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  1. Lucian Tharamel
    _____The streets were quiet from all noises of everything but animals. Even then the sound of wild life around was ear straining to hear much less to pay attention or enjoy. The sound of dogs barked in the distance from their fence linked homes or inside houses. Everything was calm enough but that was only because curfew was coming soon. The curfew started at nine, by eight forty everyone was already off the streets or racing from one place to another. He had taken this moment of silence from the usually loud and busy city to read on an empty bench along a store front. He didn't have the slightest clue why but he enjoyed watching people. Just every day people doing what they did best, live. He had come here every day sense he could remember and everyday he didn't leave until ten minutes before curfew. Though he had a watch on his wrist he didn't need it to know what time it was. That it was only twenty minutes before curfew now.
    _____He didn't remember his past from a certain point in his life and only remembered waking up in a hospital. He was find though he had lost most of his memory. The doctors said he would get it back if he tried but no matter how hard to to what lengths he went it never returned. After a while he learned to live with it, only glad he was alive and able to move still. Ever sense that day he had spent his time going to the library and getting a daily book, finishing it by the end of the night. He filled himself with other peoples memories with books, previous war times unlike the one he was currently in or just a children's fairy tale.
    _____Tonight he had finished his book earlier then he had expected and was left sitting alone like always. This time he didn't have the pages of a book to accompany him though. His fingers ran over the leather binding and the old pages. It was a rather thin book then he was used to getting but once he started reading he couldn't stop. The Picture Of Dorian Grey. Oh, how he wished he could stop aging though he knew like everyone else he would get old and wither away. He let out a small breath that formed in the shape of a cloud in front of him because of the cold weather. It was getting rather late out, maybe he should head home early and start making dinner. He didn't have much of an appetite but knew he needed food to sustain himself.
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    The winter was one of those seasons that usually went by so slowly one would have
    o muster the mind to bear with it. But in this town in particular it was always cold, always.
    Cold wasn't always good. Solitude wasn't always all that good. The curfew time wasn't
    very far from coming but it was usually so cold at this time of the night that most people
    would go to the embrace of their loved ones, to maintain themselves warm and safe,
    with each other. By themselves.
    He didn't have any of this, he didn't know what being with someone was like, he didn't
    know love, or what was it anyways, he didn't know what happiness was, and he also
    didn't know what time was it. His mind always told him two things:
    1. You are on your own.
    2. You are empty.

    He just didn't also understand it. His eyes strolled from bottle to bottle as he held them
    both in each hand, he gave each bottle a name but now he didn't know which to take
    no more, he had had yet another painful moment locked up with his step father and his
    belt and usually taking these pills would make the pain go away. But the man had done
    something awful to him by removing the ettiquetes he had on them, and put the medical
    common ones. He just didn't know which one to take and he wasn't so sure if taking the
    wrong one would kill him.

    Not like he wasn't planning to do so soon anyway.

    He averted his eyes and just dropped them back into the bathroom's glass counter, his
    entire body ached like he was being killed, and even then he was already used to this
    pain, it just didn't mean that he liked it, he just didn't care any longer. He slowly, stumbling,
    paced his way out of the bathroom's door's frame and took a hold of the staircase hand
    support, going down, step by step. Slowly. Somehow after ten tortuous minutes, he
    actually managed to reach the first floor and walk all the way to the front door way, taking
    his coat from the coat hanger and placed it on very slowly, since only stretching his arm's
    muscles caused him a painful strain.

    He sat down on a chair by the doorway and sighed, his effort this time had been enough, but he still wanted to visit that store before the curfew hour, which existed thanks to the
    recent attacks agaisn't the country and because of the government's paranoia, now no
    one could be out at night after ten o' clock. It was frustrating but that was the way things
    worked now.

    He shifted eyes to the clock and finally decided to stand up and walk out the door, leaving
    no notes or anything like it, his mother wouldn't care less and his step father would probably
    be celebrating after finding him dead.

    He just wanted a special treat, that was all that he wanted anymore.

    He walked among the snowy cold ground for a while, looking around and lurking on the dark
    to avoid being spotted by any early vigilantes that could be watching the streets for 'raccoons'
    which was how the people who was out at night was usually called, being themselves outlaws.
    Suddenly he just stopped in front of the park, where the store he wanted to visit last was.


    His heart sunk and he just shrugged, shivering in the cold, pain, and the horrible feeling he felt
    turching and revolting in his stomach, like when one of his organs was pulled from the inside. Or
    at least that was how he thought it felt like anyway. He was just too tired and he didn't even
    care anymore, he just walked away toward the park, and past a bench he at first didn't notice,
    one where a much older man was sitting in, but he didn't just not notice it, his eyes were those
    of a dead person's, not alive, but not exactly dead yet. Just ... empty.

    " ... " his breathing was shaky, he pulled the green bottle of white pills from his pocket and opened the lid slowly, just letting it drop, he didn't know if these were the correct ones, but he was hopingit would.
  3. _____He only waited a few more minutes before he decided it would be wise to start leaving. He glanced at his watch to confirm the time, letting out a small sigh when he saw that he was right. His eyes ran over the bench making sure he wouldn't forget anything when he left. He knew he never did forget anything but he always liked to double check and be sure of things. It was then that out of the corner of his eye he saw a figure. Upon turning his fulled attention over he saw that it was another man, a rather young one walking the barren streets alone. It was strange to see someone out so late especially when they weren't rushing off somewhere. The other male seemed rather calm in his steps as if he didn't care who saw him. Unlike Lucian who had already spotted him the other seemed to be consumed by his own thoughts.
    _____It wasn't until he realized the other male was walking towards him did he set his book down on his lap, losing interest in it. He knew he had seen the younger man before but not enough to take any interest in him. Until now he only ever saw people, never bothering to learn anything about them but their actions and facial features. He had often brought a sketch pad to draw between readings but never did he draw the man he was seeing now. He would have remembered him if he had drawn him before. When the other got close enough he adjusted his glasses only slightly to see him better. It was then that the other male pulled a green bottle out of his pocket which he recognized as a pill bottle. He raised a small eyebrow at the bottle though he didn't have a clue as to what they were for. For someone so young if was a shame he needed medication of some sort.
    _____Rising from his spot in the bench he held his book at his side and walked over to the other male, "Are you alright?" he asked loud enough for him to be heard. The streets were empty; it wasn't as if he could be speaking to anyone else but the other man. He stopped when he got close enough, glad he had brought an over coat to wear over his clothes on such a cold day. He let out a breath that came out as another small cloud and stuck his hands in his coat pockets, feeling his fingertips go numb slightly, "It's rather late to be out," he commented with a small worried expression.
  4. He at first didn't even hear him, he was only counting the pills that could only have
    one very specific and lethal outcome. But when he heard the stranger's voice, he
    froze in place and slowly turned around to face him, breathing heavily when he didn't
    encounter his step father's face. However he didn't respond, he just counted the
    last two pills and put them back into the bottle. "..." he kept his silence before eyeing
    the man with tired eyes, " ... Get... away from me" he said in a stressed out voice.

    It was clear as daylight that his hair was overgrown and not tended to, it actually
    did cover up his eyes and it was nearly impossible to see them, but it wasn't long
    enough to hide the bruise on his cheekbone, or his parted lip, now not even
    swollen anymore, for it had healed since he had obtained that hit from his step
    father. That accursed and constant man. His clothes were lazy and easily picked,

    a shirt, a black sweater with words on it in a ¡'cool' manner, jeans, black ones, and
    a jacket. Nothing more.
  5. _____His worried expression changed into one of acceptance as the other man told him to get away, "I will as soon as you answer my previous question," he said lowly, gently, not wanting to frighten the other man or want to be seen as a threat. It wasn't his job to look out for people but with it being so close to curfew he couldn't help but want to get the other man somewhere safe. Just for the night. Nothing good ever came of ignoring government officials. He learned that quickly as he watched the streets late at night from the top floor of his house window. He used to paint the streets and what he saw but after a while he became restless of painting the same seine over and over, "Are you alright?" he asked once again, making sure the other man didn't forget his question. His tone was sincere whether the other male's tone was hostel or not.
  6. He stared at him for a long moment, he didn't even know who this man was,
    how could that be any of his concerns or business anyway? He, as confused
    as he was, didn't really know what to reply, he just shrugged and locked his
    face toward him, eyes hid under his locks. "... No" he replied now, looking
    down at his hand, just then realizing what he was about to do to himself.
    "I'm not okay" he repeated, his shoulders shivering, but his expression not
    changing or moving.
  7. _____When the other man finally turned his head up towards him he couldn't help but frown. His hair was a mess and hiding the other mans eyes from view. A bruise on his cheek made Lucian fill with worry even though he knew he shouldn't. This man was just a stranger. He was nothing to him that he should concern himself over much less feel anything over. Yet as his eyes went from the smaller mans cheek to his lips he felt even worse and even more so that he should take care of the other, bring him up to health again. Health. Lucian's gaze went from the male's face to the bottle in his hands, "I can help you just not here, I'm afraid," he said lowly with a small smile, resting a hand on the smaller male's shoulder lightly. He felt the man shiver beneath his touch and he couldn't help but wonder if it was from the cold, "It's getting late and my home is not far from here. Stay with me over night and I will let you go as soon as the curfew ends," he looked from him out into the streets, "I have many empty rooms that you can used but in a few minutes it won't be safe out here for us," it was a big offer but they both had nothing to loose. He had no intention to hurt the other man, whether he was seen that way or not.
  8. He backed off instantly "Don't be so familiar" he hissed, clearly not attracted
    at his tone or his approaches, and shuddered when he felt his hand on his
    shoulder, he moved away, he couldn't really move all that much because it hurt,
    ut he didn't want anything to do with this man. "Stay away from me..." he
    growled, he already knew about the curfew, he just didn't care, he pretty
    much kept thinking he'd rather die.
  9. _____The second the other moved away from his touch he dropped his hand to his side again. It was only at the boys hiss that he felt himself wince slightly in response. He was to openhearted he knew that, though he didn't expect such hostility from the other man. He supposed he deserved it. He was thinking about the future where he could help him and not the present where he was currently unwilling to be helped. Lucian only let out a small sigh, "My apologies," he said lowly, tipping his head slightly when he was scolded by the other again. No matter how much he wanted to help someone he couldn't help them if they refused it and didn't want it, "Please find somewhere safe to hide when the soldiers come," he said, looking the other over again one more time before adjusting the book in his arm and turning away from him, walking away. He would still make it home on time but he would be cutting it short because of this small delay. He did not regret his action, merely wished he would have been able to help instead of anger the smaller man. Still, despite how far he separated himself from the other he couldn't help but wonder what he could have possibly needed those pills for.
  10. He shrugged and watched the other take off just like that, after apologizing,
    and asking him to hide from the watchmen, after all he was being a raccoon
    right now and his life was in danger, but that was his purpose... However he
    wasn't as sure now, who was this man, why was he so interested in him? He
    didn't know, but he was sure he didn't want to be caught by the watchmen
    now, he had a right to change his mind, didn't he?

    He walked over to the man and shoved his pills back into his pocket, his eyes
    didn't cross with the stranger's when he gripped on his jacket and looked
    down like a lost child in a street seeking a stranger's help to find a parent.
  11. _____Lucian had been drifting off into small thought about the events that just occurred. He didn't know what went wrong, whether it had been his approach or what he had said. He let out a small breath figuring he should let it go. He barely registered he was being followed until he heard footsteps on the pavement behind him. Did the other man change his mind? He seemed pretty sure that he wanted Lucian to leave him alone. The older man decided not to turn and look just as he felt something catch on his coat. He paused slightly in his step and looked to his side to see the male from earlier. He only fixed him with a curious look before it turned into worry then a small smile. Alright, he supposed he would have to make dinner for two tonight, it wasn't like he already didn't. Not wanting to scare the smaller man away again he was quiet the rest of the walk home. He didn't touch the other either, even when they were running out of time he only sped up his pace, hoping the other would walk faster as well.
    _____They had made it to his home two minutes till curfew. He didn't live far so no car or taxi was required only a quick foot. The house was a grand one that looked more abandon then anything when he first moved in. He didn't so much to it to make it look nice. He rather liked the old styled look to the three story house, if you counted the attic that is. He went up the small steps to his front door and pulled a key out of his pocket, looking around briefly to check if anyone else was on the streets before opening the door. He didn't want to question the other male so he only gestured for him to enter before closing the door after him and shrugging off his coat. The sound of clicking sounded throughout the huge house before a rather tall animal approached them. The dog could easily be identified as a German Shepard, still young and awkward with its height and size, "Please don't mind her, she's still a puppy and barley house trained," Lucian said, ready to grab the dog if the other man reacted negatively to it, "She's quiet friendly," he said lowly, patting the dog’s head as it came to him.
  12. The younger boy just averted his eyes and followed, and sped up when the man
    did, he didn't really hope to do anything at all, maybe just spend a good night,
    actually have his last treat, and then shove himself with pills. His thoughts were
    interrupted when he saw the house this stranger lived in, it was by far very
    unexpected and ... weird. He lived in a pretty 'modern' house, so he was very
    unused to this kind of building, it was rare, how old and 'historic' it looked like.

    However then they went inside.

    His instant reaction was that of flinching and throwing himself agaisn't the door.
    His number one phobia besides belts, dogs. He stared at it the longest time and
    just shrugged "--d-don't ... like dogs. .. keep ... keep it away..." he shrieked, that
    simple small drooling animal meant nothing but triggers for him, terrible ones as
    a matter of fact and he didn't really appreciate the presence of one, no matter
    how small and young it could ever be.
  13. _____At the other man’s reaction to the dog Lucian took hold of the animal’s scruff along its back so it couldn't get any closer to his guest. He gave a worried glance to the other male and tugged the canine back a bit when it tried to go for him, "I'm sorry, I'll put her away," he said patting the animals back side to get her moving in the other direction, "This won't take long," he promised before walking the dog towards the living room and down a hallway. He opened the first door and ushered the canine to go inside. When it did he closed the door behind him and frowned slightly at the scratching against the floor as the dog begged for attention, "Only for tonight," he reassured the animal though she only scratched at the door harder for a few seconds longer before she stopped and let out a whine. He let out a small sigh and moved away from the door. He had to teach the dog, train it at least soon. He just couldn't find the heart to do it.
    _____He walked back into the living room and smiled at the other, "She'll be in the room the rest of the night and shouldn't bother you," he reassured his companion before walking to the kitchen, "I was going to make pasta for dinner," he called out behind him, wondering if his guest had any allergies or preferred something else. He flicked on the light switch and ran a hand through his brown hair as his kitchen lit up, "If you'd like something else though I can make that instead," he said thoughtfully trying to remember his inventory. He had just about everything besides milk. He had finished that last night, or rather, the dog did.
  14. He shrugged when the little animal was out of sight, he breathed in deeply and blinked,
    he kept watching the insides of the house with great curiosity, but no particular interest
    as in staying there, it looked humid and cold and just not a proper place to stay in.

    His eyes followed the older man and hushed himself, "I'm allergic to pepper" he said
    quietly, but he wasn't sure he had been heard, out of all deaths, he certainly didn't
    want to choke out because of an allergy... that would have been pathetic, so he
    decided the best would be to go closer and repeat himself "I'm allergic to pepper"
    he repeated his words now a little louder and closer to him.
  15. _____He began to draw the items out of their places around the kitchen and set them along the white counters. The place was as spotless as it could be if you could just ignore the small cracks in the floor or wall here and there. Lucian had been meaning to fix them all up though always got distracted with one thing or another. He was rather surprised to find the man behind him, "Alright, no pepper then," he said thoughtfully and he slipped it back into it's place. He took a pot from the oven and filled it up with water before he set it on the stove, turning the fire on low, "Do you have a name?" he asked with a lighthearted smile in the other mans direction before looking back to what he was doing in front of him. He opened two packs of noodles before cracking them in half and slipping in the pot of water, "The television should get a few channels," he commented as he got started on the meat, "The news maybe," he said thoughtfully, never really having turned the tv on sense the first day he had came back.
    _____Lucian started to add come spices to the meat before getting another pot out and putting it on the stove, turning on the fire below it. He wanted to get this done quickly so he could make accommodations for the other males sleep tonight. A room away from the dogs seemed like it would be most preferred.

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    He shrugged and averted his eyes "I don't like television..." he replied,
    not really moving from his spot, but admiring how clean and practically
    shining the kitchen was, this man must have had a lot of free time if he
    had the time to clean up all that. His mind wandered a little toward his
    step father at that moment, the reason being his chores, as unusual
    as they were, he'd grown accustomed to see a clean house all the time.
  17. _____At the younger mans commented Lucian stayed silent not knowing exactly what to say. He didn't want him to feel unwelcomed. It was then that he remembered he never got the other man’s name, "What’s your name?" he asked, wanting to make conversation if he was going to stay around him for the time being. He wasn't a big fan of the television himself and preferred to read things instead. He finished prepping the meat and tosses it into the empty pot before getting a can of tomato sauce and setting it on the counter. He dug through the drawers and took out a can opener.
  18. "... Tarenm" he replied looking back at the other one, finally catching the smell
    of whatever it was that the man was cooking, and neared the kitchen but only
    a little "... Like an arctic Fox from a tale" he then added. Clearly that wasn't his
    real name then. "Yours was...?" he asked, staring innocently at the stranger.
    His body was far bigger and stronger looking than his, almost unreal, but then
    he remembered that he simply was just small and thin.
  19. _____When he finished opening the can he peeled off the tin lid and tossed it in a trash before getting to work on another one, "I've never heard of a name like that," Lucian said with a small smile on his lips, "Reminds me of a character from a book," he finished with the other can and set them both aside as he waited for the noodles and meat to cook, "It's a pleasure having you over tonight and I'm sure Tanka in the other room would agree," he said a bit playfully as he leaned against the counter. He realized how what he said might have sounded. He would have insisted she was a friendly dog though didn't want to upset the younger man, "My name is Lucian," he cross his arms over his chest and looked out in front of him at his blind covered windows before looking back to the smaller man, "What were you doing out so late?" he questioned with only curiosity in his tone.
  20. He looked down and only placed his hand on his left arm, holding it as if to support himself, he was
    practically making himself smaller than what he already was. "..." he did not reply however, and only
    looked at the window to his right side "Have you ever wanted to be a bird?" he asked, his voice now
    was just... empty. Devoid of any emotion or care for his persona or anything, as if he had just asked
    that to the wind. "Free from everything, from the world, from the past and the future... a caged bird"
    he mumbled.