Possible Dragon Ball Z or Fairy Tail RP

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  1. I was looking around the forum (being new here and all) and I was looking through fandom forums to see if there were any of my favorite animes there. I didn't seem to find a DBZ one nor a fairy tail one and was wondering if anybody would actually be interested in it?

    As for DBZ It would take place hundreds of years after the main characters have already passed or in an alternate universe where they never existed?

    For Fairy Tail it could take place in the same universe for sure and our characters can have our own adventures.
  2. -raises hand- I loves DBZ 0-0
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  3. I do too! I hope there's a good enough amount of people that like it. I'd really love to start one
  4. It'd be super fun~
  5. for fairy tail if you decide to do it instead of making people join the fairytail guild you should make so your an up and coming guild . and as for the dbz i would be interested
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  6. That sounds very interesting! If you habe any great ideas go ahead and PM guys. I think we can make the fairy tail one work or maybe the DBZ one
  7. Well I would do the dragon ball z one. Also I can't always be online cause I don't have a laptop. using my friend's
  8. I would join in on the fairy tail RP.
  9. So is everyone here interested in DBZ?
  10. im sure if you make both you would have the same number of people willing to join
  11. DBZ!!! totally!
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  12. Looks like we got 6 (including me) for a DBZ rp. I can start making a CS/OOC topic soon and then work on the plot.
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  13. ohh ohh plot plot plot i've got a plot~! well not really~ nvm~
  14. I'm open to ideas from others.
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  15. okay so I was thinking if it take place hundred years after all full saiyan are dead and left with the 1/something something saiyan, a new villain strikes back and the current saiyan doesn't have the strength to win against then and end up using the dragon ball to resurrect saiyan but during the wish they were not specific instead they ask a force which can annihilate the villain, which bring us to alternate universe which is our world. Selected people taken from our world and convert us to be a saiyan when we reached to the dbz world and you get the jizz~
  16. Not a bad idea. If anybody has more ideas to pitch for the plot go ahead and post it below.
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