INTEREST CHECK Post-Apoc Biker Gang vs. Human Trafficking Mob

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It's been almost twenty years since the War ended. The death toll was almost incalculable. Entire cities were all but wiped out, the government completely obliterated, and those who survived were scattered far and wide, struggling to survive. The most entrepreneurial individuals took control, and while some gathered people into new communities and began to rebuild, others did their best to keep people subjugated. This has resulted in a cutthroat free market which sprung up in the final years of the war, trading in everything from basic supplies to extravagances, including people.

The slave trade that has sprung up ranges from orphans to individuals who fell into debt to the free market and were enslaved in order to pay their debts. Slaves are sold for all sorts of purposes from manual labour to pleasure. Those who try to live morally in this lawless time hate the trade, but are powerless to stop it. But there are others who refuse to accept things the way they are.

There is a biker gang that lives in the desert, roaming freely in the empty hundreds of miles between two communities. They're a motley group, and on the surface they simply provide the services of food, fuel, and repair as well as informal protection for the supply trucks from marauders as they ship supplies to the peaceful communities. Behind this front though, the group, most of whom are former slaves, especially child slaves, are warriors against the human slave trade. They disrupt the trade routes, sabotage the vehicles, liberate and rehabilitate victims when they can. Some of the liberated slaves return to their families, but others who have nowhere else to go often stay with the gang and help to continue the fight.

SO! You interested? I'm looking for a group of about 5-6 people MAX, but each individual player can have up to 3 characters each. The gang rides or drives a range of vehicles from motorcycles, quads or even decommissioned/rebuilt military vehicles. You can choose to be part of the gang, a slave, or even a trafficker! Just keep in mind that the traffickers won't always be in the picture. If nobody wants to be on the bad side, we'll just use NPCs.
Ill gladly fill the role of a trafficker 8D
Definitely interested :D
I'm interested.

I'll have one character at first, a guy in his late teens, tanned though barrel chested and big boned, literally. Drives an Armored Personel Carrier which is pretty much a hub for the gang, as well as the supply carrier. He also likes semi-automatic guns like rifles since he can save rounds, and also aim pretty good.

Here is a pic of the APC:

Also, he's a bit shy. Just so you know.
OK! So far we've got:


Sor also said he was interested, so I think we might have our group!

Ceddy, do you want to have a trafficking character ONLY? If so, I'll admit one more player.
Yea. Ill stick with a trafficker. Im not big on multiple characters.
I'll have my guy be a freed slave then. Maybe one that Cyn's character is looking for.
Okay, then I'll leave it open to one more person to join in if they'd like. Otherwise, I'll get started on the OOC. It'll be in the Closed Plot section.
Don't move the plot on too fast. I need to catch up some times.
Well, right now we're just getting the characters all created and a basic plot going, so we'll all know what's going on and when.
Right now I am glad that I read the Death Lands series. Pretty much my guy can be a trader. YAY!
OOC is up! Head on over to the Closed Section to post your character!
Geezus i'm late to the party, count me in but I'm presently mulling details over another RP Bunny, if someone else expresses interest in my slot give it to them as long as they will take good care of it, I'm knee deep in some other posties.