Positive Posting Campaign for 300k!

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  1. In our Spring and Summer seasons, people tend to get CRANKY (that's a nice way of saying bitchy angry dick monkies) sometimes it's for a good reason, but mostly it's just stress. School ending, yucky-gross hot weather, tons of people everywhere in your face. Crankies everywhere!

    We've had a lot of finger wagging lately, so we thought HOW ABOUT POSTING ABOUT SOMETHING -AWESOME- INSTEAD! 8D

    Recently, we've broken 250,000 posts on the forums! That's a huge accomplishment! The best part is that a lot of these posts are for roleplays. We love having tons of awesome roleplay content. We live, breath, eat roleplays.

    We are currently urging all members to participate in our POSITIVE POSTING CAMPAIGN FOR 300K!

    While we take a ride to a big whopping 300,000 posts, we want you to post your best posts. Be they roleplay posts with fabulous content, General Topics where you really get involved in conversations, or even in Challenges where you inspire your muse and show off your talent. When roleplaying and writing, be a role model to others by honing your grammar skills and writing more than one liners! When posting in the off-topic areas, create a friendly atmosphere by staying on topic and offering more!

    And if you spam or act like a dumbass, we'll kick you in the balls! 8D But none of you guys would ever do something like that. Not when we can show other roleplay forums that Iwaku is a FORCE OF NATURE! >:3

    So, minions of Iwaku! Go forth! Post! Create AMAZING content that makes us want to read and reply! <3

    And ESPECIALLY stand-out members, who post great content without posting spammy content, might even get A SURPRISE when we hit 300k!

    What is that surprise? YOU WILL SEE.
  2. Positive posters will be rewarded in Valhalla.

    Negative nancies will get beaten with a large fish. By me.

    So yes, as ever


  3. I would LOVE to participate in such a goal/purpose! Count me in on this! This fast long fingers want to type and type!
  4. Diana, you spelt monkeys wrong.

    I hope you die in a fire.
  5. You're my favorite member, Asmo. 8D
  6. -salutes- It shall be done Big Momma!
  7. In the words of Alice Cooper:
    "What Baby wants,(baby wants wants wants)/
    Baby Gets!(baby's gonna get it get get get)."
  8. Monks?... while I'm not sure I can't be a monk, I'll post something positive in this thread only because you are a great admin and will turn me in to the Cereal police if I don't... though I'd eat them if you did...and drown you in glue afterwards, positively.
    (The akward moment when you realize half of the crap you say while on ADHD sounds demented.)
  9. Gay.

    *gives Di the thumbs up* ;)
  10. Don't worry, Diana. I'll talk to Tegan about this.
  11. Like I have any choice Sure.
  12. You just had to start these kind of things when I have so much to do in school so I can't be online to post? xD YOU PLOTTED IT DIDN'T YOU? xD
  13. We were all in on it. ;)
  14. There is almost only 10% left! :D

    I'm so excited~
  15. Within a week we are now only 5 PERCENT away from our community goal! :D Great job to everybody!
  16. I am thrilled with some of the really awesome and creative threads some people have started! 8D
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