Portal 3: Let it happen

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  1. Alright, I'm a huge Portal fan. It's possibly my favorite game in the history of ever. Possibly.
    I have the Orange Box for PS3, and the only thing I really paid attention to was Portal. Not Half Life. I tried Half Life. I couldn't get into it.

    However, PORTAL?!

    I'm hearing all this hoopla about fans wanting Half Life 3, but I'm over here chanting PORTAL! PORTAL! PORTAL!

    Is there anyone sharing my desire for a Portal 3?
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  2. You forgetting though, that's a Valve game.
    Gaben can't count to three.
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  3. We've been waiting for another Half Life game for so long, though... ;___;

    SO. LONG.

    I was so-so about the Portal games [which is code for I suck at them]. The second one was cool because you could play with a friend. Otherwise, it's mostly something I watched my brother play.
  4. You know what? The Orange Box would be cool to see on the PS4 and the Xbox One.
  5. Neat game based around a clever gimmick.

    2 was fun. The humor was okay. Still don't see how the cake thing was so funny though.

    But yeah, valve can't into 3s.
  6. Only after Half-Life 3 comes out.

    Or Half-Life 2 Episode 3, for that matter.
  7. You guys, it's 2015

    5-2 =3

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  8. I don't really think portal needs a third game. It'd likely be fun, but the story is nicely wrapped up with a beautiful little ribbon and doesn't need to be messed with.
  9. This. I wouldn't object to downloadable content for more test chambers or a mini campaign about another test subject in Aperture's heyday.
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