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How do you browse the web?

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So how do YOU do it, Iwaku?

Do you have a desk with a nice chair? Do you lay in bed with the mouse wires tangled up in the covers? Maybe you get inventive like the guy in the picture?


Oh. These positions.

Eh, as good as any I guess.

I has comfy bed and cozy laptop that sits on...my bed. CLEARLY. So i just do the lounging backwards against the pillow snuggled under the covers thing.


I will either sit on the bed or on the floor. Sometimes I sit in a chair in the garage when people want to talk to me on Skype.
BUT I totally have an explanation for typically refusing to sit in a chair.
I learned that sitting without a chair back is better for your back because it means that your spin does not support your weight and instead your abdominal muscles take over. It both helps keep your abdomen strong and helps to prevent some back pain because your spine isn't meant to support as much weight as your stomach muscles.

"After extensive research, she has reached the conclusion that no amount of ergonomic tinkering can correct the classic right-angle seated posture which is intrinsic in chairs. The problem with chairs, according to Cranz and other radical ‘somatic’ practitioners who practice ‘new ergonomics,' is that we have been forced into a 'table and chair' culture, where many activities take place in a right-angled seated position. This position forces the body into a C-shaped slump and this places uneven pressure on the vertebral disks of the lower back. With time, the spine can become deformed and erode disks."

[/end tangent]


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Mostly I lie down in the couch and if needed I have a table beside me where I can put the computor and sit up.
But I love to lie down as I do right now :D

Karsikan the Berzerker

Leaned back in my recliner, keyboard on lap, beer/food/food+beer on desk.


I always sit upright. o_o' I dunno why. My spine has been poise since I came outta MAH MAMA.<3 >:C SO I'MMA SIT UPRIGHT WHEREVER. When I'm in the classroom, or working, or at a computer, I sit upright usually. Especially when I am focusing on something.

My favorite position in a chair, try to imagine this as I type it.. I'll try my best to visualize it for ya'll through wording:

Right leg folded up onto chair, laying sideways.
Left leg folds sideways with the bottom of the foot pointing to the opposite direction of the right foot bottom.
Left leg comes on top of the right leg laying sideways, so the outer side of the left foot sits over the right knee.
And there.
I usually sit like that in a chair when I wanna be comfortable.

If I bore from that,
here is another position:

Right leg bends fully to the side on top of the chair, coming underneath the left leg.
Left leg stretches more over the right leg, so the bottom of the left thigh is over the inner side of the right knee, as it is bent.
Left leg is over the right leg, technically, but more over, as the right leg is on the chair. It stretches out the muscles. And feels nice.

Blame yoga.



I prett much sit anyway I can, which is usually a chair or a desk for school, sometimes the couch or my bed. But if its not padded I can't sit there long cause I am pretty damn bony and it just starts to hurt my ass a crap ton.


Feet are on the table, laptop is on lap, back is on the seat of the couch, head and neck on the backrest of the couch. Keeps my back straight and shoulders unslouched, and I don't even have to sit upright to do it! If I'm not in bed, this is my usual. Often typing around a cat, but that's not so much "ideal" as it is "inevitable."

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Fantasy, sci-fi, post apocalyptic, parody.
Depends, I have lots of different choices having my own place. :P

1.Bedroom with the desktop and the computer chair

2.Living room with the sofa

3.Living room and sit on the floor

4.Kitchen counter

Number one being my favorite.


I usually sit at my desk in my room in a small padded chair, sometimes curling up in it but mostly having my legs crossed or strecthed out beneath the desk, often though I sag down in my chair which is uncomfortable in the long run and two of our dogs like to lie in my room and they always behind my chair so I get trapped there. I don't think I've ever been sitting correctly in front of my computer:) When I use my laptop I prefer my bed, I stuff some pillows behind my back and lean the laptop against my legs, I have a glass of water on my bedside table often, rarely I lay on my back, laptop on my stomach and type:)


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I used to sit at the kitchen table, bit that was cold and uncomfy.

Then I discovered that my coffee table and couch were the perfect height for ideal comfyness. 8D So I can sit up straight or lean back on the sofa, with the table pulled all the way to the cushions and my legs crossed. I can be covered in blankets and have my drink in easy reach. And the laptop perfectly stable on the table.


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I slouch on the couch with the computer on my stomach or I'm in my room where I lay in bed and its usually in the same place anyway.


Either sitting up with my back to the wall in bed at home or on my side/stomach.

For work see my avatar.


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Urban fantasy, cyberpunk.
.. Walked in here and realized that this post wasn't made in the Smut Club.



I came here thinking it was a discussion on provocative positions. :I

Oh well, anyway...

I just sit back in my computer chair with my legs either underneath me or my knees to my chest while I sit at my desk. But since my computer is not here right now...it's just me sitting on the couch comfortably with Peter's laptop and wireless mouse on a TV tray.


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