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  1. "Despite all of the downfalls of men, they still reign above all other creatures. if this is not an example of unfairness in our world then I certainly know not what is."

    The world is a vast land filled with all creatures but despite the proclamation of the human god, there is little to show proof of the claim that all creatures, are created equal. No, that wasn't the word of their god; was it not "All men are created equal" Perhaps that is why their kinds must live in the shadows, Perhaps it is the reason that they are hunted, or that the very idea of their existence strikes fear into children. Perhaps even it is the fact that long ago they struck out, or rose up with other shadowed creatures to stand for the fact that they belong among the light of the world, Maybe this is why the humans created sickening stories of Demons that burn in the sunlight or Wolves that ravage cities under full moon glare and then take human form by day.

    So many truths remain hidden under the shadow of these people, under their fortresses, and feasts, and festivals. That was until the last High king, the King that finally brought about a level of intelligence their kinds had not yet seen in Humankind. Of course the coven Azrael reigned over was little but ash under the boot and smut of the Human soldiers. Azrael was lucky enough to outlive these wars and witness the dawn of a new age of understanding. A promise was made, a tribute; or payment that sought to seal the pact the King wished to leave in his legend, a proposal, and of course, acceptance.

    Since that day Azrael has bought his time, waited and watched the world turn with angry eyes as the promises of that man faded just as did his corpse. Of course the new High King took up the throne and the hunts began once more; though by this time their kinds were far too few in numbers to oppose the idiocy of new rule and the hypocrisy of a twisted corrupt senate. Unfortunately he was forced to watch, and left to wonder if the personal promise would be kept that had been made with the only "True" King of this land. That day was coming, and the events that would come with it would set in motion events that were bigger than anything this Lonely Vampire could ever understand.

    Starting Post~

    Azrael looked on past the slight shadow that came with the the length of his blonde hair. Amethyst orbs peering out over the bustling city of the High Kingdom. Of course today was special, a day he had waited for for nearly a century since the day hed gained some shard of false hope in mankind. He was dressed formally for the occasion, a nice tailed tuxedo suit jacket, slacks, a tie to fit the color correctly of the deep purple trim and the silver lining that covered the entirety of his jacket. Of course he would overdress for a day like this, for it was not everyday that one would meet the woman they would spend the rest of their life with.

    The sun was high to show that it was the mid point of the day, and the air was cool with just the slightest breeze that didn't dare to disturb his hair. Perfect features and a flawless grace as he made his way down the stepping trail towards the front point of the city gates. he expected that the guards would not be all that pleasant to deal with, but nothing would keep him from seeing the truth of that mans promise for this day. The trail grew wide and soon enough he was on a base level of ground staring at the large gate to the inner city. The sea was to his left and he could hear the ring of bells to signify the passing of trade ships importing goods. With a few more steps he stood before the guards who crossed their spears threateningly before him.

    The guards were clad in perfectly Black and silver lined armor. They had the insignia of the new King, a dominating Dragon of course that just fit so well with the fools demeanor since his unrightfully reign. Azrael had his ideas of how the man had come to power, on how his friend had fallen and with what means his life had been taken, but even if he were brave enough to say these things openly it would cause far more trouble than it was worth, especially when he was sure the rest of the Kingdom had the same accusations. "Halt their traveller we were not informed of your visit." Azrael returned his gaze tot he man speaking to him and a small glimmer formed in his rose like violet red eyes.

    "Oh, you were not informed good sir, well I beg your pardon but the good King certainly would see me when I have such a valuable estate to offer to his majesty, surely you would not be the one to keep me from his majesty, surely you wouldn't make me late for my appointment. No?" A silk like voice emerged as like invisible tendrils it crept over the mans spine and little droplets of sweat formed. Apologies were passed in the next second and Azrael found himself within the doors that shut behind him. he tapped at his chin in curiosity and glanced both ways. "Now, now today is special indeed, what will i get for my betrothed." He spared no time after that gracefully dancing among the vendors, he had a short while before she would awake but enough to provide her time to prepare herself while he perused the shops the High Kingdom had to offer.
  2. Not all is as it seems. A family that holds a lot of power may not have gotten there with fair play, may have a secret that can never be told. Centuries ago, one family was struggling, struggling to live. The father of this family heard of a man with endless riches that could make anything happen. What this father didn't know was the price he would have to pay for this deal with the devil... a devil, but he would soon find out. After opening the door to the biggest hut in town, the man was welcomed with exotic scents, scents that he would have never thought existed. He took in a deep breath and closed his eyes, savoring the smell. Once he opened his eyes, his gaze became trained on the powerful man who was lounging in a roughly made wooden seat.

    The father told the man of his needs and explain each and every struggle of his family, told the man of his sons and wife. Everything had gone quiet, and the father began to worry that he request was to be turned down. If that was to happen, his family would die. Their small plot have land would be taken and their fields would be ravaged. At last! The powerful man decided to help, at a small price... The father's face drained from all color at the request that was just made.

    "M-my daughter or grand daughter?" His eyes were wide, mouth propped open slightly. What if his wife was the one to have a daughter? Or one of his sons has a little girl? Rubbing his right temple slightly, he finally relented. "You have my vow." The father bowed low and left the hut, trying to figure out what he would tell his wife. How was she even going to take it? After weeping and gnashing of teeth, his wife accepted the inevitable. from there, that family's life began to look up.

    No longer were the days of small huts and dirt floors. The time of wooden walls and fortresses had now passed. An era of magnificent walls with even more impressive castles. Now, everything was guarded by knights who wore massive pieces of metal that apparently kept them safe. Kings ruled massive portions of land and appointed lords under them. Women were dressed in extravagant dresses and held balls that were talked about for months. The man that had once saved a family had been forgotten until a daughter of that worried father's bloodline was born.

    Emeline was the daughter of a wealthy lord who held a lot of power himself. She had grown up being friends with the prince. Her whole life she had been protected within the walls of the city, not allowed to wander outside of them for fear that she would be snatched up. This girl was also a blessing and a curse. Her mother was raising a daughter that would no longer be hers in a matter of years, had to raise her daughter to be the perfect wife as not to displease the man that would come to claim her. Emeline never quite understood why her parents were so protected and why she had to learn so many lady-like things her whole life. Well, she didn't know until a year before the day of her eighteenth birthday. The moment she found out changed everything.

    Now, it was her birthday. Her mother had her dolled up in a dress made of thin material that laid fluidly over the curves of her breasts and hips. Apparently, she needed to be pleasing to this man's eye, but Emeline felt it rather unnecessary since she was already already his possession.

    "The man shall be here any moment, my love," her mother said softly to only be answered with a small grunt and narrowing of brilliant green eyes. "It was not my choosing, Emeline." The older woman continued to plead as she braided her daughter's long white blonde hair.

    "But you did not fight either!" She snapped and crossed her arms firmly over her chest. "And Papa is not even here to bid me farewell."

    "You Papa is dealing with it as best as he can." Sadness was in her voice as she placed wildflowers in various segments of the braid. "I could not fight, Emeline, this was not my choice. Now, stand up, hold your back straight and act like a lady. He will be here."

    Almost as if on cute, there was a soft knock on the door. Her mother opened, welcoming in the stranger, feigning a soft smile. Emeline curtsied low, training her eyes on the man's shoes for a moment before straightening. A small gasp slipped by her crimson lips as she was greeted with his oddly colored eyes. His eyes. He can't be human. She looked back at her mother, fright crossing her face. Did she not tell me something about this man?
  3. It hadn't taken him long at all to gather the perfect assortment of flowers for the blooming snow-berry he had watched from that shadows for years. He had the final vendor tie it off in a brilliant silver ribbon and a pin of a black and violet butterfly ornament. He raised the flowers and placed his lips to the assortment before finding the road up to one of the larger houses near the Kingdom. Of course even as old as he was, as long as the Lord had lived; he couldn't find it in himself to be immune to the butterflies that fluttered in his stomach. This was more than just a simple union, it was a promise from long ago, the truth of a man Azrael considered a friend, that truth would be revealed at its bearings.

    He neared the Large house and with a silent huff of a sigh tapped his knuckles against the door of the beautiful home. The door opened and with a start he practiced his smile as he met the eyes of the mother and matched her gracious smile in kind. "Hello Madame, might I say you have a beautiful house." He nodded to her but the moment he took a chance at bypassing a glance over the mothers shoulder, his heart stopped and the butterflies filled the position it held. The scent of the blood could not be mistaken, this was her, the darling daughter of that man, and this family though it was not perfect they kept their end of the promise between Lords so long ago.

    He stepped past the mother just in time to bow in time with her, to raise when she did and now only but a breaths distance from each other. He met the deepest emerald sun in her eyes just as she would find the crystalized violet blood that swirled in his own like a sky of stars in a devils air. "My my, who is this that blesses my vision with a viasge more glorious than first snow?" He smiled with a cunning sinister lingering upon the thin form of his lips as then took her hand to brush his lips sweetly over the soft flesh that covered her knuckles. Hunched over as he spoke his formality; "Forgive me if I impose upon you milady, your beauty hath stricken me and i found myself invincible when the tender of your flesh found me. I am Lord Azrael Alexander Morte, might I impose upon you such formality?" He stpped back after that straightening and doing all he could to prep himself any more impossibly perfect than he already had.

    He couldn't help but feel almost obsolete with her, he was a Vampire lord but this meant so much, this was a truth a beautiful glorious truth. Even a vampir efound the chill of his heart melt in the presence of such a glorious Angel. It almost reminded him of a poem long written by a less known author of the love that was borken by the seperation of heaven and hell. This of course was no doubt the very same in the common eye of the people. He was a devil, a god forsaken demon that had even found abandonment in hell and cast his murky claws upon this world, she was a darling woman, a white haired angel of the earth, of a world that had no place for him. That was the beauty of it, the honestly of the man that had chosen to work with a Devil for the sake of this green earth, this was the legacy he had given in order to prove those truths they long sought.

    After formalities would have ben shared he was graceful to smile at her. "Ahh such a beautiful name, I find myself in no big a hurry as of yet, would you like to remain this last night to eat with your parents?" he asked but when he did a realization came to him. She was truly precious yes, a symbol of the pact shared between himself and her father, but she was also more than this. The man had proven himself, he had kept his word the girl was 18 and he couldn't help the selfishness he had though it was regretful. "I do apologize if it appears I am rushing you dear, however I can only assume that the night guard of this city will not appreciate me remaining here for all that long. I will wait outside for you, but let me take your bags for now so they will not hinder your goodbyes." he nodded with a gentle smile before moving to her cases, and the belongings she would bring with her; taking them up and nodding once more to the mother "You have raised her so well thank you so much I know he would say the very same if he were able." Only she would know whom he spoke of but it was enough in graces before he pushed through the door and walked out onto the cobble stone path to wait for her to do what she needed to. After all this was a huge thing for a girl of this age, all he could do was give her the best he could and hope that it was enough.

    "How crazy were we to seal an eighteen year old beautiful girl to an Ancient Vampire Lord, Dynamus. How crazy indeed but I give you my word I will give her the world if I am able."
  4. When she stood and saw how close he was to her, she felt breathless. Slowly, she licked her lips, listening to his question then watching him kiss her hand. His lips were cool and smooth, leaving a chill over her skin. This man was so eloquent and suave, causing attraction to stir within Emeline's soul. He was almost enchanting with how he spoke, complimenting her in such a way that made her cheeks flush a bright red and send her heart into quick palpitations. I may be able to live through this ordeal if this is really the man I am spending the rest of my life with.

    “The woman who blesses your vision is Emeline Dashwood, sir.” The young woman bowed her head respectfully once more. “Your words are so flattering, and I find myself fortunate to be graced by them.” A slight smirk pulled at the corner of her lips as she brushed by him and walked over to her mother. Grasping the other woman's shoulder,she placed soft kisses on each cheek, telling her good bye as Azrael gathered her things and stepped outside. “Mother, what is he?” Emeline asked in a frightened whisper.

    “My daughter.”Hands cupped Emeline's cheeks. “He will tell you in time. Somethings need to come out when it is deemed appropriate. Now, do not keep your husband waiting. Remember what to do once you arrive?”

    “I must dress in something pleasing to his eyes and offer myself to him to seal the future of our life together,” she recited in a flawless manner.“You have prepared me for this very night.” Emeline dropped her eyes to the ground, nerves starting to create doubts in her mind.What if he does not find me as attractive as he says? What if I do not please him like a woman should? Chewing the inside of her cheek, she turned on her heel and went to the door, forcing herself not to look back at her mother; it would only make things harder.Soon, she was at Azrael's side, giving him a pleasant smile and allowing him to lead her.

    The light clop of her heels against the stones beneath her feet was the only sound between them for a bit.Words seemed to escape her mind, making her feel helpless and vulnerable. What was there really to say to her husband that she had just met? Shyly, she glanced over at him before placing a hand gingerly on his upper arm wanting to have some sort of contact with the man. “Thank you for being so kind. I am truly grateful. I have something to give you when we have arrived at home. You will just have to give me a moment to prepare it.” Emeline swallowed hard,knowing what she had to give. If he knew, it may be easier. “My mother has taught me how to cook and clean. I was raised for this day, raised to be your wife.” She nods, blonde braid twitching slightly with the movement. “My husband will not go hungry!” Her eyes lit up as she let out a tickled giggle and pressed her cheek against his shoulder, still surprised by his cool chill.

    At last! The couple arrived home, and she followed him to their room. Promptly, she picked up one of her suitcases, told him she would just be a moment then excused herself from the room. It took her a minute to find another room, but she finally found one down the hall. What am I doing? I am so scared.Her fingers trembled as she opened her suitcase to reveal the sheer white robe that was soon going to replace her immodest dress. But I have to.

    Before entering Azrael's room again, she knocked on the door, alerting him to the fact she was back. Without hesitation in her step, she walked in and shut the door behind her. The material of her robe hung fluidly around her body, showing the soft pink hue of her skin and the darker pink of her nipples. A simple satin ribbon was tied loosely around her waist, showing off the smooth curves of her hips.“Azrael.” His name came out as a whisper from her lips. “I want to offer myself to you.. as your wife.” She finally met his gaze.“On wedding nights, two become one. It is my desire to be one with you.” Emeline nodded and untied the ribbon, letting the robe open slightly and expose a smooth stretch of skin between her breast, over her stomach, and between her legs.
  5. Azrael cast the beautiful woman a pearly white smile, he had already taken care of her bags, sent them off mysteriously so that they would be at the house waiting for them. After all Azrael hoped to have a chance to walk freely with the woman he would marry. "Ahh all set then." he nodded and then took her hand in his own and they started their way through the city towards the front gates. His eyes were a deep crimson color with a violet tint to them and every once in a while as they walked silently he would glance over at her. He appeared almost like a statue, a strong bold man that said little, but made what he did say count.

    As if to invitedly threaten his own thoughts he heard the voice of an angel embrace him with its music. A simple turn of his head met his eyes with those beautiful lush forests of Avlaon that sought to tug at his soul with every drawn out embrace. "Oh, please do not think me my dear, it is but the nature of a Gentleman to treat his lady with respect, especially when we walk the drawn bridge to such a spectacular future, this is a day that we must remember and so it is of best thoughts I would be on my best behavior for you." His voice was an orchestra, of beautiful symphonies that sough to drag her away from the meaning in his words, and to lose herself in the pure musicality.

    "I could definitely see that your mother taught you well , but I have to say it has been a great many years since I was surprised, so you might say I am very excited to reach the home. Shall we hurry along?" he smiled perfectly at her, canines showing slightly as fangs, and a twinkle in his flawless eyes. She was truly stunning, and in truth he found that his blood crawled with desire to take her, to enjoy the warmth of blood that continue to move against the chill of his own body. He hardly could sate the hunger and desire, but he did, for her.

    Not much longer and they were almost entirely up the steps and the hill was cleared, he was careful to make sure that she wouldn’t fall behind. She didn’t seem to have a problem at all though. Azrael then lead her up to a monstrous house, where he hardly had to touch the gate, and the black Iron gates opened with a slight creek. The manor was gigantic, and crimson violet thorn vines crawled up the side of it almost magically. It was almost a dream come true, a house out of a storybook, and he could only hope that his “Surprise” would catch her the same way she intended to catch him with hers.

    The door shut behind them after the initial excitement and he lead her to the room they would share, pointing out the bathroom, and other such important rooms, including a spare bedroom if she ever felt she desired even a little privacy. After that was taken care of he returned them to their room where her bags and cases were ready for her and moved to take a seat on the bed, letting out a soft sigh of relief that they were finally home and could relax. He almost missed her making him aware of her absence. Azrael smiled and nodded with only a simple few words “Of course dear I shall wait with as much patience as I can.” He winked to her just as she disappeared from view.

    Azrael moved about the room, over to one of the windows, taking a glance to the back where the back yard, and garden were. Birds were everywhere, and two deer could be seen eating at some of the longer grass. It truly could not have been any more perfect of a day, not by any stretch,; even if he was biting at his gums in chance of restraint at this point, in order to control himself until at least after she had given him her surprise. He couldn’t help but wonder, what possibly she might have for him, but he guessed it would be revea…

    Knock Knock

    His thoughts were interrupted and he found himself turning only to completely lose any mindful thought he had. Her sweet words, innocence being poured onto him as if bathing him in her desire, and coaxing his own with no effort at all. He was speechless, beyond speechless. He actually felt his body tremble as the idea of restricting himself began to fade like a weary ghost. His hands started to strain, he found himself hungrily edging himself over to her, where she stood just a few feet away.

    He almost missed the sweetest sound of her whispering his name with a tender tone that could not be copied by anything. He couldn’t respond for even a second, and was her puppet in that moment, a clay doll in her hands. He met an emerald sun in her eyes, and his still heart beat at a new pace, his muscles contracted and started to show in his arms slightly as he met her a foot away and looked down at her, right as she slipped the ribbon from her waist, allowing the silk, the almost see through white lace robe to fall loose from her body, to fall down her chest slightly, and reveal her perfect, legs the form of her curve, it was enough to drive the most holy man crazy.

    Azrael was no holy man however; he had hoped to avoid indulging himself, before this, to hold it off enough that he could cleanse himself before he pressed himself onto her. That was a sorry hope now, a lost idea as his found the palms of his hands grasp on either side of her waist, just above where the rump of her rear would curve out flawlessly. His grip tightening as a low growl emerged from his lips, a quivering sensation as part of his fangs shown through his smile. His eyes were gradually going feral, the red almost glowing as he found his grip tighten more and he pulled her closer to him. “I had hoped to find a little modesty in patience as your husband, but.” he growled hissing a soft purr lightly against the crook of her neck as one of his hands met her chin. I don’t think that is possible anymore.” He finished his sentence and pulled again so that her body was pressed to his, her breasts pushed up against his chest, though he was still dressed fully.

    He wasted little to no time at all crawling his lips and a chilled breath up her neck and finding a partial space where her lips were placed. His eyes met her, and an animal emerged within him in response to her gift. A low growl purred out with a vibration against her lips and then with a power, and passion that had not been known by any before. He twisted, grasping her and turning so that when he guided her running his lips, ran his fang along the edge of her lip time and time again, as he pressed into her hungrily he found her back to the large bed. His reservations had been lost in that time, his hunger had taken precedence and with a soft thud he put her onto the bed and crawled over her trailing kisses with an animalistic warmth up her fragile body, and held her hands above her head with a single hand, his other hand slipped the final tie of the robe to reveal her in all of her glory.

    Azrael threw off his coat, resisting even for those short seconds to progress himself into her again and again. His jacket fall off and the buttons of his white undershirt snapped off with a flick of his pointer finger. He couldn’t help but find a sickening grace as his lips ran along her throat, and he took in the scent of a perfect blood, a taste that would tempt him forever and a day. “We will be one.” He murmured against the soft piece of her ear, a low growl to follow as his hand started their own adventure, all the while his lips also found their path along her chest, a soft press against loose flesh, and a tug with his teeth as he worked hi way to most intimate piece of Her chest. His hands were sound and content with the soft grasp of her rear and the perfect thighs that rest below. He couldn’t find her fast enough, and he didn’t want to stop, he was entranced in her, in every curve, in her eyes; and in the passionate desire that radiated between them.
  6. He turned and then froze. For that moment, she couldn't read his expressions, couldn't figure out what was running through his mind. Am I not good enough? Emeline chewed her lower lip and glanced down over body, trying to see anything that could be wrong. Maybe he just does not like me. He has seen me and is not pleased! Distress filled her body until she looked up and met his gaze, seeing that he was mere inches from her.

    Her breathing faltered for a moment at the feeling of his hands gripping her waist, coolness that left her skin tingling. Closely she watched his face, stopping at his lips just as fang flashed with his smile. A small gasp was accompanied by the widening of her eyes, reacting either to his teeth or how much his grip had tightened on her slim frame. The touch of his lips made her melt, and Emeline quickly found herself hanging on his words, feeding off his low growls. It wasn't long until her fingers tangled in his hair and head tilted to the side, allowing her husband full reign of her neck.

    “Mmmmm.” The girl's eyes closed as she pressed her neck closer to his lips,but they were no longer there. Her eyes fluttered open in surprise only to find him looking at her in such a way that almost frightened her, but just as before, that feeling left and was replaced with only desire for him. His lips were cold against hers, but she was starting to grow accustomed to that as her fingers tightened in his hair,nails accidentally scraping over his scalp. “I am sorry,” Emeline murmured against his lips, face heating up with embarrassment, but it quickly became apparent that he wasn't bothered since she found herself under him, wrists being restrained above her head.

    The robe slid smoothly off her body, collecting by her sides against the bed. If she wasn't so caught up in the soft moan elicited by his lips grazing the skin of her throat. All she heard was the murmur of his voice, not catching the meaning behind it as all her attention was brought to his hand exploring each dip and curve of her exposed body.Shortly, she started trying to free her wrists, wanting so badly to brush her fingertips over his chest, hoping that her warm touch would leave him aching for more. Another sound of pleasure filled the room,this time caused by a nibble on her breast, a feeling that was exciting and new.

    With more force, she fought for her wrists and was finally able to escape his grasp. Not another minute was spared as her hands brushed over his neck, sliding down the back of his now loose shirt. Lightly, her fingertips brushed over each muscle that rippled beneath his skin.Rather hastily, she pushed at his shirt, forcing him to stop touching her long enough to toss his shirt aside then lifted his face from her chest and kissed him fiercely.

    Quickly,she led into another and yet another, every so often catching his lower lip with her teeth, trying to mimic his actions earlier. It didn't take long for her gain confidence and allow her hands to slide over his body, slipping shamelessly into his pants and gripping his rear. Slightly, she bucked her hips up into, pressing their bodies ever closer until there was a quick pause that was long enough for her to decide on her next action.

    Nodding a bit, more to encourage herself, she started pushing at his slacks, freeing him from the cloth that bound him. Now, they were skin against skin. The contrast of temperatures making the feeling that much better. “Azrael,” she breathed across his ear while gripping his shoulders and placing a leg over waist. “I. Am. Yours,” Emeline said slowly, pulling him down against her and brushing her cheek against his. It was too late to go back, and she didn't want to. Intimacy was just within reach, making her crave him that much more.
  7. Azrael didn't spare time nor breath with words anymore, the actions said enough, she wanted him, their desires were nurtured by neutral agreement and he couldn't stop himself if he wanted. The lively warmth of her body contrasted against the perfect cold in his own, a touch of flesh that added goose bumps against her skin. His instrument of intimacy revealed to her against the soft form of the bed sheets as he growled out against her ears. cheek to cheek as he found his hips rocking next to her own. The feeling of that warmth engulfed ever aspect of his body, every form and bit of blood that boiled as skin touched skin. The crimson violet of his eyes met her own as he didn't spare the words to check for her feelings, he was close, he wanted to break his fangs into her flesh, into the soft tender, he needed to there was no choice, but as her body rocked against his own he felt the most tender core of the woman with the beginning of his own.

    His body convulsed lightly as he fought off his urges to hurt her, to take that sweet nectar for himself, even though he knew doing so would likely ruin everything, his instinct drove him wild. she swayed with him again as his lips found her own and he tugged against the soft flesh groaning against it with a ferocious snarl to follow as he fought it back. The tips of their precious plots played against each other, and he convulsed again, this time accidentally slipping within her for a second, as if to tease but meant without such conviction. He growled tipping his head, and then just as he felt it, where he wouldn't be able to stand it anymore, his hands grasped her and he took no time at all almost in an insane whirling wind he found the two of them against a wall. her body was pressed roughly into the wall paper and his body quivered against her own.

    No time was left he couldn't handle it anymore and the tremble of his body, the low growl proved it, but what really did it was the was his arms instantly wrapped around her thigh, how he pressed into her and kissed her chest lingering near the veins. His instrument found her core without fail, and without any thought of action, and regret he slipped himself all the way inside of her without bothering the thought of mercy. A low groan formed from his lips as he felt the form of her tight core around him and he couldn't help but feel the stigma of intimacy to coax away his thirst. He growled against her throat, and eased his hips back for a moment before rocking back into her, a slow pace to build at first, but his excitement was building; shown by each twitch like sensation he had. "You are mine.." he growled against her ear lowly as he found a new rhythm and started to push up in each thrust to bounce her back against the wall. His lust had taken him and he couldn't help but envelope her in her own now.