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  1. Werewolf/Shapeshifters~

    Heavy thumps sounded throughout the large forest as a creature as dark as night blurred through the foliage, kicking up loose sprays of dirt and grass as claws tour apart the moist top layer of soil. The creature was swift; though its coat was splashed with a crimson so dark it fused with the animal’s fur. Its maw hung open, panting and dripping the same blackish-red color that came from its back onto the grass underfoot. The creature had been shot between its large, feathered, wings. An arrow perched perfectly so that it dipped its poison coated tip right in to the bloodstream that flowed straight up to its twin appendages. It had been a lucky shot; out of the dozens of arrows heading his way…one just had to hit the exact spot to land the perfect blow.
    The animal could normally heal from the poison, though it took awhile and definitely slowed it down greatly in terms of hunting and fleeing from danger. Now, however, Rastul Guilian was a dead wolf walking. The pack leader was wounded beyond repair and as he came across his family’s den they were waiting for him, dark red eyes gazing out from beyond the darkened greenery…except for one pair of warm gold irises that came from his only true-blooded pup, Razgul.
    Razgul was the first to bolt to his father’s side, his tail stiff and ears pinned with anxiety and confusion. The small wolf’s eye’s were wide in the darkness as they stared up at Raztul and whimpered quietly.
    The older wolf slowly laid down in the tall grass, his son licking at the blood dripping from his mouth, the coppery taste of blood was mixed with the slightly tangy perception of poison. Razgul slowly lowered his head, the bright gold light in his eyes fading rapidly.
    Razgul slid carefully against his father, licking at his muzzle and nudging him. Each time the young male would nuzzle his father's eyes would blink open sleepily...however, each time it was just a little bit slower...just a tiny bit more faded.
    That night the leader of the Black Winged pack passed on, leaving his only pure-blooded son behind as the new alpha at the young age of nineteen..

    The next morning the sun rose tinged red over the growing village of Escallan. People were already up and about within the giant, two mile long, castle walls. Fields of corn, peas, and small banana trees. Artisans were at work in their shops, blacksmiths, tanners, and cloth-crafters already starting to open their shops in the market. The sound of chariot wheels announced the harvest from the previous day's dried meats. Guards were stationed at several small outposts along the stone walkways atop the large encircling wall.
    A young woman strode along the high stone walls, her stride giving off the sense of power. She wore a pair of black slacks, tied at the bottom of each ankle. A long sleeved white shirt, the cuffs wide at the wrists. The clothes shouted 'nobility' compared the common garb worn by those bustling around below her in the awakening city. The woman's name was Skriel...and she had loosed an arrow yesterday that had, hopefully, ended the life of the current alpha of the local winged-wolf pack.
    “Evening ma’am!” Shouted one of the guards, a swift solute following the words as he poised himself under her gaze. Her glare was common around the guard towers. Even being a woman she was welcomed in society, sought after by many a man, and admired by so many more. The woman had an amazing ability to shoot. She carried a giant bow, easily as tall as herself. It was made of redwood and curled around it from top to bottom was an intricate lace of grape vines. A quiver of arrows rested against her spine, not hidden from anyone's view. The woman knew she was a masterful archer and having the bow and arrows on her at all times drilled that fact into everyone who came across her path. In all honesty the sheer intensity of her skills had driven away quite a few reformed suitors her father, the current king, had picked out.

    All of those men had expected a prissy young girl who obeyed every command, much like the normal everyday housewife. Well, Skriel didn’t follow those standards...and her father scolded her everyday because of it. He wanted her married off several years ago but each time she is sent away she is returned within a day, latest, two.
    The city was still being established, having grown from a conglomerate of much smaller villages in the area. The main reason why all these different people had pulled together so readily was because of the wolves lurking within the neighboring Jinx Forest. The wolves used to number in the thirties but now they finally dwindle down to only nine...eight, counting the recent kill.
    Skriel actually had to go retrieve the body to earn the reward and be able to officially mark off the former alpha from the board in the middle of town. Hunters came from all over the lands to try and trap themselves a live wolf, but no one has ever survived bringing one back. Of course the prize would be more than double for a live specimen, but just bringing one down required specific poison and one hell of a good shot. Sky had three kills under her belt already, even at the young age of eighteen.
    The young princess made her way from post to post, checking on the guards as they switch out their posts, when everyone, and every spot, was accounted for she took the step down to the main gate where her horse waited, tied to the five hundred pound cast-iron gate. The gray mare whinnied as Skriel approached, shaking it’s head from side to side as it’s right hoof beat the ground.
    “Good morning, Kenken, ready to go retrieve our new trophy?” The girl said in a calm but playful voice as she worked on undoing the rope she’d tied.
    The horse cried louder as Sky jumped up onto it’s back and reared slightly. The next moment they were off and galloping away from the raised gate. The DarkWood Forest was only about a half-mile away from the town, a wheat field skirting the old oak and redwood trees that lined its edges.
    In the meantime Razgul’s pack had sunk back into the greenery around their dens, abandoning the area just like the last time they’d lost a member to the humans. The only wolf that still remained was the young son of the fallen alpha. He still lay by his father’s side, not having moved an inch even when his father had taken in his final breath before dawn. The male was grieving the only way he knew how, to stay with his dad until he could just accept what had happened and get back up on his feet...the only problem with that ideal was that there was now something among him and his forever-sleeping father that had a bow drawn and pointed straight at Razgul. The gray mare was stealthily creeping closer and closer to the two wolves, it’s eyes focused more-so then a normal steed out on a hunt. Skriel had her bow drawn and was watching the younger wolf. She noted his jet-black wings and instantly made the connection that he was the older males offspring.
    Two...she could bring back two wolves if her shot landed just right!
    Alright...just stay there for one more moment...She thought silently to herself.
    That was when the canines head snapped up, it’s burning gold eyes pinpointing her through the bushes and shrubbery to his east. The male was on his feet in a blur, wings coiled against his back tightly, ready to act on the slightest movement.
    Skriel drew in a hissed breath and Razgul reacted by lifting his upper lip, showing a healthy pair of pristine white fangs. The hunter noticed his teeth and noted the sheen of his shining black fur and gaped silently.
    You’re his son!

    A young wolf would definitely bring in the money, especially since his father had been the last recorded winged-wolf. All the rest of the pack didn’t carry the genetics to grow pinions so they were no where near as threatening as the larger winged ones.
    Skriel slowly tucked her drawn arrow back, slipping it into the quiver against her shoulder before fishing out another. The new arrow had a much sharper tip with three small hooks. It resembled a fisherman’s lure and as she drew it into her bow one could tell there was a faint amount of poison, but this type was a numbing dose, not a fatal one. She wanted to take him back alive, while bringing his father’s body back as well.
    Alright...just stay still for one more second....
    The second she thought the words the wolf snorted and stepped slowly to the side, pinning his ears to his head and starting a low feral growl.
    Skriel raised an eyebrow at the wolf’s reaction but shrugged it off and adjusted her aim.
    Good...just stay....
    The wolf snorted again and stepped back and to the side, getting a little closer to the forest line.
    What the hell....Is he reading my mind or something?
    Skriel adjusted her aim again and chewed on her bottom lip.

    “Dodge this...”

    The arrow went flying suddenly, and just as commanded, Razgul ducked and rolled away, his wings flaring out after the roll to instantly correct his balance before they tucked right back against his back. Another snort left his nose and he bared his teeth once again, as if mocking the female that he’d dodged so easily.
    “Cocky little brat....I’ll make you my pet when I catch you...tie you up outside in the courtyard until your broken like any other beast.”
    Skriel drew another special arrow and fit it to the bow string. Pulling the line back she set her sights on the wolf that was still standing there, unafraid.
    “What is wrong with you...? Your not going to save your father so why are you staying?”
    Of course Razgul knew his parent was gone. He wasn’t even that close to the body anymore, he just knew that this person had killed him and now he wanted his revenge.
    “So you wanna take me on...?” Skriel whispered, closing one eye as she adjusted her aim slightly.
    The wolf snorted again and swished it’s large bushy tail.

    “Fine then...but you’ll never touch me if you don’t come at me...”
    Razgul perked his ears up and his eyes widened slightly. Sky caught the action and smirked. “So you can hear me...and understand.” She moved the arrow a few centimeters to the left, then loosed it.
    Again Razgul made the action to dodge...but he moved right into the path of the arrow instead of evading, having assumed she had perfectly aimed once again. He realized his mistake before the arrow landed in his right shoulder but there was no time to dodge a second time.
    The wolf took the hit with an angry yelp, staggering and snapping at the wooden shaft to try and yank it free of his muscle. He snapped the length easily but the hook, with the numbing dose, remained stuck in his pelt.
    Razgul bristled and his gold eyes flared up. Within seconds he was bounding towards the human, wings flapping to propel him faster across the ground.
    “Heh, not so fast!”
    The large mare bucked once and bolted out of the way right before the wolf dug it’s claws into the weeds where the animal had been standing.
    “Hey, mutt! You missed!”

    Raz snarled and bolted after her, staggering slightly when he landed, once again missing the horse by a few moments. Several more slight misses later and Razgul was just about to drop. His legs shook, claws digging into the dirt to try and stabilize himself and stay on his feet.
    “Awww, the little puppy having trouble staying awake? Good, the sooner you pass out the faster I can turn you into cash.”
    Razgul shook his head harshly, saliva flying from his bared fangs as the drug started to finish off it’s work. His vision blurred, then turned black, the sound of his well-muscled body dropping to the leaf-litter as he passed out completely.
    “About time...” Skriel slid off of her horse calmly, her boots lightly breaking damp leaves underfoot. She knelt down besides the giant wolf, reaching out towards his face without any hesitation. Her fingers laced through it’s thick matted fur, tugging at the knots thoughtfully.
    “You can’t be more then a few years old...wonder where your mother is.”
    The winged wolves were notoriously protective of their young and the fact that his mother was no where in site lead to some questioning thoughts. However, now was no time to think about that. If she was still in the area then the she-wolf would show quickly and definitely attack. Skriel needed to get her catch back to town and into chains quickly before he awoke or the other wolves caught wind of his capture.
    “Alright big guy, time to go.”
    Skriel reached down again and grabbed his uninjured shoulder, then hoisted him up onto the front of the horse, right against it’s mane.
    “Alright, hun. Now for your papa.”
    The other wolf was much heavier, roughly around one hundred and sixty pounds. It was more a challenge but Sky managed it in only a few minutes. With both wolves secured to the mare by twine ropes Skriel grabbed it’s halter and started walking the animals back to the town.
    Razgul’s pack was following slowly but they didn’t stray beyond the forest. The wolves thought Raz was dead since if you got shot by the humans’ arrows you never woke up.
    Now they watched from the edge of the abandoned wheat fields where they met the forest as their last winged leader was taken away from them forever.

    Skriel had known she was being followed but the wolves made the correct decision to stay away from the city. Every archer’s station had been doubled and bows were drawn towards the woods as they saw their princess emerge with not one, but two wolves atop her horse.
    By the time Skriel got to the giant iron gate that lead to and from the city it was full of curious onlookers and merchants. There were several loud whispers and shouts about her double-catch, both winged beings none the less! It was unheard of to catch one, but two!!
    “Stand aside!” Sky shouted annoyed. KenKen snorted and stamped it’s hooves angrily, pushing through the crowd whether they moved or not. When they got to the center of town she worked at the ropes, untying the two canines. She took off the deceased male first, lowering him down to a giant carpeted mat in the middle of the trading square. People were already waving bundles of money and shouting for dibs on certain pieces but she ignored them all, letting one of her servants handle the bidding for the canines hide, teeth, meat, and wings.
    However, the younger wolf was hers for now. She wanted to see if he had really understood her. As far as her knowledge went wolves couldn't understand humans. They would have no reason to build such mental capacities to memorize the language. Of course body signals could be read but it was like the young wolf had understood what she was thinking. Skriel took the smaller wolf back into her training grounds where she had a pair of shackles secured to a giant and very old olive tree. The tangled branches had never bared any sustenance but yet every year the tree grows, it years are innumerable since it had been here long before the town had been created.
    Sky was quick to lock the steel bracelets around the slowly waking creature.
    She’d only given him enough drug to get him back to her home, the sedative was poisonous just like the other tipped arrows but it was much lighter. At his young age she could have done to much damage to his system if she’d used a stronger dose.

    Razgul thought he was dead, yet somehow he could still feel things going on around him. The birds chirping, the footfalls of the mare that had aided in his capture, and several new sounds that he didn’t particularly care for. By the time he was chained up securely he was starting to awaken. The small wolf’s eyes were blurry from the drug, his muscles tingling as if all of them had fallen asleep at the same time. Several grunts escaped him that were swiftly followed by a couple wheezes.
    “Welcome back.”
    That voice...!
    The sound of the human female kicked the wolf’s system back into functioning much faster. His jaws gaped open and one gravelly word slipped out.
    Well, the speaking definitely caught Sky off guard. She took an abrupt step back, as did one of her other servants who had come to ask if she required any assistance. He had thought the wolf was also deceased, but now he definitely got the shock that he was alive...and surprisingly can speak?
    Skriel snapped herself out of the daze she’d fallen into and quickly responded.
    “Get the doctor here immediately. We need to remove the hook and get him muzzled.”
    The word ‘muzzle’ didn’t sit to well with Razgul and he was up and on his feet in seconds, tugging and biting at the chains around his ankles.
    “I wouldn’t do that if I were you, you’ll just cause injury to yourself and your digging that hook further into your shoulder.”
    Raz’s head snapped up and he snarled at her. “You!”
    His word was a bit better formed but still slurred from not speaking regularly.
    “Yes, me?”
    Razgul lunged at her, the chains rattling and holding him back abruptly when he reached the end of their short lengths. Leaves fluttered down from the tree and danced around him, his gold eyes burning with rage.
    “Aww, angry puppy. At least your not in the square like your daddy getting cut up and sold in pieces.”
    Razgul’s ears instantly dropped to the sides of his heads and a quiet whimper left his closing mouth. He slowly sank to the ground and averted his head, ducking his muzzle under his giant paws.
    Well, Skriel had said that to make sure that her assumption of him being the others’ son was true...and judging from that reaction he definitely was.
    Chapter Two

    Well...that was actually unexpected. And Skriel had really liked that doctor, even if he was a spineless...well, throat-less, now, little weakling.

    A small echo of someone...clapping? Was heard behind Skriel and it had the girl shaking her head and 'tsk'ing. "Well...I tried to do it the easy way but I guess..." Her words were cut off as a young man stepped up besides her, snickering eagerly as he eyed the now-human looking male.

    "Quite a specimen...so the rumors are true after all...they can change..."

    Skriel held herself back from stepping away. Mira really crept her out even if he was her father's best doctor and scientist. The man was just freaky though...he had a sick fascination with taking apart living things.
    "Mmm, may I?"
    Skriel eyed him wearily and shook her head.

    Mira smirked and patted her firmly on the shoulder, leaning in and smiling with oddly pointed teeth.
    "I won't dismantle it...but I assume you'd like...to examine it? Learn a bit?"

    "I ken hear you..." Razgul growled angrily. His shoulder length oil-black hair was rising slightly, just like hackles on his other form.

    Mira stepped closer to the boy and slinked around to the back of the tree, just out of reach of the man's attack radius.
    "So cute...I wanna play with him."

    Skriel shrugged and took a step forward. She saw Mira grab the chains she'd fastened to the wolf and pull them abruptly, yanking the human-like male against the tree. He fastened them quickly, making sure they were extra tight and none of Razgul's arms or legs would be swiping at him.

    "Now then...what's your name, wolf-love?" The young doctor asked rather calmly.
    Razgul decided to remain silent but when Mira got within sight Razgul promptly spit right at him.
    Instead of dodging Mira grinned and took the hit, licking a tiny bit off his lip that had landed their.
    "Mmm...so then...the arrow is out already. I guess you want me to patch it up?"

    Skriel nodded but she knew he wanted something for doing so.

    "No need to fret love... I'll just take a little sample..."
    Skriel didn't have any reason to argue with Mira. He was the head doctor and scientist of the castle and mainly under her father's rule. He just followed her general orders when it pleased him to do so.
    Right now, if she took his newly found toy away before he even got to play with it he'd have her removed without a second thought.
    So that had the female resigning to just watch and wait, hoping the doctor's intentions weren't to 'take a small sample of the creature's beating heart' or something of the sorts.

    Mira's thoughts were going a mile a minute within the capacity of the small space inside his mind. So many different tests he wanted to run, so many things he wanted to ask...
    This was the first wolf he'd gotten his hands on one that was actually alive...or at least not dying in a few seconds. Most men cowered in fear of the giant beasts but to think that a female, let alone the princess, would capture such a thing without killing it, and be able to bring it back and have it secured...Mira glanced at the other doctor's corpse and tilted his head slightly. Well...mostly secured; is amazing.

    The first thing the young doctor took out of the pack slung over his shoulder was a small scalpel. He touched the tip to his finger and smiled when a small line of blood ran down the pale skin to plink a single drop onto the grass below.

    The winged man grunted in disgust as it smelled the others' foul blood. It burned his nostrils just to inhale the red fluid's scent.

    Mira just ignored the sounds, though making a mental note of any that he hadn't heard before so he could keep a good record. He nonchalantly stepped around to the wounded side of the creature, eying the damage the first blade had done with a delighted grin.
    "Beautiful marksmanship, miss" he purred lightly as his eyes already started to dissect the man's muscle structure.
    It was different than humans...subtly-so, but also extremely-so.
    On the outside it just looked like the man had a bit more muscle and height then a normal human. Of course Mira was rather certain that the actually physical and chemical structure of the creature was beyond different from his own.
    There was no way for a human to change their form like this creature had done. No matter how much science or technology is developed, tis impossible.

    "Now then..."
    The tiny knife swished through the air without a sound from it or it's weilder. Razgul, however, definitely put his own to the action and snarled loud, snapping his fangs at Mira as a small piece of his wounded skin and muscle came away with the swipe.
    "I do love it when they scream...snarling...I'm not so sure..."
    The doctor tilted his head up and smiled at Raz as his hands wrapped up the tissue sample in cloth.
    "Can you not scream with your human voice?"
    He had heard the male speak, but it had been extremely husky and not quite correct.
    "Ah!" That reminded the doctor...
    "Must check his age! Skriel, love, come here a moment."

    He motioned to the female human eagerly and she sighed but nodded, walking closer to stand about a foot away from the tied creature.
    "Hold his jaws for a moment, if you'd please?"
    He was smiling eagerly, itching to get down to business but knowing he couldn't take apart the male just yet.
    Mira could tell Skriel wanted him alive so for now he could remain that way. He was, after all, under her father's orders and if he made her upset her father might chastise him. He did have the jurisdiction to send her away but then he'd have to explain why later.

    Skriel hesitated for a moment before reaching to her side and grabbing her two chain-mail gloves and slid them on.
    She then reached up carefully but quickly, catching the creature in mid-snap as it tried to catch her right hand.
    Skriel pressed her left fingers into his lower mouth and her right one's moved to push against the upper pallet, holding the mouth open effectively.
    "There...check what you need."

    Mira did so right away, a little giggle of excitement that hinted at a slight bit of psychotic intention mixing in with the growling coming from their subject.
    He quickly had his right hand in the male's mouth and was checking each of his nicely sharpened teeth. Mira quickly noticed Razgul's breath was much hotter than a humans, even more so than a canines normally was. Of course he knew that bit of information because they were often his test subjects, not because he owned one of the flea-ridden mongrels.

    "All really good points, only...this one..." He pressed lightly on a slightly darkened tooth, then shifted his hand a little to another one way in the back. "...and this one, have any issues at all, most probably from rancid food being stuck there for awhile."
    The next thing he grabbed was the tongue, lifting it up and side to side, checking for anything out of the ordinary but finding nothing.
    Razgul was getting rather annoyed with the examination and started to shake his head, trying to make the female's grip on his mouth slip just enough so he could land a good bite.

    Mira chuckled gleefully and reached into his bag again. This time his hand came out with a small vile.
    He quickly dipped the tiny flask into the male's mouth, scooping up a bit of excess saliva before capping the object and replacing it back into the bag.

    Mira nodded to Skriel and they both stepped away in time to avoid the oncoming bite attempts.

    The young doctor had his notepad out before he'd finished stepping completely away from Raz.
    "So, according to his teeth he's very young. Perhaps about...eighteen to twenty years...considering these are estimated to have a lifespan about the same as us, he's just a pup."

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