Post a random lie about the person above you!

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  1. So, yeah, I'm first, so, lie away! And be creative about it. ;)
  2. One time, Flare totally mated a cat and a velocoraptor.
    The result was not so good.
  3. Patty once told me that once cut her pubic hair in the shape of a mustache and beard...just like the one Santa-Claus has
  4. Myrnodon is wanted by the Dept of Homeland Security for wandering around the streets of NYC in a KGB greatcoat with "Homeland Security" sewn on the back.
  5. Ric once nearly got court marshalled. Apparently he and Mara were caught in the bushes the base, fiddling with an old transistor set trying to send messages to alien lifeforms.
  6. It almost worked, too.

    Myrnodyn has been scientifically proven to be genetically related to the Common North American Bigfoot!
  7. are supposed to lie D:

    Ric has never actually SEEN his parents....they were shipped off to alaska after a freakish accident involving mutated dolphins and a giant 'turd'le
  8. Myrn was known to have do the cha cha with Lady Gaga.
  9. FLARE!!!!! I AM YOUR FATHER!!!!
  10. Vay was a galactic emperor of Burger King In Space. (highlight here)
  11. Flare is the prettiest girl i've ever seen.
  12. GMK has a tendency to implode whenever someone makes a joke about his mom.
  13. Flare stole my tacos last night.
  14. October Knight has a whole set of armor and weaponry stored away in his backyard.
  15. Flare ate exactly 3 and a half bottles of school glue in grade 2.
  16. Gwen

    She almost snickered. She knew that wasn't true. But now it was. She was nervous still. Most people knew her as the crazy dissection lady. Not that she minded it or anything, she was just concerned about the bones. She couldn't help it. It was her own little secret. Her own little wonder. "I-it was just some doodles." She stutterer out, face flashed with slight embarrassment. "Nothing big."


    She nodded "Yes." She dangled them off her fingers so it made a little clack and cling. As per her nightly ritual, she stuffed the keys within her palm and made sure two of them stuck out of her knuckles. This has saved her quite a few times. It also made her scratch up her old friends face, but they did have something to laugh about. She smiled and put her hands behind her back "Thank you very much for your concern. And sorry about walking into your building. I'll repay for the dent from my hard skull." She teased before glancing upwards at the building. She asked suddenly "Do you do any genetics engineering in here? I know you are what? A building company of sorts?"
  17. It was good money, dammit >_<

    Myrn knows all of the words to every Celine Dion song in existence.
  18. Sunrise is a lonely alien living on Uranus, surveying the people of Earth while waiting for their impending doom.
  19. Jason

    Jason: "Whatever Gwen." He almost picked his head up, then saw the campus security was passing the window on his right. He turned his head and leaned his head on his hand so his face wasn't visible to them.


    Ray noticed the key thing. "Hmmm, dealt with some muggers, Blair?" He said in reference to the key thing. "You'd be surprised how durable this building is. We've retrofitted this building with lots of tech. We do all forms of tech. Nano, robotics, circuitry, everything."
  20. Myrn is trapped in a tiny room on top of a 9000 feet high mountain. The room has no doors, no windows, and the method of which he is placed within the room is unknown, even till the year 9000. Myrn is deeply obsessed with the numerical order of 9000, and carves the number order on each side of the wall for 9000 times for 9000 years.
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