Possible Billdip 1x1?

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Okay so, the main gist of the plot would be -

Aged up Dipper Pines, Human!Bill Cipher,

And it's start with Dipper returning once he's finished college - he'll have visited every summer from then, [we can choose whether or not to have Mabel in the roleplay] - and he's finally decided to move into the town. After buying a place, with the help of his parents, he sets down and begins to study more, and more of the creatures around town - sometimes discovering new ones.

He eventually runs into Bill, recognising the demon Dipper feels inclined to leave, and so he does, locking himself away and believing he'd be safe in his own place.

Bill persists in seeing him, and eventually they fall for one another, Dipper not really realising that much / too ashamed to actually admit it. They eventually confess and things continue on from there. Eventually they sleep with one another, and then things start to go downhill, with regular arguments beginning to break out between the two.
I'm also really in the mood for some M-preg or whatever, but if you don't want to do that, it's fine.

-- and that's it!
If you have anymore ideas, just let me know.​
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