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  1. Isao Kazuhiro. Meaning of a honorable, and prosperous man. The type of man, that his father saw in Isao, his very own, and only son. The words he said when sending his offspring off to Ikebukuro University when the time came to see him free, to see the world in his own eyes, actions, and experiences. Every parents worse nightmare, but faith put into his son, along with the countless years of whipping his own kid into shape; molding him into a obi dent, and, hopefully, a highly respectable man. He let him go, thinking to himself, that he was going to be the best thing there ever was. With the mind set of becoming the doctor that cured cancer, the lawyer that ended the biggest case there ever was, the scientist that found a way to end world hunger. His father's mind was vivid, along with his mother navitiy of a perfect son in mind, as his father so inevitably fed into her. They saw great things, without giving a care of what their own son had to say. But, it was a given, if you grew up in the country, you can't help but have it simple. Think a simple life. Live a simple life. Eventually, you stop thinking about the ifs, ands, or buts-- eventually, you start thinking about the who, what, where, when, and why.

    Who was Isao now? What was Isao doing? Where was Isao now? When did Isao do this? And, why did Isao do it?

    Ikebukuro can change a country bumpkin for the worse, or so that is what Isao is saying after being in that bustling city for about three years now. Attending University, doing work, and living a life he never thought he'd get pulled in. Ikebukuro was a vortex, terms that never really thought would cross his mind in a normal basis, unless it was during his astronomy unit, but every day, he was pulled in. Falling head first into the black hole that was considered the "Alley Ways" of Ikebukuro's cold spots.

    To be blunt, in the words of the country bumpkin; "I fucked up."

    It all started so normal. After Uni, skipping a class that became irrelevant as he reached the second semester of his Junior year, he found his way down the path around the so called 'quiet' parts of Ikebukuro. Why they are called quiet is because, if you are a normal civilian, there is a 100% chance you will get mugged, and if you aren't mugged, you are jumped. Why? Why would someone so innocent looking get jumped, and assaulted so easily by just turning into the wrong part of town? That's exactly it. You turned into territory that wasn't your business, never was your business, and never will be your business. As simple as that, your normalcy, just pisses them off. It took Isao a bit of visits to figure that out, but, along the way, they just stopped. Mainly due to the fact that his run down, and fortunately affordable, apartment was around those parts, so his face became recognizable.

    Who knew hitting up conversation with you neighbor that suspiciously only leaves at night, would be your gate way to a world that was above your own? Isao didn't, but his gullibility is what got him dragged into it in the end of it all.

    The gang was called "Streets". Simple name, but heavy reputation. The name you hear when there are drug out breaks, a shooting, reasons why their are flash mobs, gang wars, and just all sorts of things that you could only imagine in some sort of gang related anime. They weren't some sort of underground gang, their presence was stronger, and almost more powerful than any political entity that walked the streets of Japan and stood by the name of law. Streets, was the type of game that determined the laws, the laws of the streets. The type of law that caused Isao, to be running for his life before his third official meeting at the Street's Headquarters.

    His feet weren't carrying him fast enough, as he bolted away from a group of Street members, one, named Kise, another named Taki, and the other, unfortunately, his neighbor. The wind was rushing past him, causing his black dyed blonde hair that was long all around to fly back, filling cold air through his leather jacket, loose black v-neck, and his black skinny jeans. Maneuvering past the oncoming body traffic, hitting a few through his careless effort of trying to jump throw, around, and past them all he could manage to say after the slightly painful impact was a loud calling sorry as he kept his fast pace.

    "Son of a Bitch! Give up!" One of the gang members said with a deathly grunt, attempting to pick up his pace.

    The threat didn't bother him, in fact, it made him run faster. As he sprinted, almost in complete full speed, he read the signs of the streets that he kept going through his life or death chase.

    Where the fuck is Ryo's house?! I've been running for too long!.. His thoughts raced, as he kept looking at each green hung sign on he street poles that passed by. I don't know how long I can last…

    "Aaahggghrrrhhh!" Isao grunted out, as he ran through the street, turning a sharp left towards the Ikebukuro station entrance.


    Isao heard the sudden struggle as the thugs saw him take that direction changed.

    "Shit.." He swore through his huffing, as he bolted down the station entrance stairs.

    It was rush hour, everyone was trying to get in and out of the station, all going to the same place, and some weren't, but over all the station was completely crowded. Maybe, just maybe, this was going to be Isao's chance to lose this fuckers.. Even if it was temporarily, he just need a fucking drink at the moment.

    Key card in hand, he slapped down on the scanner, forcing his way through the rotating restraint before it verified him. He heard the thugs shut his name, along with other profanity added too it. But, that wasn't going to stop him, no way in hell it was.

    Train to the E district in Ikebukuro is no boarding. Please stand a way from the doors as the close. Please stand a way from the--


    Last minute, right train, Ryo's house. Jumping as the doors inched closer and closer together, Isao managed to fit himself in-between two businessmen. Facing the three thugs that made it last minute. As the three of them pounded on the glass of the train, swearing loudly, and giving Isao the looks of pure killers, all he could do was smirk in victory, and complete relief.

    - 8 minutes later -

    Dragging down another street way in the E district of Ikebukuro, he found his way down familiar alley way. It was the type that held the apartments that were much like Isao's, but, by the looks of it, better kept on a finical point of view. Ryo's room was the 4th floor, usually it was a piece of cake having to goo up those steal steps, but after running around the whole fucking city of Ikebukuro, it was going to be the definition of death as we know it.

    One step at a time. Take your time. They won't be coming after you for a long time.. Calm down Isao.

    As he took is time, mentally preparing himself for the longest climb of his life, he stuffed his hand in the back left pocket of his jeans, pulling out the ancient black flip phone he's had since his High School graduation. Using his thumb to open it, hitting the buttons to make a call, Ryo's contact came on the screen. Call.

    Rrrr. Rrr. Rr-

    "Ryo. I'm on the stairs. I'm coming in, so leave the door open." With that, he closed the phone, placed back into his pocket, and kept his slow and steady pace up the stairs


    it only took him 5 minutes to make it up. His fist hit the door before his whole body collapsed in front of it in pure exhaustion. "Ryoooooo… I said leave the door open! Ryoooo! Open!" Isao repeatedly pounded on the door, whining through its metal, painted grey, frame, as his face smushed up against the cool feeling of it.
  2. Ryotaro Sasaki was an average guy by pretty much all means except in one regard: he looked like a thug. He was pretty energetic as a kid and had big hopes and dreams; get an amazing job, marry a beautiful and kind woman, and live a happy life. Life is cruel though and he soon came to realize this fact very quickly. In school he was avoided due to his look and taste in clothing that emphasized it even more; generally covered in black with his unkempt medium-length black hair. With this and his generally neutral but thuggish face; he was avoided like the plague. On the contrary to beliefs he was actually just more of a person who liked to stay quiet and be alone but wanted friends as well. Anyone who actually came to him first was usually just using Ryotaro and his reputation unfortunately. He had only been in two serious fights in all of his life and both of them had been started by the opponent. The only person who ever bothered to talk to him seriously was his "best" friend Isao Kazuhiro.

    Isao and Ryotaro had started talking in middle of their first year in high-school, or rather Isao talked to Ryotaro. The guy didn't seem to mind his looks and reputation and saw him for who he was: a boring and quiet person. Isao kept bothering him until it seemed normal for him to be around, continuing even to this day years later. While Ryotaro would never admit it out loud, he thought of isao as his best friend and appreciated him whenever he was around even though he always acted like he hated Isao.

    Today, Ryotaro is a 21 year old shut-in who only goes out when necessary; whether it be for a job or supplies. He lives in a less than great area where he has an apartment and it's not unheard of to get robbed but not as bad as Isao's apartment area. After getting finished with school it was mostly a blur of an average life; get up, work if he had a job at the time, eat, sleep, repeat. It's another boring Saturday; it's hot out, humid, and the perfect day to stay inside just like any other day. Ryotaro is just laying on his couch watching tv; more specifically anime, a form of entertainment he had found as a teenager to fill his life with excitement but never got too invested into it like others were famed for.

    "Ah...so fucking boring..." he groaned to himself, scratching his head for an itch that was bothering him, running his fingers through his greasy black hair roughly.


    "God dammit, who's is it calling?" he questioned out loud, finding some comfort from his voice while he was alone.

    While Ryotaro asked this to himself, he already knew the answer; it was Isao the only person who called him besides his parents. His parents only called him on the first of every month to check up on how he was doing so he knew it wasn't them. His parents never expected much of, just to be happy with what he wanted to do. So when he moved out they were happy and sad like most parents are and cheered him on silently, knowing he wasn't one for verbal communication. It shamed him to not be doing much with his life even with his parent's encouragement but he was stuck in his ways now and not much would be able to get him out of it now. He had just gotten fired from his most recent job of working as a cashier at a local fast food place due to a supposed situation of "verbal abuse against a customer" but it was mostly just an excuse to let him go. Having someone like him to greet customers wasn't well for business and he didn't do his job the best either; mostly just due to not being used to social situations and lack of motivation and not being able to do any other job.

    "Rrr, rr-" he answered the phone

    "Ryo. I'm on the stairs. I'm coming in, so leave the door open." Isao said and then hung up

    "Great, he only visits when something's wrong or he has some crazy idea." Ryotaro thought to himself. The case was usually the prior.

    Even though he was asked to he didn't actually open the door. He was lazy and still in the middle of his show so he couldn't be bothered to. After about a five minute wait he heard the pounding of the door and the muffled voice of his friend behind it. After his standard two minute wait to just to piss Isao off, he turned the T.V. off and reluctantly got up and lazily walked to the door to open it up.

    As the door opened it met resistance and Ryotaro could see his friends face against the door, his lower body on the floor. It wasn't the rarest scene to him but it still wasn't normal either.

    "The hell happened this time?" he asked, his voice giving off a sense of boredom and annoyance while his face mirrored the emotion.
  3. "God… Is that you?" His voice breathless, still, but flowing with relief, as his eyes traveled from Ryotaro's door mat, tracing up his usual get up. Laziness, with a mix of annoyance. Who knew such a sight that reads unwontedness towards Isao's appearance, would make him feel so alive?

    Typical. Was the only word to describe Isao's reaction to the door opening, and on the other side that stood annoyed, pissed off, and all of the above was his problem solver. His head dropped, as his neck couldn't hold it any further. Placing both flat palms on the prickly door mat, he hoisted himself up, bring one leg before the other, until he was standing. Although, swaying back and forth, he was up, barely. But, barely was just enough. Looking into the eyes of his longed friend, he gave a grin. "Why do you assume every time I come here somethin' bad happened?" As he asked the question, he tilted his head to the side, questioning the other with a raise of his brow, his grin curling more on his lips, giving some what of a mischievous expression. "What do ya' think I am? A thug or somethin'?" His words were pouring out, as his mood was lightening the more he spoke comfortably with Ryo.

    Straightening his stance, he peered behind the slightly taller male, looking down the hallway into his home. "I'm hungry," Isao pushed passed Ryo, going straight towards his mini refrigerator, his greedy eyes searching for something appealing to stuff his face with. How long has it been since he's eaten? What time was it anyway? By the light setting in his friends apartment, it was almost evening, around dinner time maybe. Perfect time to fill his stomach with some food, and then get some good rest until classes tomorrow. By assumption of how much his stomach started to clench, and roar in starvation, it has probably been since this morning since he had something to eat. Toast doesn't seem to cut it anymore for satisfaction in the morning, until the next time he can grab his hands on something to munch on. "Oi… Are you gonna eat this?" He called, as he pulled out a container of leftovers it seemed. Since when did Ryo even cook? Placing the plate, wrapped with suranwrap around it, he pulled at the plastic, revealing some leftover curry and rice. Leaning down in front of it he too a whiff to see if it was any good-- guessing by Ryo's life style that he developed ever since the two of them left their hometown, who knew how long this plate of food had sat in the refrigerator, and by the smell of it, seems like a while.

    Sticking his tongue out at the plate, he pushed it back, farther on the counter. "Gross… Ryo what have you been eating while you leave that in the fridge? Jesus Christ… Clean up." Isao spoke before closed the refrigerator door, and walking over to the couch where Ryotaro once layed. Falling into the comfortable cushions, he sunk deeper, and deeper into the relaxation feeling of finally being able to take a load off. Leaning his head back on top of the couches cushions, he sighed out in utter bliss. "Wheeew… Remember when we were in P.E. in our High School years? And I said I liked running?.. I take it back." He called out he stretched out his legs, propping them up on the living room table placed in front of the couch. Closing his eyes, he went into silence, expecting to hear Ryo's roars of yelling, calling Isao and idiot, telling him to get out, blah blah blah. It was expected, but would it actually happen? No.

    As he sat silently, he started to think about his high school days, those days in P.E. when he would always run with Ryo. Ryotaro never spoke when they ran together, Isao always found himself rambling away while they did their 5 laps around the track. They'd talk about anything, everything, whether it was anime, manga, a new game, CD, or how Isao saw some girl's bra through their school uniform and how amazing it was, and what size she was, they'd never stop conversing. Well, more frankly, Isao would never stop talking, and Ryo was just haplessly listening to him. But, although he listened, Isao didn't mind it, his quietness. In fact, he liked it, someone who just sat and listened to what goes through his mind 24/7 and doesn't get annoyed easily, deserves a prize. Ryo's prize is having to see Isao on a daily basis, sometimes more frequently.

    His thoughts started to stray away from his brief reminiscing, as a vibration came from his rear, causing the whole cushion beneath him to vibrate along with it. His heart stopped, as the feeling sent a electric shock to his, already shaky, nerves. Breaking his comfortable postion, taking his feet off the table and placing them back on the floor, as dug his hand underneath him to retrieve his phone.

    1 New Text Message

    "Shit…" he whispered through his teeth, as he then flipped the top of his phone open, pressing the button to retrieve the message that was sent from an unknown number.

    It was a picture, of his house. Completely trashed, spray painted were words that were a bit to pixilated for his phone to pick up, but one that stood out the most on the middle of his floor was: 'FUCK YOU.' The message was spray painted in red. Although, threats were posted all around his rented apartment, along with everything he ever owned in there, which was basically nothing, but just clothes, and his phone charge, along with some loose change, being completely trashed, or maybe stollen, he wasn't really fazed. The only two things he thought about were one: where was he going to sleep, and two: where in the hell is going to find the money to fix this shit. More stress added on to his exhaustion, and roaring hunger.

    Closing his phone, he then put it in the pocket of his leather jacket, resting both his arm on the armrest of the couch. Turning his head over toward Ryo, he gave a sheepish smile. "Ya' mind if I spend the night?"
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  4. All Ryotaro could do was watch as Isao treated his house like his own, just watching with an annoyed expression. "No, please, come on in" he thought to himself sarcastically. It was nothing new of Isao to do this kind of thing, the bond between them was pretty much like brothers whether he liked to admit it or not. Ryotaro always got dragged into Isao's crazy ideas or problems and always kept paying for it in one way or another but never stopped nonetheless, unable to help himself whenever he saw the guy in trouble. It'd been a while since Isao had come over, last time having to do with the idea of trying to pick up some girls. Needless to say it didn't turn out very well but it was a good waste of time ignoring the embarrassment and shame to be wing-maned by him but utterly strike out anyways.

    Love was always something Ryotaro took interest in but never displayed openly, much like anything else. He wasn't honest about his feelings on things and he knew that but couldn't be bothered to change. Isao always managed to see through most of his feelings on things so that only managed to deepen their relationship. He had crushes in high-school like everyone else but never bothered to act on them; already prepared to be declined. The thoughts of him being both a failure in life and love haunted him sometimes in life but sleep soon took him and he forgot about it until another night where he felt more awake.

    Ryotaro just sighed as he strolled over to the counter to grab the dish and tilt his head down slightly to sniff it. He instantly regretted that decision, agreeing with his friends way of putting it, pinching his nose shut and turning away quickly. "Yep, that's definitely been in there a while." he thought to himself as he poured the leftovers into his garbage can. Even with his larger than average build: Ryotaro didn't eat much, even going as far as forgetting to eat lunch pretty much every other day. He had learned to cook more than basic stuff more recently and it helped him relax as well as be a little more healthy instead of eating instant food every night.

    When Hisao asked if he remembered the time he said he liked running all Ryotaro responded with was a slight grunt of acknowledgement, his usual way of responding to a question which he had no opinion on, or in this case found pointless. At first he had tried to argue Isao away whenever he came, already expecting him to stay, just doing so out pride but eventually just gave into letting him do as he pleased. It was easier that way and was less of a pain.

    When he turned to face his friend, Ryotaro was met with an odd sight. Isao was struck with what seemed to be a good amount of worries, something he usually played off, though poorly. Whatever it was it must have been pretty bad because he flipped it closed quickly afterward like he was trying to forget it even existed before giving Ryotaro a sheepish expression and asking him if he could stay the night. All he did to respond was head into his room to grab a blanket and a pillow.

    Ryotaro's room somehow managed to be mostly empty but messy at the same time. If Isao ever gave him warning that he was coming he cleaned up the place, not wanting to look like a complete slob, but didn't really bother otherwise. The bed was a mess, pillows and blankets lying on the floor and CD cases lying around randomly from when he had searched for them the last time. The only thing that really seemed orderly was a stack of books he kept. He wouldn't call himself an avid reader but he enjoyed books when he found something he liked. Usually it had something to do with supernatural stuff or fantasy. After noting that he should clean up before he goes to sleep he grabs a blanket in the pillow and heads back into the living room area.

    After coming back Ryotaro just silently tossed a pillow at Isao's face, just enough force to show him he was annoyed but not enough to actually effect him. He then repeated the process with the blanket.

    "Couch." he said in a one word sentence that indicated he expected him to sleep on the couch. His conversations had devolved to just saying short sentences that would sound like nonsense to anyone else but since he was simple and he knew Isao understood, that was all he did. He turned lazily back to the kitchen and searched the fridge for anything to eat, it'd been a while since he had went shopping but it looked like he still had a couple instant ramens left.

    "You're paying me back for this though." Ryotaro said indifferently. This was actually an extremely common thing for him to say whenever something like this happened; whether it be minor or big. Although he often says it he doesn't actually expect Isao to pay him back or care if he does, it was simply a matter of saving face. He wasn't sure when he stopped being honest about the things he said but he had never had any problems with it when he dealt with Isao so he just worked with it, the story of his life really.

    After warming it up, Ryotaro gave the first ramen to Isao. Even though it was an old belief, he though that guests should be served first. When his was done he just ate at it silently, eyeing Isao expectantly, silently saying "come on, what's the story?" between mouthfuls.
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  5. "Oof-"

    After the quick question, there was a quick answer. Taking a pillow, with debatable strong force, to the face, he flinched back a bit. As the pillow fell down to his lap, along came the blanket in the same strong force as the pillow. "Sheesh.." He mumbled as he pulled the blanket off, as it draped over his head after Ryo's throw. Rolling the blanket into a ball while he placed the pillow on the end of the couch of where he expects to lay his head for the night, he then puts the ball of blanket on top and then sighed. "Damn… I was hoping to sleep with you tonight Ryotaro, maybe next time?" His eyes flickered up to his friend, after his words filled with complete and utter sarcasm, a sly smirk curling at his expression, before he broke out into childish laughter. "Gross!" He called as he kept laughing, his thoughts wondering at the image of him sleeping in the same bed with the guy who rightfully earned the title as his brother-- truly was a very displeasing sight. Porn wouldn't even be able to get that image out of his mind. Shivering as he pushed the thought aside, he then looked over at the Tv, as Ryotaro went into the kitchen to start making tonights dinner.

    The black screen of his friends Tv reflected back his image. His hair was standing right up due to the attack of blanket covering it, and resulting him to take it off, the fabric rubbed against it, causing him to look like he just been electrocuted. "Stupid hair." He mumbled in annoyance, as he attempted patting his, considerably, long dyed blonde hair down with both his hands. Efforts were useless. Why in the hell did he have this hair anyway? With the way his face looks, and the way he dressed, he suddenly came to the conclusion, no wonder he wasn't getting any girls, they probably thought he was gay. But, other things started to connect, he did like beards, he liked smelling good, and he enjoyed Jpop. What was he becoming? What if he was ga-- "Gahhhh!" He groaned giving up his analogies as he silenced them. Isao started to gather all of the blonde locks of his, towards the back of his head, taking the one and only ponytail he had, and tying it all up. Then, smacking both sides of his face, he sighed once more. "I have to cut my hair." He whispered, trying to keep himself busy, anything to keep his mind off what he so on his mobile.

    It was getting to him. They were getting to him. The Streets. They were coming after him. They were looking for him, as he was a giant coward who ran away from them. The big dogs, chasing the scardey cat in Ikebukuro. Just the thought of calling himself a scardey cat made him chuckle. He was, a coward, he wasn't an honorable man like his father idolized him as. He was a kid, doing dirty work for some stupid gang in Ikebukuro, getting a little money here, a little money there, barely getting through this life with food, and a comfortable bed to go home to, and some how, balancing a future in a degree of Astronomy in University. How in hell was all this even happening? Falling back into the deep cushions of his bed for the night, he closed his eyes, smelling the chicken flavored ramen that was going about under his friends care. "I'll pay you back." he said softly. "Eventually.."

    Isao has been saying that a lot to Ryo, paying him back when he had the money, eventually, or making up some excuse from way back when on how he didn't have to pay him back because of what he did Ryo when they were in High School. Excuse after excuse. This isn't what Isao was like before. He wasn't a man on the run, he wasn't a man that didn't keep his problems, he was once more than all of this. A man who had fun, he went day by day living, not just barely getting through it by the skin of his teeth. It was depressing just looking back on the days where Isao smiled from the heart. But now, it seems he only smiles because he has too. It wasn't right.

    Hearing the grunt of his friend, his eyes slowly opened. "Thanks Ryo." he said sluggishly, as he reached out and cupped his ramen, as he slowly lowered it onto his lap, letting it cool down before he dug in. His eyes found Ryo's who was… Surprisingly, looking at him. But, it wasn't as surprising, until the mute spoke through his slurps of chicken ramen. "U-Uh.." He stammered out, his body reacting upwards, sitting up late, almost close to spilling the hot ramen on his lap.

    "Shit.." he swore under his breath as some of the hot soup of the cup splashed on his hand, putting it on the table, he then wipped his hand on his pant leg. Hesitating looking into the eyes of the silent killer, he gulped down his 'blow it off' persona. He couldn't go on and keep Ryo in the dark, besides, he couldn't keep it too himself either. Whenever something considerably 'bad' happens, Ryo was the one person Isao ran too, to talk, or just escape it all. Why? Because Ryo wouldn't turn him away, he wouldn't say not to Isao, he'd listen, he'd help. Despite Ryo's tough demeanor, he was a little softy, whether Ryo showed it sometimes or not, Isao could see through him at given times, and what he saw, wasn't a bad guy.

    "You got me. Didn't know it'd be that obvious though.." Isao said with a sigh, a faint smile surfacing as he was sort of relieved that Ryotaro would even ask about it. "Y'know the Streets, right? The big bad gang on Ikebukuro… Well-- I don't know how to put this but.. I sorta kinda.. Got mixed up with them--" Pausing, quickly gathering his chopsticks, and getting a quick bite of his ramen before starting again, his stomach couldn't wait any longer, not when the food is right there, in front of him, tempting him. Swallowing, he continued, "It started with my neighbor. He's apart of the group.. He asked if I wanted to come to a meeting, since some of the guys know my face down there. So I said why not-- Before you give me a look, hear me out, I was curious…" Already feeling some of Ryo's mood turning again to something along the lines of being irritated, Isao kept pressing through his story, and his mix up with The Streets. "So, I was suppose to go to my third meeting today to talk to the guy who asked me to deliver some sort of package last week. I did what he asked, no questions asked because they aren't the type of group you want to mess with.. But, I met with the guy, got my money, left." Pausing once more until he got to the climax of his story of how he winded here into the safe zone, he took one more slurp of his ramen, "Apparently, I gave the package to the wrong guy.. What was in the package was 81936 yen (800$). The guy who asked me to deliver the package told me to pay him back the money he lossed because he need to give the money to the actual guy by tomorrow. I told him, I don't have the money… Then he pulled out a knife and threatened me.. I did what any man would do and told him to fuck off. The next thing I knew I was surround, everyone threatening me, and then I ran. I fucking ran. All around Ikebukuro, to catch the train, and come to your house, so these bastards won't find me." He sighed, out of breath, as he spoke to much. Taking a slurp of his ramen, he then groaned. "So good…." he muffled with noodles hanging from his mouth, before swallowing.

    "I got a text picture of those fuckers ruining my house, so no way in hell I'm going back there anytime soon. I'm wanted from my own home. Probably can't even go to classes tomorrow because they know where my Uni is. Probably can't even leave the E district either." Isao complained, as he set his 3/4 eaten ramen on the table before sighing again. "I fucked up.. Big time Ryo."
  6. Ryotaro just silently watched as Isao explained what had happened. "How could he be so stupid?" he thought to himself during it. Even though he thought that he could also see the appeal that his friend might have saw. Maybe an exciting life, something new, he wasn't completely sure. Getting involved in stuff like that came nowhere near his mind even with his life as dull as it is. He didn't know much about the streets but he knew enough to know they're pretty powerful and bad news to fuck with. "80,000 by tomorrow...that's impossible" Ryotaro thought to himself knowing his friend probably had next to no money on him.

    Even with added help from Ryotaro's savings it still wouldn't be enough to pay off the money. Add that in without having any work and you get a sign that reads "fuck you" facing you. Ryotaro could worry about that later though, right now Isao was crumbling under the pressure and shame of the situation. So not being able to offer any words of comfort he did what he could manage: he took the pillow and placed it on Isao's head gently and then draped him in the blanket. "Shut up and sleep moron." he said. Though contrary to the contents of the sentence he said it softly, understanding his friends worries. With that he then pushed his friend down so he was lying down and headed into his room to check how much he had saved up. All he could manage was 10,236.80 yen (100$) after considering his apartment's rent which would be coming up soon and some taken off after taking groceries into account.

    "tch" Ryotaro clicked his tongue in annoyance at the finding. Isao had a life to go back to and Ryotaro doubted he could go back to it with the Streets on his ass. All Ryotaro could do was sigh at the depressing situation. "Fuck it, i don't have any better ideas" he said to himself, knowing what he was planning was stupid. He went back out to the living room and headed straight for the door. "I'm going out" was the only explanation he offered to Isao as he grabbed his jacket and left, closing the door behind him.

    Ryotaro generally didn't pull anything risky but his friend's entire life was on the line so he didn't have much choice. He needed money and he knew one way to get it quick; a loan. Who better to ask for that money than the people he's trying to pay? No matter how stupid it seemed, it seemed to be the best option at the time. He realized the risks of getting sucked into that kind of stuff but he didn't have much of a life to begin with, nothing to live for. He'd eventually work off the debt and go back to living the normal life.

    After taking the train to where he heard their hideout was he had to search around for it for a while. After some time he eventually caught the trail by following the areas that seemed to have more thugs around. As he made his way closer all eyes seemed to be on him, everyone seeming to know and feel that he didn't belong there, himself included.

    "Hey, tough guy, never seen you around here. What'cha need?" One of them called out, a sick and twisted grin forming across his face, delighted to find a new target to play with. He looked like the average thug, dark clothes, kind of a dirty look to him, spiked blond hair, the usual. Some others raised their voice in question to back him up but nobody trying anything. The more serious members seemed to hang back, taking in the situation, some moving defensively between Ryotaro and their hideout further in.

    "A loan, I need some money." Ryotaro responded to them calmly, not giving into the taunts. On the inside however was a different story, he can keep calm on the outside but he was panicking on the inside, honestly kind of scared of ending up killed from this. "So who do i talk to about it?" he continued, questioning the entire group rather than the annoying one, not expecting an answer out of him.
  7. There was no protesting, words of defiance, or anything else that would fall on the lines of rejecting what Ryotaro was doing. He laid his head on his designated pillow hid under the blanket that was being draped over his limp body. As the cushions held him tightly, keeping him secure in the fabric, slowly pulling him into a sleep that was well needed for his exhausted state of mind, and body. When was the last time he felt like this? The feeling of letting his mind fade as the darkness filled in the spots that kept him up these past few days. His racing thoughts on stress, school, his life, his family, was drowned out at the falling silence that fell upon Ryo's apartment. His eyes closed, falling into the darkness that surrounded him so softly, and soundly, willingly letting him into sleep.

    "I'm going out.."

    ".. Stay safe." a soft mumble escaped his parted lips. Burrowing into his cover, bringing his knees into his chest, he finally settled. Thoughts ending, fully resting, he fell asleep.



    "Really?! Ahahaa!"

    "Come to us, of all people... You must be pretty stupid!"

    Voices scattered around the growing group of Street members, around the unfortunately targeted foreigner in uncharted territories. Words all around were passed, some on the subject of the man who decided to come into the darkest corner of Ikebukuro to get some quick, dirty, desperate money. Why he came, was something irrelevant to the men with questionable faces that gathered all around.

    "Who you need to talk to? The boss!"


    "You stupid or something, you gotta talk to the boss!"

    With many answers the same, a scoff sounded from the middle of the group of shouting slur wording men, laughs that were once hollering over the other, slowly began to silence, hushing as the sight of a body moving through the handful of skeptical men, with wicked grins. He was a man, dressed the same as the other Street members, dark shirt, dark colored jeans, roughed up shoes, with some jacket that was way to big for the lean built of the man who pressed through the swaying bodies. His hair was black, not colored outrageous colors like red, yellow and green, it was short, a buzz cut would be considered his style. Black framed glasses, slid down the bridge of his nose, his dark brown shaded eyes peeking through the thick lens as they locked with the stranger who was searching for the man who ran this chaotic place. With his hands in the pocket of his oversized leather jacket, he stood tall as he stopped in the middle of the clearing that separated Ryotaro, and the annoying crowd.

    "If you are looking for the boss, he ain't here." His voice sounded, louder than the other men who were still hazing the foreigner, causing a complete silence to roll in. "But, I'd gladly take a message." It wasn't long until his own twisted grin started to curl on his expression, as the appearance surfaced, the crowd started to laugh.

    "He wants money Maki!"

    "He wants our money Maki!"

    Pulling a hand out of his pocket, he held it up, demanding for silence before he continued. The men took it in, followed the orders, and stood in silent anticipation. "Money, you say.. Must be damn serious if you need to get it from a bunch of ruthless thugs like us? But... If you want money, I'm sure it'd be easy to give it to you, depending on how many digits you need." Taking the hand that he held up with authority, he used it to push up his glasses more up the bridge of his nose, taking a good look at the man with a hard face, along with a blank, but cold expression. "Name your price. And its done. With complications of course. But, we can always work that out later." Maki stood there, his grin twisting more. The vision of a minion creating a contract that would pull Ryotatro into his greedy little hands.
  8. Ryotraro only remained still while the Streets members taunted him. It was nothing new to him to deal with something like this. The only difference was the number and the fact that he had walked into it willingly this time. With his face and his indifferent personality he attracted some attention from people who were looking for a fight. This however was a different story; he was surrounded by people that would probably not think twice on killing him and burying his body somewhere nobody would find it. Even though it would be considered normal; Ryotaro felt scared at that thought. Fortunately that only made his face even scarier.

    After a while things suddenly started to quiet down. Most people would think this would be a good sign but Ryotaro knew that it meant the true storm was coming. It was a man dressed like the others, in any other situation he would have looked hilarious with his huge jacket covering his body, but he oozed confidence and power. The man was able to command these group of thugs easily with just his voice, that was already extremely impressive not including the fact that they were Streets members.

    The man told him that the boss was out but he would deal with Ryotaro. The members began laughing again and told him the outrageous thing that Ryotaro had wanted the money. Taking it out of the context of his situation, Ryotaro would have called himself an idiot but it was the only way to get things done. The man named Maki impressed him even further by silencing everyone again, just with a hand this time. Even now he could feel the difference between the two in influence. Ryotaro was an ant and Maki was a dragon. The thought of the boss being even more powerful only mae Ryotaro more nervous.

    "71,263.50 yen" Ryotaro announced, surprised by the confidence in his voice. It was then that he understood his situation. He wasn't asking for them to give them money but for them to take his soul. He was a foolish magic practitioner who summoned a demon for a wish. He didn't have to be scared, he was giving them what they wanted. "I'll just work myself to near death and pay off this shit and prove that they don't own me." was the thought that passed through his head.

    "I don't give a damn about complications, i'll deal with it." Ryotaro said as he stared Maki down, a smile playing across his face. This wasn't a smile of hapiness nor was it that of a mask; it was one of a man who realized how insane a situation he was in and accepted it, willing to conquer it. While there was still some fear in his eyes it was that of a cornered animal willing to fight to the death, confidence shining with it along with a look of seriousness. His arms found themselves folded across his chest to further emphasize his point. With that, not only did Ryotaro look the part of a thug; he was playing it too.
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  9. The digits weren't as big as a surprise to Maki, but the crowd around them passed whispers back and forth. Words of how much money the nameless man was asking for, how he expected to get so much in one go, how he talked, looked, stood, and spoke to Maki. He wasn't fazed. 'Look at him. Look at this shit talking to Maki like that! Kick his ass Maki! Get'em Maki!' Everyone's voices carried lowly amongst the crowd, looks darted towards the man that saw the deifying smile that played so arrogantly on his lips. The way his arms folded on his chest, making his resistance against their growing negativity even more evitable. The crowd was growing restless, the urge to come at him, to whip that smugness off his face, to knock him off his pedestal, all they needed was Maki's command, one snap at the finger, one word, one gesture, and they'd pounce. But, with co-commander in the way, they were like dogs looking at their treat. Mouth watering, and unbearable anticipation.

    "Bout' 72 thousand yen.. Do able." Maki dropped his voice lowly, his hand following, as it went into the pocket of his jacket. Taking out a phone, with a touch screen, he unlocked, going straight to his messages. As the brightness of his phone illuminated his face, glaring the lens of his glasses, as his thumbs typed out the text that was designated for the approval of both The Street's and the foreigners pending contract.


    It didn't take to long until a response, short, and blunt came back from the Boss himself. "What is in it for me?" Maki read out loud, scoffing at his partners answer. "He always his impatience for these types of things. But, I guess you can't make a deal, without knowing the kinks and the perks to it all." Maki said, giving a shrug, before going back into creating a short response. Within a matter of seconds, the Boss sent his final text. Maki sighed, "Well then.." he began, as he exhaled out a tired sigh, returning his mobile phone back into the pocket of his jacket.

    "It seems we've reached a decision... In the words of the Boss, he assumed that due to the money request, having a payment dead line by the end of next month, wouldn't be reached in time. Yes, it may be an assumption and it may be reached at that time , but, we want to play on the safe side with how our money system works. So," Pausing, as he brought the same hand from before to push his black framed glasses back up the bridge of his nose, before speaking towards the nameless man. "We've made an alternate proposition. It isn't something terribly bad, and by the looks of how you carry yourself, with some sort of silent brute force, we could use you."

    The whispers continued, exchanging looks in the crowd continued. Each expression was different, but the question that held within each one was similar. How could the boss, use a guy like him? He never even met him, or even heard of him, and all of a sudden, he was a potential in joining the baddest gang in Ikebukuro? Some where angry, some where questioning what kinda leader they even had, but the majority were only asking why. Why all of a sudden?

    "Of course, your services would go towards your debt between you and us, along with no interest added. Your job would be simple, carrying out tasks that need to be met during hours that wouldn't be as convient for the Boss to make it. What you will be doing, is being our bridge to parts of Ikebukuro, all the way to Shinjuku, passing out deals, making them, delivering packages, and receiving. Your job, will be quick, easy, and painless, that is if things go according to plan. But, if anything were to happen, we will make sure your death won't be in vain." A laughter broke out as Maki explained Ryotaro's soon to be temporary life style, a mocking grin peeking up as he heard some of the men agree to the terms. Maybe having the new guy doing what was considered the 'dirty' work, wouldn't be too terrible after all. At least they wouldn't have to do it.

    The terms to the job were described simple, but their were complications with it. Ryotaro would be going into territories that weren't surveillance by The Streets, his safety wasn't guaranteed fully, there was little to nothing they could do about that either way. But, Maki made the assumption, and the persuasion to the Boss, that Ryotaro could carry himself strongly, of course, by a few men that were assigned to carry out the task as well, but the reassurance that he wasn't going in along was something considered tolerable.

    "So, you in?" Maki asked, his grin growing as he locked eyes once more with Ryotaro, his hand reaching out in idle agreement. The Dragon, making the final deal with the mouse.
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  10. The crowds seemed to dislike the amount that Ryotaro was asking for, that was clear. He couldn't make out most of what was being said but it pretty clear nonetheless; they wanted Maki to kick his ass. Even he could admit that he would want to kick his ass in the situation but his body was acting on it's own. "Fuck, i really need to learn to let my pride go." was all he could think of after realizing he could be killed for the way he's acting.

    It came as a surprise when Maki said that it could be done. Even he didn't expect his own plan to work. He then took out his phone to contact someone, probably about the deal that was occurring. The phone stood out in the darkness, drawing the attention of everybody in the area. Everybody waited intently for a response, Ryotaro the most, his life being on the line possibly. "What's in it for me?" Maki said. At first he thought that the question was coming from the man himself but after he scoffed he realized he was reading a message. Ryotaro honestly didn't know how to respond; he honestly hadn't thought it through very much. He figured he'd just pay them back at a later time or do some sort of work for them and get it done with. Maki didn't wait for an answer and answered for Ryotaro it seemed.

    It made sense that they would make him get the money through other ways since there was no way that he could get the money by the end of the month. It was a surprise that they thought he could actually be of use, Ryotaro not being good at anything specific. After considering it though, he did give off a silent brute force as Maki had said. He usually didn't think about how he looked to others but putting his attitude together with his looks, he did seem to give off that feeling. The other Streets members were confused on how he would actually be of use as well, questions going around quietly.

    The idea that there would be no tax was good news but confusing to Ryotaro. He thought they would keep him roped in by just giving him an insane amount of interest but they didn't. He realized why soon enough though; there was a good chance that he would die. They didn't say it directly but doing out a boss' work that has to do with talking to people sounded risky as hell. The laughter at his death not being in vain if it were to happen only annoyed Ryotaro more than it scared him. He was doing the jobs that nobody wanted to do but he was fine with it.

    Even with how much he disliked the group he no other choice if we wanted to pay off Isao's debt. "Yeah, i'm in" he said as he took Maki's hand and shook it. "I'll get whatever you want done"

    "Heh, we'll see about that" Maki said to him with the grin still plastered across his face. Even with the feeling he gave off he might still have some problems with the job. "We'll get the money to you after a bit, try to survive until then: he continued, getting a laugh out of the group after the remark. "Since you probably want to know; my name is Ryotaro Sasaki" Ryotaro said, remembering that he didn't introduce himself.

    After taking a minute to give Maki his number and some more harassment from the Street's members, Ryotaro headed out to find Isao's apartment. He had only been to Isao's house once or twice when Isao had dragged him there for another annoying idea but Ryotaro hadn't bothered to remember. After dealing with the stressful situation, he felt drained of all his energy which he had spent to remain calm. All he could do was sigh in relief and stick his hands in his pockets while he looked for the apartment.

    After some searching Ryotaro managed to find the apartment when he remembered some landmarks and headed to the front door to look for where he put the extra key. While he searched he couldn't help but notice the number the Streets did to it, Spray paint everywhere and marks from where things had been thrown at it.
  11. "We are now arriving at C Ikebukuro Station. We are now arriving at C Ikebukuro Station. Please stand behind the yellow line, and wait until the door is fully open to exit the Bullet Train--"

    "This must be my stop.." Taking the folded piece of yellow paper, that had an address scribbled on the center of it in black ben, she peeked into it once more. Repeating the address once more, after almost a half a billion times before. She stood close to the doors, surrounded by both men and women pushed up against each other, taking the bullet train home after their long day of work, or where ever they were coming from. Hiriko Nobuyuki, a 21 year old Junior University student, was stuck on the C Train to Ikebukuro Station. How she got there, was by a favor one of her old professors asked for her to leeway over an important assignment for the end of the second semester final, to one of their frequently absent students, Isao Kazuhiro. The name was familiar, but the face was something that escaped her mind time after time she thought about him. His name echoed through her thoughts, as she tried to connect the dots on who Isao Kazuhiro was. Apparently, they were in the same class, their last hour of the day that ended around late afternoon. It was an astronomy class, so the lecture hall was quite the vast setting, no wonder she couldn't match a face to his name. He could've been anyone, and yet, she still wouldn't know who he was, even she sat next to him before.

    She held the heavy textbook close to her chest, hugging it with one arm, as her free hand held the address. Folding the paper as well as she could, she started rotate herself around to face the train doors. Everyone else did the same-- the train was starting to get more cramped, the feeling of all the bodies being pushed up against her made her feel uncomfortable. "Ex-Excuse me.." She said softly, as she tried distancing herself away from the strangers that still disregarded her silent personal space plead. Hiriko was a minor claustrophobic, being in small places didn't cause anxiety attacks to tremor through, but it did cause all the other minor side effects: shaking, heat wave, short breaths, etc. etc.

    "Please stand by, the doors are now opening--"

    The people poured out of the train, dispersing, as they all went their own separate ways out of the station. Hiriko found herself in the heart of a district she never fully been in before. Hugging the book, and keeping her over the shoulder bag close to her, she started to blindly follow a sketch of a map her professor drew on the right corner of the page. It was clear enough to follow, with enough points, and side notes to get her to where she wanted to go. Although bumping into people as she swerved into the wrong side of the sidewalk walking traffic, and the immense apologizing of her countless collisions, within a few minutes, she found the opening of her final few moments to her main destination.

    "Oh..Ohedo?" Her eyes squinted, as she repeated the underline street name that was written in big letters. Her eyes peered up, looking at the sign that was completely identical to the letters on her paper. A roll of relief hit her. She wasn't lost after all. Doubts has been hitting her ever since she left the train at the station. Taking a deep breath in, she tightened her grip on the book, holding it closely to her chest, pressing tighter and tighter with every person that would pass by. She used it as a shield as the atmosphere started to become more heavy, the deeper she ventured into Ohedo.

    "C567... C567... Um.. Excuse me?" Hiriki stepped over by two men, snickering with each other in front of building with three stories. The building didn't look to appealing, and neither did the two men that stood in front of it, hovering over something that somehow brought them to laughter? She stood a few feet away, keeping a safe distance as she called for their attention. At first, they didn't faze, still snickering like children over an item that, no matter how many times Hiriki tried too sneak a peek of it, the men completely covered it, "Uhm.. Excuse me." she said, her voice filled with slight impatience.

    The men looked over.

    "The hell do you want?"

    "I'm looking for.." she stammered out, looking into the eyes of both men that seemed to have lost that since of giddiness. "C567? Is this where the building is?"

    Both men look at each other, one shrugged, the other, looked back at Hiriki, his expression empty, but filled with hints of exhaustion, and something twisted. It frightened her to the very core, but showing weakness in this town, would get you killed. Hiriki knew that much about the situation at least. Suppressing her inner child, wanting to cry, and cling to some sort of comforting figure to help her find where she has to go, she just wanted to find this Isao Haki-whatever, throw the book in his face, and run home and eat a ton of sweets too cool her edged nerves.

    "Ya' it's right here." The man grumbled before nudging his partner, giving a suggestion to relocated. Taking the hint, then left, leaving Hiriki by herself, in front of a building that could almost be considered abandoned?

    So this is where he lives?

    Taking the first steps in the premiss, she started to run, sprint, as fast as her legs could take her to Isao's house. Clutching onto the book as she skipped two steps of stairs on the first case, up too the second floor, she dashed down the long stretch, quickly scanning each label she flew by on the second floor. No luck. Reaching the next case of stairs, she did the same method, but as she got to the top, she could already feel the breath of her burst of energy starting to fail her. Forcing herself to press through, she fast walked down the last and final stretch.

    "C565.... C566..... C567!"

    Stopping dead in front of the chipped blue painted door, looked at its features, old, rusted, decaying. It was a sight that didn't really set well on her weak stomach. How could someone who goes to such a good University, live a house, like this, let alone, a whole community like this. If you can even call this whole district a community to begin with. Shaking her head, as the high ponytail that held her considerably long, but thin, light brown hair in, she then nodded after. "You can do it.. Just knock.." Hiriki spoke softly, blowing out a shaky sigh, as she slowly brought up her knuckles towards the blue door. Hesitating the first knock, as it came of soft, she replaced it with a considerably loud knock after "Isao Kazuhiro?" she began softly, calling through the door. "I'm Hiriki Nabuyuki... I'm in your Astronomy 101 class.. I was asked by the professor to bring over the work you'll need for the finals this coming end of the year..." Her brown, lightly make-uped eyes scanned the door, praying that this was the right place, the right spot, the right person. Her heart beat rapidly as the silence on the other end was lasting for longer than she preferred.

    "Isao Kazuhiro..?"
  12. Once inside it was clear what the details of the message that Isao had gotten were. The place was completely trashed and spray pain was everywhere, ranging from the simple "fuck you"s to detailed plots of his demise. Only some lights managed to work since some of them had been broken, causing the apartment to give off a rather creepy vibe. All the furniture that could be broken easily, was, and the stuff that was was torn up in one way or another. The biggest kick in the teeth was that some of them had pisses on his bed. That wasn't the only thing though; there was some clear liquid and Ryotaro hoped to god that it was some sort of gel.

    After some searching around all Ryotaro came to find was the usual stuff that nobody would want to loot: toothbrush, toothpaste, some old food in the fridge, some questionable magazines and dvds, etc. "I'd rather rent a new place than put up with cleaning this up.." he thought to himself after he got done searching, managing to have gotten the clothes that weren't ripped up and his toothbrush. Before he started to head out he heard a weak noise come from the door, later confirmed to be a knock when a louder one came. At first he thought that it would be a Streets member checking to see if Isao had come back but his suspicions were waved off once he heard a female voice come from behind the door.

    When Ryotaro opened up the door he was met with the sight of a girl with brown hair that was made into a pony-tail. She seemed a bit surprised by him opening it up, probably hoping to get out of there as soon as possible a be done with the place. He hadn't heard everything she had said but he made out that she was his classmate, probably come to bring some kind of homework he missed.

    Explaining that Isao was having some hard times and was staying at his place seems easy right? Wrong. Ryotaro only liked talking when it seemed necessary and when he did it wasn't put the best way it could be. Add this together with the fact he was terrible with girls and it was actually quite a problem. "Er..I'm not Isao but i know him" he started up before she could say anything that made it even worse for him. "Um, i mean i'm his friend." he said, feeling satisfied with how far he had gotten but still felt embarassed."Uh...Isao's staying at my place since he had some...problems with some of the more...negative neighbors.." He continued once he realized that didn't explain anything at all, starting to blush. "Damn, i'm making an idiot of myself." he said, punching himself mentally for the way he was acting and having to talk so much with someone he just met. Unknown to him, his body was moving about awkwardly as he explained, his hands in his pockets, scratching at his hair or face, and trying to not look at her directly.

    "I could take you back to him or take it for you or something..." Ryotaro offered, adding the last part since he thought offering to take a girl back to his place screamed alternative motives. Usually with his personality he sat in a corner silently when he managed to get stuck together with a girl somehow but he was forced to explain in this situation. "I-i'm Rytaro Sasaki, Isao's friend." he said extending his hand out awkwardly for a handshake while kicking himself mentally, already having explained that he was Isao's friend. All he could do was try to not look at her directly in fear of seeming like a pervert who was staring but face her so that he didn't seem like he was completely useless when it came to being social, blushing hard.
  13. The door creaked open, the rusty hinges screaming as they rubbed against each other. Her eyes, locked on where the door was once there, the image, replaced by the chest view of a plan colored shirt. Trailing upwards, taking in the top half of the body that stood tall before her, was a man. Her mouth gaped, was this man, with a hard look, a strong build, and eyes that made her very knees lock, Isao Kazuhiro? Impossible. Already making her assumptions of the man, she was starting to believe that she did come to the wrong place, but then, he spoke, causing her thoughts of raging doubt, and hidden embarrassment came to a halt.

    "Er..I'm not Isao but I know him. - - - Um, I mean I'm his friend."

    "Oh?" Hiriki began, closing her mouth after letting her shock finishing its surfacing on her expression. His voice was deep, something of an actors voice, or maybe of a man who spoke on those late night adult only radio talk show broadcasts. It has a velvety flow as he spoke, although he stuttered, searching for words to make Hikiri understand. He didn't need to do such effort, she was already gone. Lost in thoughts filled about this man who stood above her.

    How tall is he? Does he wear glasses? Why does he dress so plain like? Why is he here?

    The questions were harmless, but, the poked at her in each direction. She was curious, and her expression surely did show it. Standing before him, her head began to slowly tilt to the side, her eyes, round, the iris colored a light brown, looked up at him, as her lips naturally pursed together. As he spoke, she listened, taking in every word that slipped passed his tongue, and after every sentence, she would nod, giving an indication that she was indeed listening to what he had to say.

    As the man cut the brief story of the Negative Neighbors that interfered with Isao's living status, Hikiri didn't bother to look past the brooding man. There was no need to look inside a house that was no doubtedly trashed by the countless thugs that live around these parts. It was depressing to think that Isao suddenly became their target, even though, due to her own assumptions, he must have been living here for years. Then, out of the blue, he was attacked by The Streets. It made he feel sick, as her curiosity feeling began to fade, and the reality rolled back in. Propping up her book, holding it off to her side, she then looked off to the side, as she blew out a breath that she held in during his explanation.

    "Your place? That is where he is stay?" She repeated softly, as her eyes circled around the ground, until they found their way back onto the tall man who denied her eyes attention. "I don't think... You know about Astronomy, do you?" Hiriki began a faint smile finding a way onto her lips. "I'd like it if you would take me too him. I'd be able to explain these things to him in an easier way, to get him caught up fast enough." Holding out the book to the man, her smile then shown through-- after, putting the book back into its position, she continued, "If it wouldn't be any trouble that is, Ryotaro Sasaki."Using full names didn't exactly come natural to her. Usually nicknames with some sort of prefix on the end would put her in a more satisfied mood. She was the type after all to give a cute nickname, and get your number on the first day of meeting. That was just how she was. Doing things that seemed considered silly, or in many cases before that have been noted as, childish.

    "I'm Hiriki Nobuyuki," her smile shone, as her slightly smaller hand slid into his, gripping it gently, as she shook it politely. Being the one to pull away, she backed up a few steps, letting Ryotaro out of the door way and out onto the long hallway veranda. "Off we go shall way? Make sure to the lead the way, ok?" she cooed, finding herself in a surprisingly better mood than when she got here. Maybe, just the fact of having someone twice your size lead the way, gave her some sort of security factor. Besides, why would they stop them anyway? They wanted them out, and they were now just simply giving them what they wanted.

    She followed closely, making it evident that she was with Ryotaro as they passed the thugs that started to scattered all around the streets as the night was now upon them. Standing next to his side, silently hugging the book to her chest the entire way there. They were both quiet nothing much to say due to both having different outcomes to today's events. Hiriki meeting someone new, unexpectantly, but Ryotaro's story wasn't exactly clear to her. Or course, the curiosity factor was itching at her the whole way through their venture back to Ryotaro's home. But, due to his constant rejection to look her directly in the eye whenever she attempted to make herself even the least bit intimidating, he would refuse, as the faintest pink would then start to radiate at the tip of his ears. Of course, she wanted to point it out, ask why he was so red all the time, but, she bit her tongue. With a man being so kind enough to let her go to his home just to do one earn, she shouldn't disrespect. Although, maybe the joke would've broken the ice between them for cure.
  14. Ryotaro was surprised that Hiriko was so trusting of him already but he figured it was just the type of person she was. It was hard to deal with her on the way back. Looking back on it he probably should have been more wary of the thugs in the area, but she was what got most of his attention. He could easily feel his personal space being invaded by the girl but he had not other choice; she was diong it so no thugs went after her. The most annoying part was for some reason she kept trying to look him in the eye with a determined expression. This caused him to blush and look away immediately but at least she eventually got the idea that she shouldn't do it.

    "Ah, the silence is so awkward..." The only sound coming from the nearby cars and the duo's footsteps. Generally Ryotaro would have been fine with it, accepting even but it felt wrong in the situation. The whole time they were on their way back he was in between trying to say something and not being able to due to his antisocial nature.

    Eventually they managed to make it to Ryotaro's apartment, much to his dread. He was fine with what Isao thought of his apartment being a mess but it was another story with a stranger. The other fear was of what Isao might say about him, he always tended to have a loose tongue when it came to things Ryotaro didn't want mentioned. "one moment" was all he said when they got to the door before opening it and quickly closing it behind him, resulting in the door slamming behind him. Realizing it might have seemed offensive he opened to back up and poked his head out sheepishly. "Sorry" was all he managed before pulling his head back in and closed the door again, gentler this time.

    It had been maybe an hour and a half since Ryotaro left and Isao managed to fall fast asleep, a look of worry on his face, probably due to the situation. It didn't really surprise Ryotaro that he had managed to sleep through the slamming of the door; Isao slept like a brick. He however had other priorities in the situation so he pulled Isao onto his feet. "No...not the beards..." Isao murmured in his sleep. "The hell?" Ryotaro thought to himself upon hearing it. Unbeknownst to Ryotaro, Isao was having a dream of his current fears. The nightmare involved him being chased down J-pop singers dressed in Street's clothes and fashioning full beards. Ryotaro shook Isao awake after processing what he said for a moment.

    "H-huh?" Isao spit out once he was awake. "Where'd they go?" he questioned glancing around nervously, still half asleep. He was met with the scary yet comforting face of his friend Ryotaro, who had a look of "What the hell are you going on about?" plastered on his face while looking somewhat anxious, something he rarely saw. "Company." was all Ryotaro said to indicate that someone was visiting. "You answer." he continued, not even giving Isao a moment to respond or ask who it was before dragging him in front of the door and running into his room quickly, sounds of picking stuff up and placing them somewhere coming out. "ok then..." Isao said to himself, not having seen that kind of behavior out of Ryotaro before. At first Isao was worried that the Streets had somehow found out where he was staying but he decided it wasn't due to Ryotaro's actions.

    All Isao did was shrug and open up the door and wonder who was on the other side. He was met with a surprise of a cute brown-haired girl waiting behind the door. Isao stood there for a moment, confused by her presence but understood Ryotaro's reactions a second later, a knowing grin spreading across his face before putting a hand across his mouth to hold back a laugh. He knew Ryotaro was terrible with girls but he never got the chance to see his reaction when one was visiting his house. "Sorry about that." he said after managing to calm down. "I guess you met Ryo. He's scary but cuddly like a teddy bear." He said, hugging the air like there was a huge teddy bear floating right there, laughing hard after it. Isao was soon forced to stop though once he felt pure and unlimited killing intent coming from behind him.

    Ryotaro had just finished cleaning and was standing right behind him when he made the comment, a neutral expression on his face but eyes filled with fury. Without a word he dragged Isao back to the living room table and sat him down next to it. After he was done, he turned to the open door and silently indicated for her to the same before going to go get some water and place two cups out for them before heading to his room, stopping outside the doorway. "Going to sleep" he announced before closing the door and curling up on his bed to sleep. It would probably take him a while to actually fall asleep with how stressed he was but he attempted anyways.
  15. It was long until their final destination was closing in upon them. Book still in hand, purse still wrapped around her, from shoulder to waist, clothes perfectly clean and in tact, nothing was dirty, hurting, stinging, absolutely nothing was wrong. Well, besides the fact she was walking with a complete stranger to his house in the middle of the night. Of course, there were faces when they saw both sexes walking together, one refusing eye contact, the other intensively staring directly at the other. It was a site that could have been read in many different situations. But, the right one was two complete strangers, going to drop of a textbook to the guy, Hiriko didn't know, was sleeping on his couch. Nothing was wrong, until they turned into where Ryotaro was living. Her eyes stared at the immense amount of stairs, with no elevator around to set her sudden fear of climbing them all. She even stopped trailing Ryotaro to count all those stairs that lead to the fifth floor of this apartment. Five flight of stairs. She obviously was not ready for something like this. Nor, was she ready for the fact that Ryotaro left her behind as he was already making his way up the first flight. Silently panicking, she fasted walk, trying so hard not break out into a jog, just so she could catch up to him. Having to skip steps to get up to him, her efforts became useless, they were already on the correct floor, and he was already at the door. Holding in her breath as she walked over towards where the front of his apartment entrance was, head down, silently heaving while trying to capture her breath. Walking up five flights a stairs, in shoes that she only wore for appearance reasons, obviously, she was asking for accidental suicide.

    "Whew~" She said, as she forced a small smile on her face, when she finally reached him. "You have to walk up those everyday? I'm impressed--"

    "One moment."

    The slam put her too silence, when she was looking at Ryotaro, now she was just looking at a door. "Um." She said softly, her smile fading as she looked around. Confused beyond belief, she started to raise her hand towards the door, about to knock to see why she wasn't in there.. With him.. But, before she could even make one sound with her knuckles, the door opened, more calmly, and quietly.


    Her eyes widened when she saw him peek his head through, giving her the same blank look since they've been together, but this time, with a bit of a apologetic expression. She nodded, not knowing what else to say. Then, he closed the door, the sound more quiet, just like the way he opened it.

    There were voices coming from the other end, but not loud enough to make out what the two of them were saying in there. The only way she could hear it was she had her ear pressed up against the door. "What the hell are they doing in there...?" she whispered to herself, as the talking stopped, and heavy footsteps started to closing in towards the door. Panicking, she threw herself back, moving back a few steps away from the door, giving some room, and covering up her eavesdropping attempt. Plastering a style, another man came to the door, he looked nice, giving her a smile already, she felt somewhat flattered.

    "So, you must be Isao--"

    He laughed.

    "Uh..Is something funny--?"

    "Sorry about that."

    Hiriko shook her head, keeping that unsure, forced smile on her expression, waving off his apology. "Don't worry about it! Ryo? Oh.. Ryotaro! Yes, I've meet him.. I wouldn't say he was scary but--" Cutting her self off when the man before him started hugging the air awkwardly, she couldn't help but let out a scoff herself.

    Watching as Isao got pulled back, then seeing the irritated face of Ryotaro, her laughing continued. "You two are quite the friends." she said, her smile forming naturally, as she then followed into their home, taking her shoes off out of respect, and quietly saying "Sorry for the intrusion.." Shuffling down the hallway, she found herself in what seemed to be his living room. With Isao already sitting, and Ryotaro already turning in for the night, she frowned. "Goodnight." She responded softly, as her eyes watched as he fully went into his room, and until the door was finally closed.

    "So..." Hiriko said, turning her attention to Isao who sat so casually beside her, "I'm Hiriko Nobuyuki. We are in the same class, Astronomy. The professor asked me to bring this over to you, so you could partake in the final that is coming up." Placing the black, and heavy, textbook on the table before them, she looked over at him, mainly to see his reaction at the book she's been having to carry around all night. Just thinking about it, and finally letting the thing go, made her feel a hundred times better. Her arms were unbelievably sore, and now that that is out of the way, she can fully be mobile. "He also recommended me to check on you every now and then to make sure you are getting the material, since.. You've been skipping class for a number of days now." Sitting there in silence, as it rolled upon them awkwardly, she then sighed, looking at him once more. "Why were you gone? If.. You don't mind me asking that is."
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