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  1. Hello! So I'm currently craving a select few fandoms.
    I only role play romance, canon x oc and male x female for my own pairing (sometimes f//) If asked, I will happily double for you as any pairing you want, regardless of sexuality, or if you want to do canon x canon.

    Please be able to post daily, and use proper grammar/spelling & punctuation. Use third person as well please.

    Let me know if you want to quit the rp or if you're gonna be gone or if you've got writers block!

    Listed below are the fandoms, and the characters I'm looking for.

    Avatar: The Last Air Bender
    Zuko or Sokka

    Death Note
    Light or Mello

    Steven Universe

    Persona 3
    Akihiko or Shinjiro
    (Chihiro, Fuka, and Mitsuru as well as Aigis are cool too)

    Persona 4
    Yosuke, Chie, or KanjI
    (Rise is also acceptable, and so is Ai)

    Sailor Moon
    Jupiter, Jadite, Malachite, or Venus

    Orochimaru or Gaara

    Ginoza or Makishima

    If you don't see something on here, please ask!
  2. Would you be willing to rp Akame Ga Kill, Accell World, Fairy Tail or Fate?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.