Poorly named animated avatar workshop.

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  1. Good day ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to my "Pnaaw". As the title implies, I offer my service as gif editor. But let me point out a few things first. I do not create an animation myself image per image. What I do is take a video, a gif file, or selected images, and turn them into an animated image. Then I adjust the resolution, see if I can tweak things to decrease filesize, and then hopefully give you something you can use as avatar.

    I can crop, resize, make color edits, and mirror gifs for you.

    -How to request-

    For images
    If you have found an animation you want to use as avatar, but it is not animated when you use it, it may be because of resolution and filesize. Simply post your animated gif and I will make the needed edits to it.

    For video clips
    First, give me a link of the video, and tell me the timeline at which your desired gif is. As example: 0:10-0:15.

    Keep in mind that your animated avatar has some limitations. It can not go beyond 200 x 200 pixels and up to 200kb per animation, which means it may become a little short. Donators have a bigger cap. Hopefully that will not stop me from giving you something satisfying.
    Simple, isn't it? Now then. This is my first try at this, so I limit the slots to 2 people for now.


    Finished works

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  2. The original filesize is over 3MB. Just cutting the sides sadly doesn't do it. But I have an idea. Can you tell me which movie this is from? Maybe I can make something better looking. No watermarks and less noise on the gif.
  3. Yea it's from the movie Home... I believe it's a disney movie :)
  4. Hm... I did what I could with the first few frames, and I am not perfectly satisfied. Just look at all that noise. A friend of mine has the movie, and I'll see if I can rip better quality from the original. Until then, how do these look?



    The resolution had to be locked at 143x143 to get to that 200kb filesize limit. If not too much to ask, use these for now while I work on a better/cleaner version. I'll keep you in the list since I don't consider this finished properly.
  5. Thank you! :)
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