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It has been two weeks to the day since the Republic of New Eden lost contact with its deep-space research ship, 'The Path to Enlightenment'.

All attempts to contact the ship have been met with silence. Patrols sent to locate the ship have been unable to locate it. But finally, the missing ship, home to several hundred scientists along with a full unit of security staff and their families, has been found, floating in the vast emptiness of space.

Enter the freelance repair freighter, 'The Precipice', and it's crew, nearby to the location of the derelict research ship and having been hired by the Republic to board the Path, discover what has happened, and get it running again. An easy job to them, and the pay's pretty good.

In truth, they have no idea what they are walking in to. Aboard the Path, something has been released, a creature that can possess the bodies of humans, a creature intent on killing everyone it can.

It could be anyone; the captain, your best friend, even yourself. Who can you trust? How can you tell who's lying and who's telling the truth?

And how do you stop the creature before it murders everyone aboard the ship?

For game rules, mechanics, and other background info, please refer to the OOC thread.


medical officer:

"Sorry to be late, guys," Kiminobu smiled as he entered the dining room. He glanced at pile of documents on his hand and placed them on top of the table nearest him. Looking around, he began again, "Anyways, you know why I gathered all of you here, right?" He looked around the room, looking at all the persons inside the room, who also looked back at him. They were the crew members of the freelance repair ship Precepice, a diverse crew from all over the known universe.

Kiminobu took the seat nearest to the fore passage, opposite Hannibal, the most senior of them. Hannibal calmly watched Kiminobu while sitting comfortably on his seat. The engineer, Carolina, or Cari as she wanted to be called, sat to the left of Hannibal and leaned foward and sideways, propping her upper body against the table using her arms and looked intently at Kiminobu. Opposite Cari was Dulce, who yawned a bit, and tapped her fingers on the table. And Sol, who sat to the left of Cari, cocked his head sideways, towards Cari and away from Kiminobu.

"Okay," Kiminobu sighed and cleared his throat, "I have received a request from the republic. This is in regards to their missing research ship, Enlightenment."

Kiminobu stood up and walked around the seat he vacated, "You see, they found out that we are the ship nearest to where the Enligthemnent suddenly reappeared, and they want us to go to that missing ship, find out what happened to it, and to get it running again."

"Get that? Go to the ship, investigate what happened to it, and get it running again," Kiminobu leaned against the table and looked intently at his crew, "I sure hope you guys got that... Any questions?"

"None?" Kiminobu didn't even wait for any questions, "If you have any questions, you know where to find me." With that, Kiminobu left the dining table and went towards the cockpit.

Kiminobu assembles the ship's crew in the dining room, addresses and tells them of their mission. After briefly explaining what the mission is about, he goes off to the cockpit.
Sol looked over the rest of the crew as their captain explained the situation. None of it really mattered to Sol, he was just there to cook the meals for the crew, sure they gave him a handgun and expected him to step foot on the Enlightenment but he was going to try his hardest to not do much work if he didn't have to.

The captain finished his speech and headed off to the cockpit, most likely getting ready for docking procedures or whatever it was he was going to do. With a sigh he looked to the others, doing whatever it was they were going to do. Sol decided that it'd be best to prepare some food just in case anyone was hungry, and he was going to pour himself a little drink to tide him over. He quickly stood up from the table and headed around the counter to the kitchen area and began pulling out cans of food to prepare dinner.

"Dinner will be ready in an hour, someone wanna tell the captain?" Sol waved to the others, hoping someone would go and get him. He quickly got to work, preparing something delicious, after all the food all came from the government so it was likely to be high grade.

Sol listens to the captain's speech before he decides to make dinner for the crew, staying in the dining room/kitchen area and preparing the food.
"So long as its not frozen protein bars thats meet sitting in a government freezer for the last decade." Hannibal said heading off towards the bridge. He had been in enough ships to be less than optimistic when it came to what governments and corporations expected crew members to survive on. Bad food was the leading cause of 'void madness'.

He entered what would be called the bridge on a larger ship and holding onto a handrail standing behind the captain's chair spoke firmly but quietly.

"Kim, Dinners in an hour, though theres something else I need to ask that you might not want to answer in front of the whole crew. Is this a rescue mission or a salvage operation? What I mean to ask is are we expecting any survivors?"

{Hannibal heads to the cockpit to speak with the captain}
Upon reaching the cockpit, Kiminobu slumped down the captain's seat, took off his eyeglasses and placed his palms against his eyes. Barely had he rested when someone came in.

"Kim, Dinners in an hour, though theres something else I need to ask that you might not want to answer in front of the whole crew. Is this a rescue mission or a salvage operation? What I mean to ask is are we expecting any survivors?"

It was Hannibal. That kind of firm, calm, and somewhat chilling voice, it could only come from Hannibal. However, Kiminobu, nah, the entire crew knew that beneath Hannibal's somewhat chilly exterior, lies a kind man.

"Thanks," Kiminobu replied as he turned around, "And what do you think? Given what we all knew about what happened to the 'Enlightenment', do you think anyone survived?"

There was silence, Hannibal moved his mouth once or twice, but never really managed to reply. Kiminobu sighed and broke the silence he created, "Anyways, the government was ambiguous as usual, only giving us the technical details of the ship, as well as its location. Nothing else. Nothing else that would be useful to us once we board that ship and proceed with our mission."

Hannibal only smiled a knowing smile, as if to say "Heh, as expected from bureaucrats."

"I personally think there are no survivors though. This would be much more of a salvage mission, though we are also tasked to investigate what happened to the ship."

"OH!" Kiminobu shot up and stood up suddenly, "I forgot to tell you guys... In connection with our task of investigating what happened to the ship, the government assigned to us two scientists to give us the expertise we need to sort things out. They have just embarked upon this ship and are currently in the passenger quarters, checking their equipment. "

"I've already welcomed them aboard and should be with us for dinner," Kiminobu rubbed his chin with his thumb, "Do what you need to do with them beforehand, before we leave for the "Enlightenment". "

[location: cockpit]
Kiminobu answers Hannibal's question, and in doing so, was reminded of the scientists that were assigned to them for the mission.
Dulce only lifted an eyebrow as she reclined on a dusty crate. To be honest, she had no idea what was inside, but it made a decent enough seat. While she could account for all the inventory in the hold and in several other locations on board, what went on in this particular spot was rather outside of her purview unless it involved fighting. In which case she was all up in that mother.

She sniffed, wiped her nose with a black-gloved hand, and stared at the kitchen door for a while before insouciantly following Dr. Tam to the cockpit. She walked in on the tail end of their little chat. She already knew about the scientists, but hadn't realized that the captain hadn't briefed anyone but security on their new little friends. Is this guy careless or what? she thought. Whatever. Once we finish this, my contract is nearly up. I'm sure to have something lined up by the time we hit port. Docking with a ship that had gone offline for unknown reasons was a hell of a nuisance, though. Ninety-nine percent of the time it was really nothing--engine trouble, maybe a pirate strike, kidnapping--but that one percent could be a real bitch. Plus all of the safety procedures that had to be followed, and then all the paperwork, god, it was enough to make a girl wanna hold her breath til she passed out.

And it just had to figure that she was the highest ranked security person aboard right now, which meant that she had to do all that paperwork... Never mind that her real role was mainly just to make sure that none of the help helped themselves to any of the goods. She sighed. "Captain, do we know of any incursions in the sector recently? If we're lucky, a bunch of pirates just came through and picked everyone up." Otherwise, it was probably a failure on the part of life support... Nothing like the stench of old corpses. She looked over at Tam and evaluated the old chum for a moment. Was he worried about contagion? Or maybe he didn't want to have to do post-mortem on a bunch of dead nerds. She couldn't blame him for either.
"Captain, do we know of any incursions in the sector recently? If we're lucky, a bunch of pirates just came through and picked everyone up," Dulce, who has just walked into the cockpit, asked.

Kiminobu turned towards Dulce and wore a confused expression, "Not that I know of," Kiminobu replied, "Besides, if there was, and the Enlightenment was involved, I don't think we would be handling this mission."

"Let me recheck things, just to be sure," he added while bringing up a holographic map of the sector where the Enlightenment was located, "Nope, nothing of that sort, at least, from the official sources."


Kiminobu adjusted his eyeglasses and looked at both Hannibal and Dulce, "I shouldn't really be saying this, but, the presence of the scientists bothers me, and tells me this is no ordinary salvage mission."

He looked at Hannibal, wondering what the doctor really wanted to say regarding the matter, "What do you think, doc?"

Dulce walks into the cockpit as Hannibal and Kiminobu were discussing things. Kiminobu expresses doubt about the current mission being "quite ordinary".
Dulce grumbled. "We all know they're a bunch of cheap, lazy..." She trailed off and shook her head. The bean counters at the central government would have no problem sending out a private vessel to test the waters if the office thought they could get away with it. And if the pirates and crew or whatever trouble had visited the ship was now gone, well--she'd been on a few similar salvage expeditions. Most times anyone was taken from a ship, a ransom was requested. The alternative was usually that the prisoners were sold into slavery, which was a whole 'nother kettle of suck. "If they really wanted an 'investigation,' they'd have contracted with detectives or forensics experts. We're here as retrieval at best, canaries at worst." She glanced at Dr. Tam. "Wouldn't you say so?"
Laughing at the word "cockpit".

"This and the…no, that doesn't fit. SHI-" Though muttering at herself rarely helped her...image, it didn't stop her. Luckily she caught herself mid curse word as Sol rounded the counter, almost tripping over her in the process.

"Oh, oops, I'm in your way aren't I? Sorry bout that. Seeing as I'm here and youuur here, toss me a bit of something?" Raze's back stiffened as she went to stretch her arms upward with a yawn, catching from being hunched over her scribblings for so long. Oh fuck my back. The brief quiet was spilt by a horrible sounding gurgle. Wait, no, fuck my stomach. she'd rather get out of waiting a while for food and in the end forced her arms up to grab the counter. Stretching out the kinks and standing over Sol's shoulder, Raze started to be a nuisance.

Only till he made her something to get rid of her…of course!

Lilith had just gotten herself finally situated in her small living quarters. She hoped everything was going okay "I wonder what Raze is up to..." she said in her soft tone as she fixed her glasses, pushing them up on the bridge of her nose, "She's probably hungry" gathering her equipment, she decided to wander through the ship and get to know her new bearings. Making her way through the infirmary, she found herself in the cargo bay, "well, this will take time to get used to" she said with a sigh as she headed up the stairs toward the back hall and hopefully to the kitchen.

Upon reaching the kitchen area she glanced around and moved toward the cooking area. Poking her head inside she saw someone there "excuse me...how long until dinner?" she asked the person inside.
Sol nodded to Doc Tam as he noticed one of the other crew members sitting on the floor furiously, nearly tripping over her.

"You want food eh? Here, take this." He rooted around for a moment before tossing her a Fruity Oaty Bar with a smile and started setting to work. He grabbed some of the best ingredients after all it'd be the last meal before they set to work and he wanted to make sure it was really good. He began cooking, he was going to make cobb salads, and roasting cornish hens for everyone. He was surprised nobody had found out that he had a feast hidden for this meal specifically. Of course if they had found it they'd have made me make it for them to eat...

His thoughts were interrupted by another of the crew he hadn't seen around too much, Lilith was her name. "It'll be ready in about an hour, just make sure you're back here!" He chuckled and waved to her.

Sol meets two more of the crew and starts to whip up a feast.
"All I know is with a ship like the Enlightenment and all the expensive toys they stuff them with if it were safe they'd go themselves. If you ask me I'd see how far they're willing to raise the price to get their ship back, do the job by the book, and get paid. Though now I think Ill go see if the babysitters remembered their files."

He maneuvered past Dulce in the cramped room and stepped out of the room heading back to the common area and saw the two newcomers and approached them. "when you have time I'd like to see your medical files, now seeing that Sol is preparing a fresh meal I'll need to go prepare the Surgery" He shot Sol a 'just kidding look' before ducking through the door into the cargo hold catwalks and his shoes were heard clanging down the stairs. Closing the door behind him he opened a cabinet and took our a bottle before taking a large swig replacing the lid, already feeling better about the impending mission.

{Tam speaks to the captain and Dulce before greeting the newcomers and heading to have a drink in the surgery.}
[BG="#434D56"] Cari Salazar-Steele sat quietly at the table during Captain Kogure's brief address, diligently taking notes and nodding as his words confirmed her suspicion - the Precipice was being diverted to a rescue and recovery mission for the vanished Enlightenment.

She had heard via newswire of the mysterious communications breakdown between the Republic and that research vessel, and the case had immediately piqued her interest. She knew that its fusion power and ansible broadcast systems were second to none, backed up as they were with multiple fail-safes and redundancies in case of emergency. And nevermind the life support systems - she had designed those herself. It would take a concerted effort to decommission the ship; it couldn't have been a simple wiring fault or human error. Sabotage was a possibility, though unlikely, as the perpetrators would have to be quite numerous and supremely well-informed. A catastrophic deep-space particle collision - an asteroid with ferro-sulfate percentage above the shield tolerance, for example, aimed precisely at the heart of the nanoprocessing array, might do it. Cari carefully removed a few pages from her notepad and sketched schematics of the Enlightenment from memory, circling key areas and noting points to follow up on when she was back at her workstation.

Cari looked up. Before she knew it, the meeting had ended and she was sitting alone, her pages of notes and diagrams spread out in front of her. Taking a break from her work, she sat up and observed with a passive smile the comings and goings of the other crewmembers. She had not really had a chance to get to know any of them closely; most of her conversations with them were restricted to polite greetings and pleasantries. All the better; it would let her focus on her work: monitoring the Precipice's systems and working on her research in her spare time. She couldn't help but feel a slight pang of loneliness, though - being away from her family and advisors back at Frontera was taxing enough, and this new mission would further extend her absence.

With a sigh, Cari stood up and gathered her papers, stacking them neatly and clipping them for presentation to the Captain. She approached the bridge, expecting to find him alone so that she could present her findings, but instead came across a meeting he was having with Doctor Tam and Ms. Eberardo, the loss prevention officer. She overheard the tail end of their discussion, involving the recent embarkation of two additional researchers. Cari couldn't hide her visceral reaction to the news, her eyes narrowing and clenching her papers to her chest with an iron grip. Scientific matters on the Precipice were her job, why would the Republic feel the need to send anyone else?

She approached the group, silent as a bat, and spoke up quite suddenly, without waiting to be recognized. Her voice was clear and strong, with an insistent edge to it. "Captain, a preliminary report on possible terminal faults of the Enlightenment research vessel, and proposed resolutions for each. Is there anything else I can do in preparation for this mission?" She paused. "I will also need a word with you regarding compensation for the additional time spent onboard the Precipice that this assignment will require."[/BG]
Cari takes notes during the Captain's presentation. She thinks either internal sabotage or an asteroid impact may have caused the Enlightenment's breakdown. She brings her reports to Captain Kiminobu in the bridge, overhearing his conversation with Dulce and Dr. Tam.
"We all know they're a bunch of cheap, lazy..." Dulce trailed off and shook her head. She seemed to be thinking, and after a while, resumed, "If they really wanted an 'investigation,' they'd have contracted with detectives or forensics experts. We're here as retrieval at best, canaries at worst."

Kiminobu looked at Dulce and smiled, smiled at the perfectly valid point that he himself had thought but couldn't express. "Canaries, eh?" he murmured to himself.

Dulce glanced at Hannibal, "Wouldn't you say so?"

Kiminobu and Dulce are now looking at Hannibal who thought for a while before speaking up, "All I know is with a ship like the Enlightenment and all the expensive toys they stuff them with if it were safe they'd go themselves. If you ask me I'd see how far they're willing to raise the price to get their ship back, do the job by the book, and get paid."

Without waiting for anyone to comment, he resumed, "Though now I think I'll go see if the babysitters remembered their files."

"Heh," Kiminobu spat out tossing away whatever pessimistic thoughts his crew's comments have spawned. "Better say hi to them for me!" he called out to Hannibal who already went out of the room.

He was replaced by a slightly-pissed off and silent Cari. She approached Dulce and Kiminobu and even before Kiminobu could acknowledge her presence, spoke up, "Captain, a preliminary report on possible terminal faults of the Enlightenment research vessel, and proposed resolutions for each. Is there anything else I can do in preparation for this mission?" She paused, perhaps thinking twice about what she'd say next, "I will also need a word with you regarding compensation for the additional time spent onboard the Precipice that this assignment will require."

Kiminobu glanced at the files Cari was carrying, noting to himself how thankful he was for having such diligent members on board, "Oh, thanks for reminding me, and as for your second request, yeah, I have already thought of asking the republic for a little bonus for our work there. Uh, some sort of hazard pay, I guess? But you know how those bureaucrats are, right? Don't worry though, I'll see to it that we will be well compensated after this."

"And yeah, preparations...." Kiminobu took a deep breath and planted his hands against the table in front of him.

He smiled at Dulce who looked back at him with a "what now?" expression, "Dulce, if you could please check the ship and make sure everyone's safe and sound, that would be helpful. We are to head towards where the Enligthenment is in a few, perhaps after dinner."

Kiminobu followed Dulce with his eyes as she left the cockpit, after that, he nodded at Cari, "Thanks again, and seeing that you were also the one who designed the Enlightenment, you could easily hack into its AI, no?"

"You see, I fear that there would no longer be survivors over there, and thus, we might have some difficulty getting in, if you're not around, that is. Aside from that, perhaps some information about what those guys were doing, researching, just before they disappeared would be greatly helpful."

[location: still in the cockpit]
Hannibal, after saying his thoughts about the mission, left the cockpit. Cari came in just after that and asked for some instructions regarding the preparation for the mission. Kiminobu, having been reminded of that, immediately dispatched some orders to the two, Dulce and Cari.
Dulce shrugged and departed, bringing up concurrent feeds of the whole ship but for private chambers and the head on her omni-tool. Nothing appeared amiss. With that, she herself made a trip to the head for a little relief, then headed over to the kitchen to see what hot, tasty, blasphemous combination of rations would come out next. She was hoping for brownies again. Even if a little corn accidentally got stuck in, she didn't mind. Corn was sweet enough. It all went to the head anyway, right?

She took a seat again and reminisced about the time the maintenance officer on her former posting had incorrectly ejected the waste and the ship ended up with an enormous peesicle down one side...

Located in the d-hall, doing nothing.
"excuse me...how long until dinner?"

The oat bar was half hanging out Raze's mouth as her head popped up to Lilith's voice. Her notebook! She growled and spun back about to grab it up before rushing towards Lilith, rambling about her latest scribblings. "Look! I found the missing piece from-" Raze grabbed the chewy bar out of her mouth and split it in half, thinking about surrendering the untouched half to Lilith. "Got excited and forgot your question for a sec, though I wouldn't go ask the cook for anything else…he looks to be on a mission. BUT LOOK!" Half of the bar was shoved into Lilith's mouth rather unceremoniously. With that hand free she could point at things in her notebook and so she rambled on, getting a glow about her face as she showed off a page or two before noticing that Lilith had her brow raised.

Such a cute look…Raze bent forward as if she were whispering to Lilith to nip at her ear, snapping straight as Tam did what could be described as some sort of social status 'drive by.'

Wait…he said medical files? "He's talking to you?" Raze shrugged and pushed what was left of her side of the oat bar into her mouth to chew it down. A smile crept across her face as she motioned towards her quarters. "Talk somewhere else?"

POST IS SHIT. RAMBLE RAMBLE. Still in dining area atm. Talked AT by Tam. Talked with Lil' and now trying to herd her back towards her quarters.
Lilith was about to speak when Raze suddenly shoved half her chewy bar into her mouth. It wasn't called chewy for just any reason. Lilith quietly chewed her small snack as she listened to Raze go on and on. Pushing her glasses up on the bridge of her nose she raised an eyebrow curiously wondering what had Raze so excited. Suddenly Raze bent forward as if to say something privately to Lilith. Instead the feline woman nips teasingly at Lilith's ear. A deep blush came to her face as she choked some on the chewy bar finally managing to swallow it. Coughing Dr. Tam suddenly whized by asking for medical records and such. "w..what?" she coughed again to clear her throat unsure what on EARTH was going on.

"Talk somewhere else?" her mentor and secret lover asked as she smiled and motioned toward her own quarters.

"Dr. Raze I--" she started but glanced at Raze and blushed again flustered. Why does she do this to me? she thought nervously to herself. Clearing her throat some she nodded nervously to the others around, "um...v..very well" she nodded and quickly and quietly followed after Raze to her quarters. Upon arriving she stepped inside, "Wow....I think your place is bigger than mine" she said glancing around, "what did you need to talk about?" she was oblivious to a point.
Kiminobu sighed and leaned over the table for a while, looked at the papers Cari brought, "Anyways, thanks, I'll go over this for a while." He looked at Cari and patted her on the back, "Thanks, and I mean it."

He walked towards the cockpit door turned back at Cari, "I'll be in my room for a while. I might skip dinner and all. You guys be good, ok?"

Kiminobu headed towards the dining hall and saw the others lounging around, waiting for the food to be done. He went over towards Hannibal and pulled him away from the others. "I might not be able to eat dinner with you guys, as I need some rest," Kiminobu started. Hannibal turned towards Kiminobu with a look of mixed concern and surprise, nevertheless, Kiminobu continued, "Please take care of things for me in the meanwhile. Also, the two scientists over there might need to be introduced to the others, please take care of that too." Hannibal nodded, though Kiminobu sensed a hint of exasperation in the doctor, but he was too tired to deal with that. Yes, he knew he wasn't really up to the task of being a captain, but.... He's the captain, and he's got to deal with it. Having reliable crew members made it a lot more manageable than it would have been, and he's thankful for that.

"Got that?" Kiminobu asked for confirmation and took Hannibal's silence for a yes, "Okay then, I'll be resting in my room for a while. If you really need me, I'll be there."

With that said, Kiminobu patted Hannibal's back and went on his way towards his room.

"Wait," Kiminobu stopped as soon as he entered his room, he seemed to have forgotten something yet again and that nagged him.

Stepping out of his room and glancing across the fore passage to the dining area, he noticed that the scientists were not even there. "Might have to do things myself afterall," he sighed.

Walking past the dining area and into the aft passage, Kiminobu rushed towards where the scientists are roomed in, downstairs, in the passenger quarters next to the infirmary. As he reached the passenger quarters, he heard some female voices, perhaps of the scientists. Kiminobu's instincts told him to let the girls be, but they have to be upstairs for dinner.

With much misgiving, Kiminobu cleared his throat and knocked on the door. "Excuse me," he started, "sorry to disturb you, but you're needed in the dining area." When the door finally opened, two slightly flustered faces looked at him. Kiminobu flustered too, and had to remind himself to straighten his back, and smile.

"Uh, yeah, you guys are needed in the dining area," he said, extending an arm towards the way up and moving out of the way. The two girls looked at each other but had no other choice but to follow the captain, however in their faces, some bit of annoyance could be seen. Mayhaps the captain interrupted them while they're doing something really private? These thoughts derailed Kiminobu, and made him almost trip over his own feet as he began following the girls.

The three soon reached the dining area, and Kiminobu looked at Hannibal, nodded at him and pointed the scientists. "Okay, I'll be in my room for a while, Hannibal, the doctor here, will formally introduce you to the rest of the crew," patting the girls on the back.

Without letting the girls react, Kiminobu headed off towards his room, entered it, and closed the door. "Sheez! What's wrong with me?!"

Location: Cockpit -> Dining Area -> Kiminobu's Room -> Passenger Quarters -> Dining Area -> Kiminobu's Room
Kiminobu finished his conversation with Cari and went on to the dining room to give instructions to Hannibal. He then went on to his room to go over Cari's documents, and to rest. However, he realized that the scientists aren't in the dining room and quickly fetched them from their room. Having done that, he went back to his room.
Back in the Dining hall Hannibal waited until the Captain had left the room. "OK." he said getting down to business. "The corporation has sent two of its own to watch over us as he tow their ship back to civilization. Lilith, and Raze." He gestured to the two scientists before turning to face them. "And this is Cari, Dulce, Sol, and Adonis. I am Hannibal, second in command in everything that does not involve bullets being shot at us." he glanced at Dulce who was the second in command at all other times, while there wasn't a rivalry between them the two did have very different approaches to most situations. "Galley is always open if you can get past Sol." He gave the chef a wink, "Please enjoy the ride until we get to the Path."
Sol was in the zone working on dinner for the crew when the captain had to come in and ruin everything, telling him that there was one less person to cook for. That wasn't good news considering he had planned for this to be his best meal yet! With a shrug he figured the others could share whatever portions the captain didn't want to eat. He shrugged and kept plugging away until Hannibal came over with the two scientists that he hadn't met and introduced them.

"Pleasure to meet ya, and good luck getting into my galley," he returned the wink to the doc, "I'm pretty territorial when it comes to my galley, if you want somethin' you can sit down and ask for it, I'm sure I'll make it better then you can. Best chef on Saturn!" He smiled before setting back to work, carefully cutting up the vegetables.


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