Possible RPs...?

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  1. So I have a couple of RP ideas I wanna run through, they can be either normal or mature I don't really mind::

    -A slave/maid one (Mostly the master inherits a maid/slave [we can decide on what] and we can plot later outcome~) FxM, FxF

    -A teacher/student one (basically what you're thinking right now :P) FxM, MxM, FxF

    -A Neko x Human one :3 (Pretty much the neko is bullied/ unwanted because he/she just transferred from another school and shiznit happens) FxM, FxF, MxM

    -An arranged marriage (The typical tsundere type: two people are arranged to be married, and they either both don't like each other, or one just doesn't like the other, but then to make them get to know each other better, someone in either family arranges them to be trapped on a island with no way out) FxM [not that i'm against gay marriage, I just had the idea for a straight couple :P)

    So that's basically it, PLEASE let me know if you're interested!! :D Again, they can be either normal, or mature, but I would like to get a mature one started up x3 lol

    Let me know!

  2. Talk to BoredAsUsual. xD You just listed all of her mature rp demands.
  3. Really? :D haha that's kinda cool, okay I will! ^^ Thank you!
  4. Still needing partners for most of these ideas, seeing as most of the threads I've started are dying a slow and agonizing death, which saddens me <;-;>
  5. I'm a bit curious about the neko one, I've never done one before though, so I would have a few questions (just for clarification purposes). If that's not an issue and you're at all interested, let me know.
  6. Definitely! ^^ I'm still really interested in that one, I'll PM you, thanks for showing interest!
  7. I might be interested in one of these, aside from the master/slave thing. Kinda burnt out on those, since it's pretty much the only type my old long-term partner ever wanted to play.
  8. Okay, sweet! :) just PM me to know/ discuss anything else on whatever thread you're interested in and we'll figure something out :) but I'm heading to bed now, so I'll get back to you tomorrow ^^
  9. Will do. Goodnight.