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  1. "Is that customer going to come in yet? We've already got the doll ready for them..." The cashier said as she was helping another customer.

    "He will be coming just give him some time. He's a business man."
    The doll maker said as he was finished putting the doll in the box, placing a small note in the box before closing it.

    "He's still sleeping. Be careful with the box. Kay?" He said as he carefully handed her.

    The bells that hung over the door rang loudly.

    "Hm..he's here."
  2. Mr. Henderson entered the little store. He ordered a doll just for his daughter since he never spent much time with her.
    She was a bit old for dolls, if twelve seemed old.
    Mr. Henderson had to rush from work since it was a far from him. He didn't want to be late when picking it up.
  3. "Ah, Mr. Henderson," the doll maker said, walking to the door.
    "I think your daughter will like it. Be very delicate." He handed him the cream colors box with a ribbon on it.
    A small shifting noise could be heard next to a small yawn was coming from the small box.
  4. "Yes, thank you very much," Mr. Henderson said quickly.
    He looked at the doll after hearing noises.
    Mr. Henderson disregarded the noise and continued to thank the doll maker before heading back out.
  5. Charles softly woke up. Looking around to see himself surrounded by pale gold stuffing paper.
    He was going home.

    Another soft and pleasnt yawn came out of his mouth followed by a coo.

    "Excuse me, sir?" He said knocking on the box cover.
    "Am I going to a new home?"
  6. Mr. Henderson slammed on the breaks of his car after hearing the voice from the box.
    "I need to get more sleep," the man shook his head and began driving again.
    He almost thought that the doll talked. Of course that was just nonsense, dolls don't talk.
  7. "Sir, please open the box." He asked sweetly.
    "I'm sure he made me carefully. No scratches, no bad paint jobs." Again, that sweet delicate voice dribbled out of his rosy pink lips.
  8. The man looked over at the box.
    He felt his forehead to see if he was coming down with anything.
    When he found nothing wrong he opened the box... just to make sure.
  9. Charle's face appeared.
    Coffee brown eyes, light caramel skin, and dark curly hair.
    His lips and cheeks were rosy.
    His body frail and delicate.

    "Hello," he murmured as he sat up.
  10. The man didn't know what to say. He looked at the doll with a strange look.
    "Hello..." he said unsure of himself.
    Maybe he was dreaming?..
  11. "Are you taking me to my new home?" He asked as he slipped the gold stuffing paper off of himself, exposing the fabric part of his body that the limbs and head were connected to.
  12. "Um oh y-yeah."Mr. Henderson answered.
    After hearing and seeing the doll talk he has decided not give it to his daughter, in fact he may not even bring it in the house.
  13. "I'm excited," he said, sweetly.
    "Do you have a bed for me and everything?"
  14. "Yeah... I'll make sure you feel right at home," Mr. Henderson began to sweat as felt nervous. He couldn't bring this home!
    His daughter would freak, his wife would tell him to toss it out. What should he do?
  15. Charles quickly crawled out of his pretty box, balancing himself as he touched his feet.
    He clumsily walked over to Mr. Henderson.
    He then tugged at his sleeve, very lightly.
    "Can you pick me up sir?"
  16. "U-um yeah." Mr. Henderson picked the doll up with one hand as the other stayed on the steering wheel.
    After seeing the doll he thought that maybe keeping it wouldn't be so bad, just as long as he didn't cause any trouble.
  17. Charles brought his small delicate hands to his face, examining him.
    His wide eyes moving and inspecting everything.
  18. The man felt a bit weird having the doll touch his face and look into his eyes.
    He swallowed a bit nervous.
    "Um is something wrong?" he asked the doll.
  19. "No, I just never felt skin before." He said as he put his hands down.
    "...you're very nice looking." He murmured as he slid off of his hand and onto his lap.
  20. "T-thank you," Mr. Henderson said to the doll's compliment.
    He looked down at the doll on his lap before turning back towards the road.