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  1. Plot:

    Humanity no longer has a home. Earth has been ravaged and desecrated by not only aliens but the Dru and Sons Trading Company that specializes in colonization and BodiCo, a company that takes whoever they can get and uses plastic surgery and biotic upgrades for the perfect cybernetics. Humans are treated as the scum of the galaxy and taken as slaves or laborers who are forced to work for almost nothing. Aliens are now the supreme beings of the known universe with tight control over their colonies and Earth, their latest victorious conquest.

    One hundred years later, humanity is at its darkest hour. There are not many left due to famine, slavery, and other terrible conditions. Almost all humans are slaves or overworked laborers of mines, colonies, plantations, etc. Any human who is free is hunted down by bounty hunters and taken into the slave trade or, if they resist, execution without a trial. And all of humanity are treated as if they are a threat to alien society and do not have a voice when atrocities are committed against them. Small pockets of rebel groups consisting of humans and aliens have been hiding on remote worlds and trying to organize a resistance. Aliens who are compassionate toward humans cannot make their opinions known, for the penalty could be death. Any xeno assisting humans are severely punished. Would this century be the time when humans with so few allies retake their old home world or will they be erased from existence?


    Same as Iwaku
    Post at least three good paragraphs
    Not picky about grammar but please check it before posting
    Take sexy-times to the PMs. This is PG-13
    Violence is permitted, don't go overboard
    Notify me if you have to leave the RP or if you won't be posting for a while
    No character limit, do as many as you can handle
    Be courteous

    Codex (will be updating later):

    Class- soldier, cybernetic, tech, hacker

    Brief Description of Aliens (you may use these or come up with your own)-

    Alessan: Deer heads with fox ears and tails (deer tails for females), humanoid bodies and wolf feet. Hunter-gatherers, mostly matriarchal; very secretive of their culture.
    Terru: Lion heads with hair, human bodies, no tails, smaller ears for females.
    Vorries (sing. vorree): Scaly beings with cat eyes and fins on limbs.
    Mutants: Genetically modified humans with various animal DNA.
    Kadashi: Bat/lizard species.

    Alien Cultures (Coming Soon...)-

    Mindora: Alessan home world Semi-frozen/wet planet with a long harsh winter with only five weeks (if you're lucky six) of spring like weather before the air grows cold again. The atmosphere in the mines is highly toxic and everyone must wear an oxygen mask at all times; Quipquil Metal is found here but it burns if it cuts someone. The soil is hard to till, making agriculture almost impossible. Precipitation is frequent.

    Alamai: Resistance base. Populated by dense forests, arid deserts, and canyons.

    Haria: Terru and Kadashi home world. Mostly temperate climate with tundra forests

    Vorr: Vorree home world. 85% water and humid.

    Earth: Former home world of humanity. Used to be mostly in ruins and wastelands at time of conquest. The xenos are pouring in resources to restore it to their liking. Restoration complete after twenty years.

    Tikaal: Arid and humid world. Only 4% water coverage.

    Mars: Area of operation for the Endora.


    Endora: most powerful military regime; purge the galaxy of humanity at all costs

    Illium: alien who wants to save humanity

    "Bloodied" Doves: Aliens and human who are advocates of peace; "Bloodied" for murders and beatings of members

    Hawks: Save humanity and put them in power

    Crescent Wane: Restore humanity without killing everyone

    Bombays: Resistance group with various approaches on how to deal with humanity issue

    CS (if you want to color code, that's fine):

    Appearance (picture or description...or both):
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  2. Name: Karla "Dante"
    Age: 23
    Species: Mutant
    Gender: Female
    Class: Cybernetic
    Appearance (picture or description...or both): Light brown skin, short black hair with long bangs, cheetah markings, icy blue eyes, cheetah tail, cat ears, 5'11"
    Personality: confident, cunning, easily short-tempered, mostly loner, blunt, more of a follower, "I don't care" attitude most times
    Occupation: none
    Bio: She was taken from her parents at age seven and had biotic upgrades to become a cybernetic. Before she had further implants and surgery at age thirteen, she ran away and went with a group of rogue cybers. Her group was found by a bounty hunter and she was paralyzed by a paralyzing venom and was forced to watch her squad die a slow painful death. At seventeen years old, she was taken in by a privateer who later sold her to a group of pirates. In order to defend herself from an attempted rape, she killed everyone on board and later went to Alarai where she joined the Bombays.
    Allegiance: Bombay, Crescent Wane
  3. Very interesting.
  4. I'm for it but I can't make the CS all too from my phone.
  5. It's fine. I have a hard time writing on my phone too.
  6. How many people would be needed?
  7. Probably 5 at least
  8. So, counting you two and me, we then have two more openings i guess?
  9. We only need 5 to start but I'm more than willing to accept more
  10. Sorry mine will be out today.
  11. Sorry to hear that, I hope you have a great thanksgiving @Otonashi Yuzuru !
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