Porg Reads: Dark Reign

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  1. Ok so this has been on the cards for a while, but I've finally got the chance to sit down and start it.

    Basically I am gonna read a chapter of Iwaku: Dark Reign. But I'm only doing the narration and maybe one character.

    I'm looking for people to voice act the other characters alongside me.

    Preferably you have a quiet place to record and a descent enough mic.

    People get first pick of their own characters if they are in the roleplay, but don't be afraid to sign up if you are not in the rp, all help is appreciated.


    Here's the list of characters that will need to be voice acted in order of appearance:

    Asmo - Asmo
    Porg - Porg
    Kitti - Kitti
    Tegan - Tegan
    Ocha - Ocha
    Trance Kitsune - TK
    Acqua - Tegan (?)
    Bread Bishop - Asmo
    Count Markov - Orion
    Natalie - Tegan
    Raife - Asmo
    Piro - Pirogeth
    WMD - WMD
    Paorou - Jack Shade
    Uriel - WMD
    Director Kim - Asmo
    Jack Shade - Jack Shade(?)
    Grant - Jack Shade(?)
    Myrnodyn - Orion/Jack Shade (?)
    Roberta Novell
    Captain Nic
    Elder dude
    Not-Porg - Porg
    Dreamsphere - Tegan
    Shadowed one - Jack Shade
    D-A - Asmo
    Gibs - Orion(?)
    Orion - Orion (?)
    Feral - Tegan
    Ozzie - Ozzie
    Unnamed Inquisitor
    The Sussurus - Everyone

    The roles in Bold are big roles with a lot of lines, many of the others have like 1-3 lines in the entire chapter.

    Obviously some of the roles have been filled, but nothing is final at this stage.

  2. *hand bursts from the grave*

    Tegan, Feral and Dreamsphere.

    Acqua and Ocha, too, but only if the actual Acqua and Ocha aren't interested.
  3. I sound too young to be Iwakuan Paorou.
  4. Asmo, Bread Bishop, Raife, Kim, D-A.
  5. Oh my, what's this my darlings, a little voice acting? I would be more then willing to do myself if you desire
  6. 0.0

    *Hides behind her porn*

    Nooooot sure if trap.
  7. Kitti.... doesn't talk a lot. So sure.
  8. Jack Shade, Grant (if grumpy doesn't want to take him), Grumpy, Myrnodyn, the shadowed one or Paorou, and if Syracuse shows up in the sequence I'll nab him as well.

    Although, Orion, hit me up on Skype. I'd like to see of you want to trade off our characters, you do Jack and I do Orion. I'll be in touch.
  9. I am not voice acting. XD

    So please god, someone claim me and make it awesome. >:D
  10. *looks at Diana evilly*
  11. I'll do Pirogeth. Hopefully someone can do Piroko, if not I'll put on my best feminiminim voice.
  12. Jack and I are negotiating a deal.

    Totally up for Count Markov.

    Also interested in Myrn, Woodrat, & doing any sort of creature noises required.

    Secretly interested in Gibs but not sure if I'd sound old enough.
  13. Ok, ok, I'm in.
  14. I wanna read! 8D

    Though with my cupcake voice...I do not know who....
  15. It's really sad that I can't sound like my self-insert. (I sound younger than I look durr)

    Otherwise I would voice him. haw haw.
  16. Sakura.

    And her massive monologues. :D

    Actually in all seriousness you should do the crazy Celcius. I think if you acted it right your voice would add a haunting creepiness to the character that would help bring her to life.
  17. She would need all the help she can get to bring Celcius alive.

    He died three chapters ago.
  18. Paorou. We should set up a Skype call so you can coach me on how you want to sound.
  19. So, I am a creepy cupcake person who dies? o3o

    What the hell, I'm in.