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un jour je serai de retour près de toi
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It's been two weeks to the day since the Republic of New Eden lost contact with it's deep-space research ship, 'The Path to Enlightenment'.

All attempts to contact the ship have been met with silence. Patrols sent to locate the ship have been unable to locate it. But fnally, the missing ship, home to several hundred scientists along with a full unit of security staff and their families, has been found, floating in the vast emptiness of space.

Enter the freelance repair freighter, 'The Precipice', and it's crew, nearby to the location of the derelict research ship and having been hired by the Republic to board the Path, discover what has happened, and get it running again. An easy job to them, and the pay's pretty good.

In truth, they have no idea what they are walking in to. Aboard the Path, something has been released, a creature that can possess the bodies of humans, a creature intent on killing everyone it can.

It could be anyone; the captain, your best friend, even yourself. Who can you trust? How can you tell who's lying and who's telling the truth?

And how do you stop the creature before it murders everyone aboard the ship?



1) There will be a sign-up thread, the rules and mechanics of the game as well as the character sheets for the participants will be posted there. (as usual)

2) The game thread will then be created. After the game starts, the GM will assign a player character to be the one "possessed", as well as a "seer". The "possessed" must kill who he/she thinks is the "seer".

3) There will be a voting phase, (normally 1 week). Within the voting phase, the players (including the killer) will vote, in character, who they think is the killer. Also, the assigned seer will receive a hint from the GM, via PM.

4) If the actual killer is caught, it's game over and the players win. Otherwise, the game goes on, and the one voted out will be sent off the spaceship to die in space.

5) Repeat steps 2 to 4 until the "possessed" is found out, or the "seer" is killed, or everybody else dies. If the seer is killed, it's a victory for the creature. If the "possessed" is found out, the player character possessed will be killed off, along with that creature, and the players win. GM's prerogative on who wins in case everybody has been killed off.

NOTE: Once the game has started, the GM will no longer be able to accept players.


1) DON'T FUCKING GOD-MOD. Not only does it spoil it for everyone else, it also ruins the element of mystery in the game, ruining the experiance.

2) Once a player has been killed by the possessed, he/she is killed. No buts, no ifs. It goes without saying that no one, no matter how powerful, is safe from being killed.

3) Also, once a player has been casted off by the other players, he/she is also effectively killed off.

4) Players who have been killed can't participate in the game any longer, and cannot offer advise to other players (see Rule 1).

5) Once a player receives a message from the GM about his/her role, he/she must take care not to divulge any relevant information to the other players, even after that player has been relieved of his/her role. If necessary, after the end of the game, the GM will make a post tying up all of the loose ends and other questions.

6) If there's any need for clarifications, feel free to PM the GM. Do not ask the other players.
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Security Officers
Medical Officers



Character Name:
Species/Race: (HUMANS ONLY. Let's not have any aliens, thanks. That just confuses things)
Birthplace/World: (Earth, or one of the many colonies)
Occupation: (Position aboard the ship)

General Appearance:


History: (How your character came to be a crew-member of the Precipice)
I do hope you like it Grumpy and Megane.

Character Name: Edward Phasmas

Gender: Male

Species/Race: His ancestry is dated back to the Romans but he is also German.

Age: 32

Birthplace/World: Earth

Occupation: Engineer more specifically he works with engine functions and circuits.

General Appearance:

Strengths: He's especially resourceful and is one tough opponent in hand to hand combat. Some of his theories behind fixing or running and engine seems unorthodox but in the end is sometimes the best solutions for whatever the problem is.

Weaknesses: He has got to have a cigarette every hour. He also is a womanizer and falls for the ladies.

Talents: Just like in his strengths he has a great amount of ingenuity. Other than that he can turn average mechanical devices into something completely different. He once took a matter converter and a refraction lens and turned it into a holograph projector.

Personality: He likes his alone time when working but he is quite the talker when he is not working. He is a pretty easy guy to get used to although rather intimidating at first. His smile is enough to bring comic relief to any drastic situation.

History: He always wanted to be an engineer ever sense he fixed his first engine with his father. He took his physics and advanced engine mechanics when going through high school and college. After that he was assigned to a few outposts near the colonization ring to help the adventuring ships. Finally he was put on the mobile group in The Precipice. He is currently one of the lead engineers.
Character Name: Ai Soma
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human
Age: 21
Birthplace/World: Earth
Occupation: Medical Officer

General Appearance: ((Need to get a picture))
Strengths: Has a great deal of knowledge concerning injuries, diseases, and the likes.
Weaknesses: Absolutely useless in combat situations

Talents: Medical knowledge;
Personality: Ai generally keeps to herself, aside from her duties as a medical officer. She specializes in physical injuries- cuts, gashes, breaks, factures, etc. She's not overly social, and has very few friends. People may consider her cold, but her duties keep her that way. She doesn't hold her tongue when talking, and she doesn't cower.

History: Ai was forced through almost everything in her life by her mother, and that would include boarding the Precipice. She made above-average grades in school, and was recommended for a more advanced education. From there, she decided to be a medical student. After she graduated, she began working in large hospitals before she was referred to the mobile group aboard The Precipice. Ai would've preferred staying at home, but once again, she had no choice in the matter.

In truth, Earth really isn't that much different to what it is now. Resources are just about dried up, it must be said, which means a lot of off-world companies are making a fortune sending shipments back home, and we've managed not to wipe ourselves out with nuclear weapons as of yet (though on occasions we have come close). The UN is just as useless in trying to govern the colonisation of new planets and deep-space stations as it is at trying to police over Earth, and the Russians still don't like anybody.

What's changed is that something of a race to colonise the new planets being discovered has begun, with almost every nation investing as much finance as it can in colony projects and building up their fleets. Although this hasn't led to any major confrontations just yet, the cynics amongst the human race are fairly sure it's just a matter of time before things start getting rough and war breaks out, and in all honesty, they probably do have a point.

Breakaway nations are being formed, as well; those disillusioned by the current governments are more than capable of jetting off to some uninhabited planet and starting their own, providing they can get enough people to support their endevours. One particular example of this is the Republic of New Eden. New Eden is a religious society, though not a fundimentalist one. Their work is largely scientific, as they are attempting to discover Man's true place in the universe, as well as "other examples of God's work on distant planets". Their developments in science and technology are incredible; the Republic is making a considerable amount selling their creations onto the highest bidder in order to fund their research.

Different ways of life are beginning to occur; many people are beginning to spend their childhood aboard ships, travelling through space. Such people are known as 'Wayfarers' (OOC: Thank you Sandite for the suggestion). Some grow tired of the environments they have lived in, and leave to live on the many new planets being colonised and tera-formed, but a large majority go on to spend most of their lives in space aboard the many ships that transverse it.



Mankind is beginning to spread into the stars, and the technology it has developed is advancing rapidly. Newer, more powerful and faster ships are being developed all the time. However, the most advanced technology is still not readily available to the public; you'll generally only find it in the hands of the government and military forces (meaning you better have a damn good reason for it if your character is packing something high-tech).

In terms of weapons, conventional firearms are still the norm. They're better developed and more advanced, but are still loaded with bullets rather than anything excessively sci-fi-ish. Laser technology has been developed, but only recently, and such weapons are heavily restricted.

Ships don't go at 'warp speed' in true Trekkie style, though they go pretty damn fast. However, it can often take several weeks, or even months, to get to a destination, which means cyro-pods are installed in every ship. The auto-pilot gets the crew most of the way, and they take over at the end for the more difficult part of landing or docking.
Character Name: Amarda Grey
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human, Martian
Age: 32
Birthplace/World: Colony 51, Planet Mars
Occupation: Security Officer, Guard

General Appearance: http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f192/monch1ch1/Anime.jpg
Strengths: Amarda is an excellent marksman and is very physically fit. She is able to overpower the average male with her own bodily strength. Also, being the security officer allows her to have knowledge of all security systems on board.
Weaknesses: Without the aid of night vision goggles, she is virtually blind and cannot see in the dark, due to terrible night time vision. Amarda is also very pig headed and tends to like working alone rather than in a team, which almost always works against her.

Talents: Extensive knowledge of weapons handling. Lock picking.
Personality: Amarda is haughty and arrogant, having grown up physically stronger than most girls and boys her age. Severely independent, she hates to rely on others for anything and would much rather solve things on her own. Because of her distant and harsh personality, she often finds herself unable to make close relationships with people and often finds herself lonely.

History: Amarda was part of the Martian Military for a large number of years, gaining rank until finally losing it due to her difficulties working in a team environment. With no other position to fulfil, Amarda was assigned as security guard aboard The Precipice, much to her distaste.
OH MY GOD!!! THIS IS THE "WEREWOLF" (sometimes called MAFIA??) GAME!!
OH MY GOD!!! THIS IS THE "WEREWOLF" (sometimes called MAFIA??) GAME!!

I honestly don't know if it is similar to that, but perhaps... This is a pretty common game format anyways. ^_^
There's definetly similarities, yeah. If you enjoy that sorta game, Possession'll be a laugh too, that's for sure.
Character Name: Greg Freeson
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Mixed European
Age: 38
Birthplace/World: Proxima Sentori (earth's first, and strongest, extra solar colony)
Occupation: Technician
General Appearance: Pending...
Strengths: Charismatic and is known by most of the crew of B sector.
Weaknesses: Not good with anything other than fixing things and talking to people.

Talents: Greg's talent is machines, they speak to him in a sense (he is just very observant), while the engineer handle the large equipment Greg's specialty is the delicate instruments in the bridge and other ares, making sure they are adjusted correctly.
Personality: Outgoing and like to be friendly with everyone, he likes to talk or listen to music while he works and if something is beyond his ability to repair it irritates him into keeping on trying.

History: Rejected by the UN space force on the grounds of being from a colony he continued to try to get spacebound until he repaired the Precipice at a spaceport during a stopover, impressed the captain asked him to join.
ok~ just a note... once you've submitted a character sheet here, it's automatically approved.

we're going to start once grumpy's ready, and we get enough persons to get this started. ^_^ so guys~ good luck!
Character Name: Matthew Connelly
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Human
Age: 28
Birthplace/World: Earth
Occupation: Pilot

General Appearance: Matthew is of average height, aroung 5'10". He's physically fit, and lets his black hair grew slightly on his head, but keeps it in regulation. Due to his immense pride at being allowed to be in space, he keeps his flight suit clean and pressed, even when he's not wearing it. For recreation, he'll wear a blue turtleneck sweater and tan khakis. He has a gun holster in his belt which he keeps a pistol in for his own defense.
Strengths: Matthew is a strong man with a good amount of sanity. He won't shake easily under pressure, and he knows how to use small arms effectively.
Weaknesses: He is extremely arrogant and quick to jump to conclusions based on little evidence other than his own suspicions. He also doesn't have much mechanical skill or any knowledge of medicine, so he couldn't be depended upon in either of those cases.

Talents: Matthew knows how to pilot small flying crafts, and has taken a few classes in marksmanship on the side. He is also fond of music, and keeps a harmonica with him which he plays from time to time.
Personality: Matthew fancies himself to be one of the best pilots in the world, and it's hard to shake his confidence. He handles well under stress, and keeps a cool head about him. He is, however, inexperienced with people, and has a tendency then to draw the wrong conclusions from evidence. He isn't too friendly with other people, thinking that he's only here to do piloting, and making small talk isn't necessary for doing that.

History: Matthew was the son of a trader on Earth who wanted his boy to have a better existence than to live on the dying planet forever. Pulling some strings, his father arranged for the boy to take lessons in piloting with a local ferrying company, and he quickly learned how to fly small craft. Believing himself to be the king of the skies, he hired himself out to the Precipice as a pilot, hoping to make himself rich off of the business they generated. He has also trained with his personal sidearm every now and then.<!-- / message -->
Good evening, children. You're reading the dulcet tones of Grumpy, posing as Jack Bauer for Halloween '09, posting to you from University.

Good news first, folks; it seems that slamming the laptop technician's face against his desk for a good few minutes is a good way to get his mate to fix my laptop (and give him a concussion, too), as I'm now on a working laptop that can use internets.

Which means it's time to get this fucking show on the road. Expect Possession to receive the get-go in the next few days...
Character Name: Otto "Daft" Punk
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Human
Age: 22
Birthplace/World: Mars Colony of Mt. Olympus Mons
Occupation: Medical Officer

General Appearance:
(minus the axe and pistol ='( ]
Strengths: Quick and decisive, agile and quick on his feet, somewhat strong
Weaknesses: Can be quick to conclusions, usually thinks of others before his own safety, can be very reckless and harsh at times of great duress. Can be demoralized if things go all awry.

Talents: He can use a myriad of medical implements and equipment to it's full potential; full and extensive knowledge of human anatomy; musical talent (sax and violin). Expert with diagnostics and surgery

Is very mello when off duty, loves to play music and games if enough time, likes almost all music and games (except rap and sports, respectively). When on duty and in action, he is focused and calculating, and devising ways to accomplish his duties. Dislikes jokes when it's time to be serious. Loves them when off duty.

History: Was born on Mars, halfway up the largest volcano in the solar system, Mt. Olympus Mons, in a small colony. His father was the chief medic at the colony, and his mother a nurse. He grew up playing with medical equipment as toys, and learning how to do a suture of a wound at age 7. Decided to leave the colony to go seek adventure, and signed up for the first flight out, and enlisted in the military. The Precipice is his first assigned ship, and his first assigned mission with a crew. <!-- / message -->
OI! All tenisions are brothers, YOU HURT MY BROTHER! Jacks going dow......... oh we starting soon.......... sweeetness
ok.. we already have six characters here, and one reserved a slot. (one security officer, two medical officers, one engineer, one technician, and a pilot. also, somebody seemed to have reserved the captain slot.)

team imbalance notwithstanding, i think we can already go play this....

ok~ i'll fill the co-pilot slot.... hence here's our current cast of characters:


Security Officers:
Amanda Grey

Medical Officers:
Ai Soma
Otto "Daft" Punk

Edward Phasmas
Xena Hartzuiker

Greg Freeson

Matthew Connelly

Kiminobu Kogure
Character Name:
Kiminobu Kogure​


Japanese (human)​


Tokyo, Japan (in Earth)​


General Appearance:
He is rather young-looking for his age, and wears eyeglasses. According to some, he also has a good-looking face, and a lean built.

full body shot:

He is quite peace-loving, and would try his best to resolve disputes among his teammates whenever he can. He also has quite good leadership skills, which comes out whenever it is necessary. He also supports his teammates in every way he can.​

He is oftentimes absent-minded and spaced out. He also has some difficulty remembering things, and is very forgetful. He's also rather weak physically.​

He's knowledgeable in a wide variety of subjects, but his level of knowledge is quite shallow as compared to an expert. He also has this knack for peacemaking.​

He is gentle, empathic, and always friendly, and is almost never seen without his glasses on (because of this, some of his friends call him "Megane-kun" which loosely translates as "glasses-wearing guy"); however, when needed he shows notable willpower and brutal honesty.​

Pushed by his parents to take up piloting, Kiminobu studied under one of the many piloting schools in Japan. However, because of his bad eyesight, he's not allowed to be a true pilot. Kiminobu didn't let this deter him, however, and he eventually got a reputation for being a very good and dependable co-pilot. Precepice's captain chose him to be a co-pilot because of this reputation.​
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