Post-Alien-Invasion Apocalypse, anyone?

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  1. Alright, first thing's first, I do appreciate good grammar and at least one paragraph. I like descriptions of how people are feeling and things like that. Anything more than "he kept walking" or anything like that.

    Also, I'm known to use language not suitable for everyone. And this is going to be a fairly dark setting with torture and mutated creatures.

    I'm willing for this to be a group rp if enough people are interested, all I ask with that is we don't leave anyone in the dust and try and keep to a set rotation if at all possible. I understand everyone's schedule is different so this might make it pretty slow-going, but I'd like to try.

    Alright! Setting time!

    Everything's nice and happy and cheerful, life is going on as it always does, when suddenly aliens attack! The war against the aliens only lasts for about a day due to the aliens possessing much more advanced weaponry and shields and nothing earthlings have standing a chance against them. And, after firing off a couple too many nuclear devices to try and defeat them that way, the humans realize that all they're doing is just killing off more of their own people.

    Earth is thrown into slavery as the aliens use humans to mine the earth of what they consider a very precious natural resource, diamonds. No one really knows what they use them for, just that they're forced to help dig up every last little diamond on the planet.

    While forcing the humans into hard labor until they die, they're also taking some of the humans and performing horrible experiments on them. Most people die, but some come out of it with interesting effects. Glowing, reading minds, the ability to move small objects telekenetically. Small things. Nothing huge and super powerful, little things. Extra arms, extra legs, the ability to see in the dark perfectly. Little things.

    And we're ignoring the half-life of atomic radiation. Because I said so. And I like people having memories of how the world used to be, but completely lost hope of the world ever returning to that.

    Alright. So, after 20 years of this living hell where the Earth is just destroyed and the human population is worked to near-extinction, the aliens...leave. They just..leave. Fly off into the sunset without a word. But every single one of their orbiting ships shoots off and is gone.

    This is where we start.

    And here are my characters :)

    Ambrose Drustan Montgomery III
    Aliases: Drustan, Trey, Amby but only by his sister.
    Age: About 30
    Birthdate: He doesn’t remember
    Origin: He isn’t really sure of that, either.
    Ethnicity: White
    Languages: English
    Occupation: Former Prisoner and Test Subject, Member of the Resistance when it was active, now considers himself a Justice Keeper, in every way that loosely translates.
    Current Residence: Currently traveling

    Eyes: Light green
    Hair: Brown
    Height: 6’
    Build: Proportionate to his height. Broad shoulders, muscles that he takes time out of every day to make sure he keeps up.
    Scars: A veritable network running across his entire body.

    Interesting Effects of Radiation or Experiments: He glows in the dark. And hates it.
    Attire: Ambrose 1.png
    Accessories: He doesn’t personally own much, but he managed to save a pair of dog tags that were his father’s. He keeps them in his pocket.
    Weapon of Choice: A silenced sniper rifle, though he also carries some alien pistols and rifles and some knives and the like.

    Personality: Ambrose is concerned about his sister first and foremost, and himself second. And that’s only because he knows his sister wouldn’t be able to survive without him. He is a protector, a fighter, and a generally passionate individual. It does take a bit for him to fully trust anyone else, but once he finally trusts you, he will do almost anything for you. He’s mostly pretty quiet, hiding behind his gas mask and going about scraping out a way for his sister to survive.

    Mother: Deceased
    Father: Deceased
    Siblings: Magnolia Rosemary Montgomery
    Upbringing: The first ten years of his life were wonderful. Both of his parents gave the adequate amount of attention, he did well in school, played sports, his father took him hunting. He boasted that he would join the military when he was 18 just like his father. He was a good, protective brother to his little sister, when they weren’t fighting.

    With one radio announcement, everything changed. Aliens, war, death, torture, horrible experiments, and more aliens became Ambrose’s next twenty years of life. From ages 10-17 he was a prisoner of the aliens and their horrible medical experiments. At 17, he managed to escape, with his sister and several others, and started roaming the horrible wasteland the world had become. He saw humans used as slaves and forced to work until they died and an anger that could only be powered by death and pain and torture welled up inside him. He started striking back, stealing food and weapons and anything else he could, killing aliens when he could get away with it. He made enough of a name for himself that the local Resistance brought him and his sister into their hiding place and trained him to properly fight back. He was content doing that until the day he died, or until the aliens left.

    No one expected it when they finally did.

    Magnolia Rosemary Montgomery
    Aliases: Maggie, Maggs, Magnolia Rose
    Age: Whatever three years less than her brother makes her. Somewhere around 27 or 28.
    Birthdate: She has no idea
    Origin: Somewhere nice and quiet that she misses dearly
    Ethnicity: White
    Languages: English
    Occupation: Former Prisoner and Test Subject
    Current Residence: Currently traveling

    Eyes: Light green
    Hair: Brown
    Height: 5’5
    Build: Proportionate to her height considering her usual diet. A little on the thin side.

    Scars: Less than her brother, but there are white streaks in her hair showing off where some of her scars are.
    Interesting Effects of Radiation or Experiments: She hears voices. Basically, she can read people’s thoughts but has no control over it and it’s made her a bit mentally fragile.
    Attire: Maggs 1.png
    Accessories: She has her mother’s wedding rings. She keeps them safe in her pocket.
    Weapon of Choice: Pistols, but she isn’t always mentally capable of using them. And Ambrose usually doesn’t let her have them.

    Personality: Maggs goes back and forth between being a proper 28-ish-year-old with adult thoughts and responsibility for herself and her brother, and a screaming 5-year-old scared of the monsters under her bed. The experiments done to her seem to have mostly been focused on her head and brain, which...well...scrambled things about a bit. She’s much more friendly and outgoing than her brother and her ability to read minds helps her stay out of trouble in that respect. And because of that, Ambrose trusts her when she says someone will be safe to bring around. And when to just put a bullet in their head and walk on.

    Mother: Deceased
    Father: Deceased
    Siblings: Ambrose Drustan Montgomery III
    Upbringing: She grew up in much the same way her brother did. The first 7 or 8 years of her life were beautiful and happy and amazing but it all fell apart very quickly. She was taken as a prisoner with her brother and their parents and developed her mind-reading capabilities quickly. Enough radiation and crazy alien technology in the right places could do some pretty amazing things.

    Of course, being held captive in a place that was torturing people with the ability to read minds was terrifying and horrible and quite deeply scaring for the poor girl.

    She helped her brother and the others with the escape, able to tell them when guards were distracted, pass codes, things like that. Once out, she stayed very close to her brother at all times and was generally useful. Except when too much was going on or they were too close to certain mutants and monsters caused by the radiation the war let off. Then, she dropped to a screaming mass of hysteria. But she was mostly helpful....

    I'm totally not expecting everyone to do such detailed character sheets. I just enjoy making them that expensive. The most I need is a name, an appearance, and age, and if they have any extra appendages or anything. Romance is cool if it crops up on its own, but really this is just kinda about everyone surviving and trying to figure out where to go from here now that the aliens are gone. Worrying about them coming back, etc.

    I think that's it...Questions? Comments? Suggestions? :)
  2. I'm fairly tempted to join in. Just trying to figure out a character.
    Would minor fire manipulation (he pretty much just makes sparks, no fire without fuel) work as a side effect?
    If not, I figure an unstable increase in strength would work.
  3. I think the fire works :D Only really helpful in certain situations and a little annoying in others :) I like it!
  4. Sweet! Working on my character bio now. :D
  5. Name: John Andrew Dawson
    Gender: Male
    Age: About twenty nine
    Mutation: Can essentially create sparks. Fire, if there's kindling or fuel.
    Family: They all passed in the first couple years. He's alone, now.
    Personality: He's a quiet, serious man, nowadays. He doesn't make many friends, and doesn't really try to. If you got to know him, loosened up the rocky exterior, he'd be a bit of an awkward goofball with a love for riddles. He tries to view the word in a simple fashion, just plain black and white. Right and wrong. There are advantages to such an outlook, like how he'll always stand for what's correct, what's right. There are disadvantages too, like how he's very closed-minded when it comes to things that would be shades of gray.
    History: Can't brainstorm a decent one right now. I'll edit as one comes to me.
    Current Goal/Purpose: Finding something to live for again. Some reason to go about life other than mere survival.
    Appearance: John's just over six foot one, with a medium build. He's fit, but not muscled, due to the fact that he walks most of the time and resorts to using his shotgun for fighting. His eyes are a steely blue and his face is square in shape, with a strong jawline and high cheekbones. Dark brown fuzz covers most of his head. His most prominent scar is across his right cheekbone, but there's a few on his scalp and more covering his knuckles as well. He's typically dressed in whatever he can patch or salvage, and his shotgun is a near constant companion.
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  6. Alright, fixed it.
  7. Sweet! Think we should start while waiting to see if anyone else is interested? Instead of an awkward, everyone meets up at once sort of deal? lol
  8. Works for me. c:
  9. Woot! I'll get it set up then!
  10. sounds quite interesting....Can I join?
  11. Woo! Sure :)
  12. Random note: I just laughed so hard at that last line...
    "Stop giving out personal information to strangers!"
  13. XD Good! I think Amby would be horrified if the internet still existed lol "Maggs! Nooo! What are you doing?! That's it! No internet for you! I'll change the password!"
    Maggs: Did you change it to Fish?
  14. Char sheet:

    Name: Jae Rasti

    Aliases: Hawk

    Gender: White Female

    Age: 18

    Birthday: Unknown

    Appearance: Jet black hair (unevenly cut just above the chin), fiery red eyes (caused by the tests), and is 5'7'', very athletic and flexible and tanned. She has a scar that runs from the middle of her palm around her arm to her elbow, caused by a blade when and alien threatened her.

    Outfit: A dark navy tank top with a black, worn out aviator's jacket with black jeans and black boots. She wears a helmet that covers her head (missing visor) and she wears reflection glasses to hide her eyes. She has a belt full of alien knives and a stolen alien pistol. Last but not least she wears a pair of fingerless leather gloves that were her father's. All of this she has found in a closet in a run down house. Dusty, ripped, and full of holes, yet comforting and protecting.

    Mutation: She can 'teleport' within 200 feet of herself.

    Origin: It was dark, loud, and scary that's all she remembers

    Family: She remembers her mom, who looked identical to her, was killed in testing. Her father died before she got to know him.

    Languages: English, Spanish, German, and Latin (she learned to translate many languages quickly)

    Occupation: Former test subject

    Personality: She is loyal and caring to her friends, but she seems threatening and independant when first met, but she just needs to get to know you before she feels safe.

    Current Residence: Nowhere and everywhere

    Is this too descriptive, and is the teleportation okay?
  15. There is never such thing as too descriptive. Ok, sometimes there is. But that was absolutely not too descriptive :D

    I like the teleportation. Is there any way it can be sporadically inconvenient? Like, maybe she doesn't have control over it all the time? Or something like that. :) I'd like the powers to all have an inconvenient side as well. Like Maggs who's being driven insane and Amby who...glows in the dark lol I'm trying to figure out an upside to that one honestly lol
  16. It's random. She has a little control, but sometimes it just happens. =D

    Also, and upside to glowing in the dark: Then you don't need a flashlight =D
  17. Sweet :D I like it!

    XD Very true! No flashlights or torches needed here! He's really great for when it's too foggy out! lol
  18. yay =D

    Hmm..let's see...would it be okay if I randomly teleported in a tree behind you all?