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  1. Jada Pellant is 23 years old and is going to the New York City art collage for culinary arts. It's her freshman year and she is yet to know the hardships that await her. Only three months in and she is fired from the dinner she works at, for retaliating at a patron who was rude. A talented chef who was at the dinner saw her. They bumped into eachother on the subway one day and chatted for a bit. When he found out that she was going to become a chef and was going to the collage in town he mentioned his culinary competition. Of course she had to make it through sign ups before she was put onto a team. An emotional attatchment is grown from the people she meets both at the school and competition, making it both easy and difficult to run away from it all.
    Sorry I did it from my characters point of veiw, it was easier, but the school, competition, and drama goes for everyone. I'm open for any sugestions as to what we could add because the plot is a bit plain.

    my only real rules are one or more paragraphs, and this dosn't mean three sentances, the majority of us must be past elementary by now. I Hope for somewhere around 7 sentances a paragraph but that depends on your writing style. I'm one for punctuation but if you make a few spelling mistakes here and there I wont mind because I know I will make some.



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    Team B-
    4- Taken Me Jada



  2. Name Jada Pellant
    Age 23
    Team B

    Gender Female
    History Jada was born into an adverage sized and middle class family, she had two older siblings. Ethan, the oldest went off to be a construction worker and Adelia, the middle child, went off to be a school teacher. She faught with her sister all the time growing up though since Ethan, being seven years older than the two of them only being one, he never got into the fighting. Her mother was and still is a sweet woman with a chubby face, though now her body is catching up after having three kids and the taste tester for all the cakes needed to have been made over the years. All the birthday parties, her brothers wedding, his first child, his childs first birthday. The pellants also seemd to find a way to make a party out of anything, usually involving a cake of somsort. Never was it anything special, though Jada who somehow ended up making them all, and was always proud of whatever it was.

    Her father died when she was six, she didn't entirely understand what happened but it was hard for her. Seeing her mother and older brother upset and her older sister a bit more understanding of the situation than her. Jada's mother had a hard time for a few months doing things like cleaning, cooking, and doing errands. She tried to help her mother out as much as possible but just having turned six there was not much she could do. It was then that she learned how much fun she had baking sweets with her mother.

    Jada ddin't do a whole lot of cooking but over the last few years she began doing them for herself. It was mostly derived from not wanting to have frozen pizza every night when she ended up living on her own. Never did she eat frozen pizza after finding out how fun it was too cook. When she was too lazy to cook she would go out and get inspiration for tomarrows meal. Even when she was in a hurry se would always manage to make something.

    When she was twenty she complained to her sister while she was on spring break who was going to get a teaching degree, that she had no idea what she wanted to do with the rest of her life and she was twenty and still living at home. They were sitting at the dinning room table over a plate of cookies and milk when Adelia jokingly told her "Why dont yu just cook? Seeing as you do it all the time anyways." Jada took her seriously and after three years she was finnally able to find a collage she thinks would fit her needs and would accept her.

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