Positive self-image.

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  1. [​IMG]

    "Yes. Yes, that's niiiice."
  2. So ozzie has finally revealed what they look like...
  3. That's right. Come to daddy, baby. *Kissy face*
  4. About bloody time! I'm tired of you living a lie.
  5. If Ozzy gets to be that charming guy in plaid, I wish to be a swarthy black man. Then, we'll kiss.
  6. Why are you proving to people it wasn't an accident when I feel atop you?
  7. It's obvious. He's leaving me and dating you.
  8. I want that shirt.
  9. I'm sure I have that shirt in my closet.
  10. You kept it? I've been looking for it everywhere! >:[
  11. I'm a true Northwesterner, I need flannel in my closet, and it's such a nice shirt!