Porg Reads! Legacy: Epilogue

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  1. Ok so it's the festival of Sci-fi.

    So I'm reading a veritable classic, or an excerpt from it at least.

    Hope you enjoyed this special edition of Porg Reads!
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  2. Awesomeness, Porg! Very enjoyable!
  3. Listening to your readings make me laugh. XD It's like those oldschool storybook masterpiece things that were on tv for kids...
  4. Porg-sans voice is like... like.... hmmm.

    A buttered piece of toast with a side of jelly, sitting on a porcelain, lovely white and blue decorated plate, beside a cup of fresh english breakfast tea atop a fancy napkin only brought out for certain occasions, with silverware that levitates on it's own in the finest fashion for those to use them.


  5. Liked listening to it.

    The ending cracked me up.
  6. Legacy ran for 2 years. I don't expect you guys to understand the subtle undertones.