups open for an indefinate amount of time, as it wont be hard for a new character to write themselves in to the RP
  4. Well, good thing I know this phrase and was hoping this was a Fallout RP. I would like to join
  5. That's cool, added my CS to the first post.
  6. Think this might get more people if it was named Fallout instead of the Quote

  7. Name:
    Mark Lix
    Age: 34
    Occupation: NCR Ranger Veteran
    Sexuality: Straight
    Nationality: American
    Race: Human
    Karma: Neutral
    Faction Allegiance: NCR
    Skills: Guns, Survival, Hand-to-Hand, Small Guns.
    Mark grew up in the Mojave Wasteland and soon was initiated into the NCR. Through that time, he was stripped from his family and put into rigorous training and patrolling the wasteland for Legionaries. It was a boring, terrifying and sometimes dangerous job as sometimes when Legionaries were spotted they grouped up in large numbers and only a few NCR were patrolling. After these boring and deadly missions, he finally moved up to an NCR Ranger and was pushed through tougher training. His Ranger position was even more boring, he was deadly but never allowed to go do anything. Just defend a shitty radio station.

    After that, he was recognized for his aim with a Cowboy Repeater and the ability to use a .44 Magnum and his aim and how fast he could draw. Soon through dedication and hard work he was promoted to a 'Veteran' and even give one of NCR's most recognizable pieces of armor. When you saw one of them coming for you, it was a dangerous sign and most ran.

    Though he wasn't in the Mojave for much longer as the NCR wanted to expand and move to the East. Of course they had to scout the lands and bring back information. Mark was chosen out of a select few to head the farthest east. To the Capital Wasteland. Now, after much traveling and meeting new people, he has made it to the Capital Wasteland.

    He favors the use of the Cowboy Repeater and .44 Magnum. 'Western' guns that are extremely rare in the Capital Wasteland.
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  8. Finished my character
  9. Cool, accepted, also changed the title
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