Post Apoc Caravan RP Anyone?

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  1. So, I was thinking of an RP based off multiple different apocalypses, with, obviously, multiple different threats, from zombies, to mutants, to horrifying otherworldly creatures, in which your characters, 7 months after the initial apocalypse, are trying to help rebuild by trading supplies from the FEMA camp/farm that you reside in to other developed apoc communities. Which often ends in okay deals and trouble along the way, completely smooth trips (rarely), or trouble with the initial buyer.

    This would require around five people for a minimum, because, well duh, whole caravan, and hopefully 1-4 posts a day, if I can clear up my horrible schedule DX. But yeah, trying to practice my ability to post longer, more detailed updates and character development, those are my biggest problems. Mostly just an interest check, if it sounds appealing to a few peeps I can make an OOC and such.
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  2. :V Forrest. Gimmie that delicious post-apoc' RP
  3. This sounds amazeballs - count me in!
  4. Forrest Mi Bud ^-^...Hmmmmm Those words...So delisius....I would like too see this so count mi in
  5. I'd totally be down to join, Forrest :D Got a few character ideas too.
  6. Can't believe I'm here...
  7. Eyyyy Ninja! Anyways, yeah, I'll put this up later this weekend if ya'll want it ^ ^
  8. Ninja?! i cant belive you are here.....i did not expected you XD
  9. Yeah. This place seems like a otaku's dream (and a... strange one at that) but I can deal with it. I find a lack of RTD, mech, zombie, post apoc, and war RPs here.
  10. Oh and tell me where you put the darn thing; I can't decide whether to put it in modern or scifi. And make it soon! I love HS, but he's not online when I'm on.

    Err... DP ftw.
  11. Yeah, timezones suck. But I'd guess sci fi? Not entirely sure, but modern is usually lifestyle things and all that I believe?
  12. Well horror sounds too... "Horror" I guess. Scifi sounds good.

    The lack of mech RP's there annoy me.
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  13. Yea i will go with Sci-Fi ^-^

    Polum....I know i drink a Little But im not drunk ok XD
  14. But also, you guys think it should be multiple weeks/few months, or whole years since the whole apoc went down?
  15. Dont know what you mean but if its time after the apoc yes sounds good
  16. Depends on what kind of feel you're going for. Weeks/months would probably be more like everyone is just starting to consolidate into small, isolated, but relatively stable communities and the members of these FEMA camp caravans are pathfinders; establishing the very first 'safe' routes that other trade runs will follow.

    Years would likely be that there's already an established network of caravans along routes that are already safe, with larger communities that have more resources. Might be random patrols of some peacekeeping organizations along them or the like, but also more raiders since there's a guaranteed, known place for them to steal from. Could also still be tasks where new routes will be established, but with better preparation now that people have a better idea of what they're doing.

    I dunno. Just throwing stuff out there. I'd be okay with either.
  17. Yo, Hobocop.

    I think it should be a time a few years after communities/towns have already been set up, as to create the feeling of needing to trade.
  18. Count me in!
  19. Least we'll have some new guys from here, eh Forrest?
  20. Im with Ninja.....i think we shoold get ready for the welcome Wagon Ninja XD
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