Portrait Requests!

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  1. Hi, all! I'm here with some portrait requests! I have two characters I was hoping someone would draw! If anyone draws any of them, it'd be really swell! I have no problem with the style being an anime style.

    If you need anymore details, or reference images, just ask me!

    Request #1
    Character: Inigo, from Fire Emblem: Awakening
    Notes: This request is a little odd. I want him drawn as a taguel--a species that he actually isn't in the game that he's from. Taguel have different features than regular humans in game, so I'll provide reference images below!
    Reference Images (open)

    Regular Appearance
    There are two taguel in-game, and this is what they look like!
    As you can see, they have darker skin, fur on their necks/shoulders, rabbit-like ears, facial markings, and different armor. Since it's a portrait request, there's no need to draw in the armor!

    Request #2
    Kana from Fire Emblem: Fates
    Reference Image (open)

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