Possible Knights of the Round Table RP?

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  1. So, my dad's been talking about King Arthur constantly for the past few weeks and it's reawakened my interest in the world. Would any of y'all be interested in playing a game like that?
  2. I would be interested.

    Would it be a fantasy roleplay that focuses on King Arthur's knights?
    I think whoever knows the most lore of that era should play the king. Since your dad's been talking of it so much you probably know more of it than I do, but if someone with a degree in history or mythology shows up...
  3. Yes, it would focus primarily on his Knights and that world, though I would (of course) allow custom knights/characters and (even more of course) female ones.

    And yes, that sounds like a good idea.

    I'm supposed to read that book this week anywho.
  4. I normally refuse to play any canon/non-original characters, but since it would be more like playing Paul Bunyan than Spiderman and there would be more personalization permissible, I might play one of the more well-known knights. Not Lancelot...maybe Galahad.
    This has a list of knights.
  5. Id be interested if I could make my own character!
  6. I wouldn't mind joining if things develop further... I think it may be quite enjoyable, playing a Lady of Camelot! Lol...

    Cheers, and good luck!

    <3 Lyli
  7. A Knights of the round table Roleplay might be fun, but what would we do with the plot itself.
    Will you stick to what the books and stories about Camelot tell us?
  8. Lol, probably not... I can't see why we would re-tell a story that's already been told
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